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Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery (EDPR)

Founded in 1990, ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. is a leading developer of digital forensics tools. The company offers state-of-the-art solutions for businesses, forensic and law enforcement specialists, provides training and consulting services on mobile and computer forensics. ElcomSoft forensic products and tools are used for criminal investigations by the law enforcement. Today, the company offers the complete range of mobile and computer forensic tools, corporate security solutions and tools for IT security audits.

ElcomSoft tools are used by most of the Fortune 500 corporations, multiple branches of the military all over the world, foreign governments, and all major accounting firms. ElcomSoft is a Microsoft Partner (Gold Application Development), Intel Premier Elite Partner and member of NVIDIA’s CUDA/GPU Computing Registered Developer Program.

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery
Break complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys and unlock documents in a production environment.
  • Break passwords to more than 300 types of data
  • Heterogeneous GPU acceleration with multiple video cards per computer
  • Works 20 to 200 times faster with hardware acceleration
  • Linear scalability with low bandwidth requirements and zero overhead on up to 10,000 computers
  • Remote deployment and console management

Supports: all versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, ZIP/RAR/RAR5, PDF, BitLocker/PGP/TrueCrypt. Over 500 formats supported.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery (EDPR) is now updated with support for some of the most popular password managers: 1Password, LastPass, KeePass and Dashlane. By attacking a single master password, experts can gain access to the entire database containing all of the user’s saved passwords, authentication credentials and other highly sensitive information. Password managers’ protected vaults may contain images of user’s documents, various identity-related information, payment and loyalty card numbers.

One Password to Rule Them All

The idea behind all password management apps is simple: allowing users to securely store, organize and use passwords required to authenticate into various resources. As the user no longer has to remember the many different passwords, the use of password managers effectively cuts password re-use and stimulates the use of strong, unique passwords to protect different resources. Password managers can even automatically generate strong, random passwords that are unique per Web site or resource, rendering both dictionary and brute-force attacks ineffective. These passwords are stored in encrypted vaults, and can be only decrypted once the user enters their master password.

Back in 2012, ElcomSoft has conducted a research of then-popular password keepers. The report indicated that very few were significantly more secure compared to storing passwords in a plain-text file. In 2017, there quire a few truly secure options, including 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane.

All four password managers make use of industry-standard encryption and hashing algorithms to encrypt their password vaults. Each password keeper employs a strong encryption algorithm and several thousand rounds of hashing of the master password to derive the encryption key for the protected vault. In other words, the vault is extremely well protected against brute-force attacks.

Breaking into Encrypted Vaults

Security of the vault containing all of the users’ passwords is extremely important; the vault can be only decrypted by brute-forcing the original plain-text master password. However, breaking that one master password would expose the entire vault, enabling access to tens or hundreds passwords that are used to authenticate into various resources.

Password managers use several thousand iterations to derive the binary encryption key from the text-based master password. As a result, the speed of brute force attack is severely limited. This is exactly the reason for employing GPU units available in today’s AMD and NVIDIA video cards to accelerate the recovery 50 to 200 times compared to a CPU alone. Even then, the brute force speed is in the range of 100,000 passwords a second, which would only allow brute-forcing reasonably short passwords. Longer and more complex passwords can still be broken with a dictionary attack, by targeting the human factor or using one of the many custom attacks available in Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 3.40 can use the power of GPU-accelerated attacks distributed over a network of up to 10,000 computers to run a highly efficient attack against the user’s master password protecting 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane encrypted vaults. Once the master password is recovered, the expert can decrypt the protected vault and access all passwords, authentication credentials and other data stored in the password manager’s encrypted database.

New Password Types

The updated release adds the ability to attack master keys used to encrypt protected vaults of the following password managers:

  • 1Password
  • KeePass
  • LastPass
  • Dashlane

About Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is a one-stop forensic solution to helping investigators access protected data and extract critical evidence in the shortest timeframe possible. The product enables hardware-accelerated password recovery for over a hundred data formats including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF, PGP disks and archives, personal security certificates and exchange keys, MD5 hashes and Oracle passwords, Windows and UNIX login and domain passwords. Supporting ElcomSoft’s patent-pending GPU acceleration technology and being able to scale to over 10,000 workstations with zero scalability overhead, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is a high-end password recovery solution offering the speediest recovery with the most sophisticated commercially available technologies.

Password managers are designed to overcome the problem of password reuse. With average consumer having 20 different online accounts but only 7 different passwords (of which only 3 are truly unique), using a password manager can improve overall security.

Password managers store users' authentication credentials in a protected vault encrypted with a single master password. By breaking this master password, one can gain access to the entire content of the encrypted vault.

Back in 2012, we conducted a research of then-popular password keepers. The report indicated that very few of those products were significantly more secure compared to storing passwords in a plain-text file. Today, some of the most popular password managers offer significantly better security compared to five years ago.

Considering the length and security of the master password, a GPU-assisted distributed attack is exactly the type of attack that can actually help experts break into encrypted vaults. In our experience, an average user tends to choose a rather simple master password, especially if they are using a mobile version of the app.

In the benchmark below, we compared the speed of attacks performed on a single PC equipped with a single NVIDIA GTX 1080 board. For comparison sake, we also included the numbers for Office 2016 documents and RAR5 archives.

Cloud Attacks

In case you missed it, EDPR can now run on Amazon's new and powerful P2 instances. Setting up is fast and easy, and you can use as many instances as you need or can afford. By utilizing Amazon cloud instances to supplement your existing network you can quickly scale your attacks with as much power as you need, and scale it back once the additional power is no longer needed. In many cases, deploying EDPR on virtual instances helps obtain critical evidence on time for the investigation.


Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery licensing s.r.p. starts from 599 EUR for 5 clients. A license for 100 clients is available for 4999 EUR. 

An additional licensing option is now available for smaller networks. The affordable option covers concurrent GPU-accelerated distributive recovery on up to 5 computers. Even this minimal 5-PC license supports up to 8 GPU cores, offering a maximum computational power of 40 GPU cores per license.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery supports Windows 7, 8.x, 10, as well as the corresponding versions of Windows Server.

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