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ANET SureLog Reporter

ANET is privately held software company incorporated in VA, USA founded 2008 and branches in Turkey and Switzerland . Our mission is to build a software company that embraces "open development philosophy" and provides innovative solutions to customer problems in collaboration with customers.

We are a SIEM pioneer with over 250 clients throughout Europe experiencing the ANET difference.

SIEM. But different.

We have a long history of successful ventures, and have been active participants in the software management revolution for over twenty years.

Our Mission Statement

ANET is dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced, Intelligent Log Management Solution available today. ANET enables customers to efficiently tackle the daunting tasks involved with Log Management, while letting customers achieve compliance with the stringent government regulations.

We pride ourselves on being the Windows security log experts that help our clients reduce the huge cost associated with log retention and by replacing many manual methods with smart automation.

Our goal is to ensure that every customer has the means to increase security from internal espionage attempts, while ensuring the highest level of IT performance.

In doing so, we are providing our clientele with the largest return on investment possible and will continue to strive for new and exciting breakthroughs in the arena of Forensics and “Intelligent” Log Management.

SureLog Reporter
Combination of Log Management with Cybersecurity


  • Dashboards
    • Security Indicators
    • Traffic Indicators
    • Trends
  • EPS Performance
  • Log Search Features
  • Report Templates
  • Compliance Reports
  • FastTrack
  • Settings

SureLog Dashboards

The dashboard is the most exciting part of this system. It not only provides easy configurations, but also comes bundled with plenty of options that play a role in monitoring network and other activities in real time.

EPS Performance

SureLog can reach 10000 EPS and up with standard system resources, but our competitors cannot reach 10 K EPS with this specs. They require huge resources. The below table depicts our system requirements.

Report Templates

Statistical Reports:

  • Traffic Reports
  • Protocol Usage Reports
  • Web Usage Reports
  • Mail Usage Reports
  • FTP Usage Reports
  • Telnet Usage Reports
  • Streaming & Chat Reports
  • Virus Reports
  • Attack Reports
  • Spam Reports
  • Protocol Trend Reports
  • Intranet Reports
  • Internet Reports
  • Event Summary Reports
  • VPN Reports
  • Traffic Trend Reports
  • Event Trend Reports
  • URL Report
  • Firewall Rules Reports
  • Inbound & Outbound Traffic

Compliance Reports

Compliance reporting to meet ISO27001, GLBA, HIPAA,PCI, and SOX acts. Logs need to be archived for the purpose of network auditing and more recently to comply with various regulations such asHIPAA, GLBA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley and any new regulation to come.


  • Windows event logs are the core metric of Windows server operations -if there's a problem with your Windows system, the Event Log service likely knows about it. SureLog, searching and reporting capabilities make your logs accessible.
  • FastTrack is the name of the methodology which automatize analyzing file system audit logs. Data Mine the Windows Event Logs by SureLog in order to trace file delete/create operations.
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Comparison  SureLog SureLog
Log Management Yes Yes Yes
Forensics Yes Yes Yes
Big Data Infrastructure Yes Yes Yes
Threat Intelligence Yes Yes No
Correlation Yes Yes No
ELK Entegration Yes Yes No
Advanced CorrelationPack Yes No No
Distributed Architecture Yes No No
Distributed Correlation Yes No No
Snort Entegration Yes No No
Suricate Entegration Yes No No
Number of Rules in Corr library >50000 3000 No
Max EPS >50000 <10000 >50000

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore