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iGrafx FlowCharter 17

iGrafx is a recognized leader in delivering Business Process Analysis solutions. We help organizations model, improve and manage processes and technologies that support, simplify, and automate their operations. Through targeted deployment of its components, iGrafx helps organizations deliver process excellence in a controlled, centralized and collaborative manner across functional boundaries, geographies and levels of maturity.
A Solid Foundation for Process Improvement

iGrafx® FlowCharter® is the most full-featured, easy to use process modeling and analysis tool available to help organizations understand and improve business processes. iGrafx FlowCharter facilitates creating graphical representations of processes allowing people to easily comprehend business information.

Far more powerful than generic charting or mapping products, iGrafx FlowCharter is the core desktop modeler in the iGrafx family of process excellence software solutions. Whether used as a standalone tool, or integrated with the iGrafx solutions in an enterprise-wide approach to process excellence, iGrafx FlowCharter reduces the time it takes to document processes and business systems, and helps you achieve a clear understanding of how to reduce waste and costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Easily Create

  • Process Maps / Swimlane® Diagrams / Flowcharts
  • BPMN Diagrams
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Layout Diagrams / Spaghetti Charts
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams / Ishikawa Diagrams
  • FMEA Spreadsheets
  • Pick Charts / PACE
  • SIPOC Diagrams
  • Customized Templates


  • Intelligent Diagramming
  • Hierarchical Process Organization
  • Lean Value Stream Mapping
  • Wide Selection of Diagram Types
  • Multilingual Content
  • Model Publishing
  • Visio® Import
  • Document Lifecycle Management
  • Team Collaboration



Intelligent Swimlane® Diagrams Minimize time to create and edit process maps, and communicate cross-department process dependencies.
Hierarchical Process Maps and Numbering Save time by reusing sub-processes within the model. Shape numbering changes cascade through the hierarchy improving model consistency and understanding.
Value Stream Maps Save time editing and updating your product or service VSMs and then share them with others in your organization.
Intelligent BPMN Diagrams Accelerate your BPMN projects with automatic correct-by-construction and rules checking capabilities.
Extended Value Stream Maps Create a lean view that crosses plant, divisional, and company boundaries.
Cause and Effect Diagrams Describe causes with linked fishbone, pareto chart, and FMEA views. Understand which actions will make the biggest positive impact.
Prioritization Matrix Spotlight improvement opportunities with color-coded spreadsheets linked to processes and activities.
Failure Mode Spreadsheets Mitigate failure mode effects faster with FMEA spreadsheets connected to process models.
Multilingual Diagrams Author, publish and view multilingual diagrams in the preferred language within Web Central.
PDF Publishing Share your process models as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft® Office documents.
Visio® Import Reduce development time by leveraging legacy content.
When You Need to Stay Ahead

Business is increasingly complex. Customer demands and competitive pressures have all contributed to an increase in the adoption of process improvement initiatives. Today it is common for organizations to be involved in a number of process-based initiatives such as packaged software deployment, BPM projects, Six Sigma, Lean, and regulatory compliance. All process improvement efforts should leverage best practices, tools and corporate knowledge throughout the organization to avoid departmental silos.

iGrafx FlowCharter is a powerful, easy-to-use process mapping tool that provides a foundation for organization-wide process excellence. iGrafx FlowCharter reduces the time it takes to document processes and business systems, and helps you achieve a clear understanding of how tasks, activities and processes must be carried out to reduce waste and costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

With a wide range of diagram templates, a context-sensitive interface and numerous output options, iGrafx FlowCharter is the most productive process mapping and diagramming tool available today. And unlike the process maps created with general drawing tools, iGrafx diagrams are information-rich and easily updated.

A Pillar of Process Excellence

iGrafx FlowCharter serves as the foundation for any organization’s process improvement initiatives, but excels when used as an integral component of the iGrafx platform for an enterprise wide approach to process excellence. When coupled with the iGrafx central repository for collaborative modeling and communication, iGrafx FlowCharter will help you bridge the gap between the major organization constituencies—IT, process practitioners and business analysts—to ensure a level of process consistency, management, history and control across the enterprise.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore