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dtSearch 7 Network


dtSearch enterprise and developer products instantly search terabytes of text (including 25+ search options). dtSearch’s own document filters support files, emails, databases and web data. SDKs cover multiple platforms. See for hundreds of case studies and press reviews, and fully-functional evaluations.

The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, the dtSearch product line has over 25 search options for instantly searching terabytes of text. Along with enterprise and developer text retrieval, the company has its own document filters, offering parsing, extraction, conversion and searching of a broad range of data formats. Supported data types encompass databases, website data, popular “Office” formats, compression formats, and emails with nested attachments. dtSearch developer SDKs span multiple platforms. The company has distributors worldwide with coverage on six continents.

dtSearch 7 Network with Spider

dtSearch Network allows for instant text and field searches across an enterprise network

The built-in Spider can expand the scope of the searchable database beyond "local" data to remote web-based content


Following are some key features of these products:

  • Terabyte Indexer. dtSearch Desktop and Network can index over a terabyte of text in a single index, spanning multiple directories, emails and attachments, online data and other databases. The products can create and search any number of indexes. Indexed search time is typically less than a second, even across terabytes of data.
  • Enterprise Searching. The dtSearch product line offers efficient multihreaded searching, with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads. Even with many simultaneous dtSearch Network searches across a very large indexed database, concurrent search time is typically under a second.
  • Federated Searching and the dtSearch Spider. dtSearch Desktop and Network products provide federated searching across any number of directories, emails (with nested attachments), and databases. The dtSearch Spider adds local and remote, static and dynamic online content to a search. The Spider can index sites to any level of depth, with support for public and private or secure online content, including log-ins and forms-based authentication. dtSearch products support integrated relevancy ranking with highlighted hits across both online and offline data repositories.
  • 25+ Search Options and International Language Support. dtSearch products offer over 25 search types, including special forensics search options. For international language coverage, dtSearch products support Unicode, including support for right-to-left languages, and Chinese/Japanese/Korean character options.
Instantly Search Terabytes

Includes Document Filters

  • The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes across an Internet or Intranet site, network, desktop or mobile device.
  • dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large data collections to Web sites or portable media.
  • Developers: add dtSearch instant searching and data support to your application.

dtSearch document filters support a broad range of data:

  • MS Office formats through current versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, including files saved from Office 365)
  • Other “Office” and compression formats (RAR, ZIP, GZIP, TAR), SPL, PDF (including many encrypted PDFs), and PDF Portfolio
  • Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird and other popular email types with multilevel nested attachments
  • Public and secure web data (HTML, XML/XSL, PDF, ASP.NET, CMS, PHP, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Other databases (XBASE, CSV, etc.) plus NoSQL and SQL data with BLOB data (through APIs)

Over 25 full-text and metadata search features

  • Efficient multithreaded searching with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads
  • Federated searching and other basic search options
  • Easy multicolor hit-highlighting
  • Forensics-oriented search options (hash support, credit cards, etc.)
  • Extensive international language support
  • Faceted search or “drill down” category searching (through APIs)
  • Granular search results filtering with multiple classification options (through APIs)

APIs for C++, Java and .NET

  • Includes native 64-bit versions
  • Developer articles on Azure, AWS, faceted search, etc.
  • Document filters "only" licenses available

The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991

Document Filters and Supported Data

Document filters overview. dtSearch products embed dtSearch’s proprietary document filters to support a broad range of data types.

  • For all supported data types, support covers parsing, indexing and searching of retrieved full-text and metadata.
  • For all supported data types, support also covers display of metadata and full-text data with highlighted hits. (Typically, dtSearch does this following dtSearch’s own automatic, built-in conversion of the data to HTML.)
  • For many supported data types, display also includes integrated image display along with highlighted hits.

Supported data types. dtSearch’s proprietary document filters support parsing, indexing, searching and display with highlighted hits of text and metadata across a broad range of data types.

  • Web-ready content: supports integrated images and text in HTML, XML/XSL, PDF, ASP.NET, CMS, PHP, SharePoint, etc.
  • Other databases and data sources: supports XML, Access, XBASE, CSV, etc.; dtSearch Engine APIs support NoSQL and SQL-type databases, along with the full-text of BLOB data; dtSearch Engine APIs also support disk images, network data streams and other non-file data.
  • MS Office formats: supports integrated browser-ready image and text in Word (RTF/DOC/DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), Excel (XLS/XLSX), Access (MDB/ACCDB) and OneNote (ONE); support includes documents saved from Office 365.
  • Other “Office” formats, PDF and other printer formats, compression formats: supports other “Office” suite formats; EMF Spool (SPL) files; compression formats like RAR, ZIP, GZIP and TAR; PDF, PDF Portfolio, and many encrypted PDFs.
  • Emails and attachments: supports integrated browser-ready images, text and attachments in Outlook/Exchange (PST/OST/MSG) and Thunderbird (MBOX/EML); support includes emails saved from Office 365.
  • Recursively embedded objects: supports recursively embedded objects and images in supported email types and MS Office formats. For example, the dtSearch document filters would support an email attachment consisting of a ZIP container including both a PDF and an Access database, where the latter also includes an embedded PowerPoint with embedded images.
  • Full list of supported document types.

Federated searching and the dtSearch Spider. dtSearch products provide federated search across any number of directories, emails (with nested attachments), and databases.

The dtSearch Spider adds local and remote online content to a search. The Spider can index sites to any level of depth, with support for public and secure online content, including log-ins and forms-based authentication. dtSearch products provide integrated relevancy ranking with highlighted hits across both online and offline data. Note: for developers, the Spider is presented as a .NET API.

Document filter APIs.  All developers APIs (C++, Java and .NET through current versions) make available to developers dtSearch’s text parsing, extraction, conversion and hit-highlighting capabilities.

  • An “object extraction” API lets developers navigate through the structure of each embedded object as a hierarchy, and optionally extract each object, such as an image in an MS Word file embedded in an MS Access database, compressed and attached to an email.
  • General dtSearch Engine licenses include the document filters along with dtSearch indexing and searching functionality.
  • The document filters are also available for separate license for developers requiring text parsing, extraction and conversion “only,” without search.

dtSearch Web with Spider Add instant, concurrent searching of terabytes of static and dynamic online data.

  • dtSearch Web includes HTML5 templates for publishing instantly searchable data to an Internet or Intranet site, all with no programming required.
  • The Spider can expand the scope of a site's searchable database to include other remote web data.

dtSearch Engine (all versions) Add dtSearch’s proven “industrial-strength” searching and broad data support to your application.

  • The dtSearch Engine covers a wide variety of different platforms (see top of page).
  • The dtSearch Engine also works on cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.
  • SDKs include native 64-bit APIs for .NET, C++ and Java.
  • A cross-platform .NET Standard/Xamarin/.NET Core API is also available.
  • See also developer tutorials on a wide range of topics, including a walk-through the sample code for the ASP.NET Core demo.
Search Features — International Languages

Unicode Support

  • Unicode support allows for indexing and searching of non-English text, including every character set supported by the Unicode standard.
  • In addition to Unicode support, dtSearch offers extensive alphabet customization options.
  • See Unicode FAQ for more technical information.
  • For a general Unicode overview, see Unicode and Text Retrieval white paper.

Language-Neutral Search Options

Language Extension Packs

  • Supplementing the dtSearch product line’s built-in Unicode support, dtSearch provides Language Extension Packs covering expanded international language noise word lists, stemming rules and synonym rings.
  • The dtSearch product line includes an English language noise word list and stemming rules (to find words such as learn, learned, learns, learning, etc. that are linguistically related). The Language Extension Packs provide noise word lists and stemming rules covering over 25 different languages.
  • The dtSearch product line includes an English language thesaurus for synonyms and related words, with an option to add custom user-defined synonym rings.  The Language Extension Packs also offer a User Thesaurus Plus feature covering pre-defined synonym rings in various international languages.
  • Licensing: dtSearch Corp. can add the Language Extension Packs onto a signed dtSearch developer license.
  • More information on the Language Extension Packs

Chinese, Japanese and Korean Text With No Word Breaks

  • Some Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text does not include word breaks. Instead, the text appears as lines of characters with no spaces between the words..
  • Because there are no spaces separating the words on each line, dtSearch sees each line of text as a single long word.
  • To make this type of text searchable, enable automatic insertion of word breaks around Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, so each character will be treated as single word.
  • dtSearch Desktop/Network: In Options > Preferences > Letters and Words, check the box to “Insert word breaks between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in text.”
  • dtSearch Developer API: set dtsoTfAutoBreakCJK in Options.TextFlags.

Language Analyzer API Integration

  • In addition to the extensive alphabet customization options available across the dtSearch product line, the dtSearch Engine also includes a Language Analyzer API that can be used to integrate morphological analyzers and custom or dictionary-based word breakers into the dtSearch Engine indexing process.
  • The dtSearch Engine also includes an API for substituting a non-English language thesaurus for the existing English-language one.

Basis Technology’s Rosette® Linguistics Platform Integration

  • The Rosette Linguistics Platform helps unlock the meaning of unstructured text by determining the language, and identifying the basic linguistic features and structure. Relying on code that is unique to each particular language, Rosette results in highly accurate Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other international language morphological analysis..
  • The Rosette Linguistics Platform integrates with dtSearch search functionality through the dtSearch Engine’s Language Analyzer API.  Essentially, the dtSearch Engine API passes blocks of Unicode text to the Rosette Linguistics Platform and accepts back words to index.
  • For more details on how the two products work together, including a chart detailing the different steps involved in the dtSearch Engine and Rosette API integration, please see dtSearch and Rosette Full-Featured International Search PDF white paper.

Softa SuperStore
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