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01.12.2023 • • 07:48

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Articulate 360 Teams

In 2002, I started Articulate out of a one-bedroom apartment in New York City. I'd scraped together just enough money to build a product I believed would change the training industry. I knew I needed two people to help me do it: a SWF file format expert and an Office Object Model expert. And I wanted the best people in the world at my back. After some serious research, I found the preeminent pros in these fields. One of them lived in India and the other in Missouri. Back then, we didn't have Slack, Skype, or Google Hangouts, but I refused to believe that geography should trump talent. Despite the vast distances physically separating us, we dove into the project together, running up ridiculous phone bills and sending tons of emails back and forth every day.

To my delight, we quickly made progress. In fact, being apart actually focused us ruthlessly on what was important: solving our customers' pain with the simplest, user-friendly product possible. We were efficiency personified.

We didn't have a sexy office or pizza delivery around the clock. There weren't any late-night foosball breaks. We didn't build our relationships at the watercooler. But we nonetheless developed a bond of trust, because every person on our small, growing team continuously delivered results. While I couldn't literally watch them working, I saw them producing tangible value for our customers each and every day. Their results spoke for them.

Little did I realize at the time, but we were building the foundation for what would become defining traits of Articulate culture. By accident, we stumbled on a way to operate that empowers everyone to do their best work for the people who matter the most to our business: our customers and, ultimately, their learners.

It's this key principle—empowering people—that's at the heart of who we are and how we operate at Articulate.

It's central to our culture. Sometimes we embody it pretty well, propelling each other and our customers in unpredictable, gratifying ways. Other times we stumble, then take stock and fix where we strayed. But it's always the beacon we want guiding our way.

Let's empower each other, our customers, and their learners together.

Adam Schwartz, Founder and CEO
Articulate 360 Teams
provides simple account management, priority support, and team access to Articulate 360 which get everything you need to create e-learning

Give everyone on your team everything they need to author multi-device courses, source assets, collaborate with stakeholders, and grow their e‑learning skills. Plus, get priority support and admin tools that make managing your Articulate 360 Teams subscription a breeze.

Simple account management
Manage user, seat, and billing information in one place. Add new users to your account, transfer seats, and update in seconds. And with consolidated billing, you’ll simplify budgeting and expense permissions management. Get one annual bill that covers your Articulate 360 Teams seats.

Priority support
You’ll get regular health checks from our success coaches to make sure your team is loving Articulate 360. And when your team members need support, they’ll always jump to the front of the line and get instant access to support specialists via live chat.

Team access to Articulate 360
Give your team unlimited access to everything in Articulate 360.

  • Award-winning authoring tools
    Get all of Articulate’s authoring apps, so your team members have the power to choose the right tool for every project. And they can be confident content will look great on any device— no additional work required.
  • Professional development
    Build skills by joining industry pros in exclusive live webinars on everything e-learning.
  • Unlimited storage
    Articulate 360 Teams includes unlimited storage, so everyone on your team will have all the room they need to collaborate on projects, even those with large multimedia files.
  • Graphic assets
    Lower design costs with the ever-expanding Content Library. Everyone on your team can create pro-looking courses with fewer company resources.
  • Faster project review cycles
    Use Articulate Review to collaborate and collect stakeholder feedback quickly and easily in one simple web app.
Did you know you have 60 days to try out the world’s best e-learning apps?

Articulate 360 has everything you need to create e-learning, including award-winning course authoring apps, a project review app, 4.5M+ course assets, and unlimited access to online training. And with our 60-day free trial, you’ll have tons of time to dig into all the goodness.

Start a trial now to take Articulate 360 for a spin.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore