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Mindjet MindManager 2018 for Windows

Industry-Leading Mind Mapping and Information Visualization

MindManager helps individuals, teams and enterprises do great work faster and more easily, by simplifying the way they capture, process and share information.

Transforming unstructured ideas and data into dynamic visual mind maps, diagrams and more, MindManager gives people a clearer understanding of and greater control over their time, work and world. Its flexible, intuitive design supports freeform thinking, fluid organization and holistic understanding; its cross-platform functionality and robust integrations enable a more streamlined, seamless work experience.

Every day, 2+ million global users brainstorm ideas more creatively, plan and execute projects more efficiently, and communicate knowledge more effectively with MindManager.

In August 2016, Mindjet MindManager was acquired by Corel Corporation.

Watch your team’s 2018 success take flight with MindManager 2018

Your team’s success is fueled by information. So it follows that the clearer and more powerful the information you work with is, the faster and farther your business will go.

The newest version of MindManager is here! And it is guaranteed to deliver more clarity, meaning and impact to your business-critical information than ever before.

MindManager 2018 for Windows delivers clarity and impact to the information that inspires your ideas, directs your actions, drives your business and determines your success. Offering new ways to visually capture, process and share knowledge, it enables you to think more clearly and get great work done faster than ever before. Explore plans from multiple perspectives, to deepen understanding and improve decision-making. Build processes that ensure alignment and purposeful productivity. Create communications that illuminate direction and ignite action, and more. With MindManager 2018 for Windows, you will have true command over your time, your work and, most importantly, your results.

NEW MindManager 2018 for Windows tools and features include:

Priority View
Isolate your priorities in an uncluttered interface that makes next steps clear.

Strategy Toolkit
Visualize new paths to growth and success with 12+ new and improved templates.

Digital Architect
Create customized visual structures to better understand your business.

Seamlessly share maps with colleagues, partners, customers and more.

Intelligent Filtering
Focus on one thing, without losing sight of anything.

Interactive Presentation Export
Put more polish, professionalism and impact into map presentations.

Schedule View
Organize to-dos in a clean, easy-to-read calendar.

New link titles
to more clearly & quickly identify links to your content

Dashboard Wizard
Program map elements to display real-time changes.

Expanded file management options
including Dropbox, Box, OneDrive & Google Drive

Check it out and test the latest version for free!

Goodbye Chaos – Welcome Overview

Better Task Management with MindManager

Does this sound familiar? Tasks flutter in by email, SharePoint and telephone, or completely ad-hoc. In no time at all, your desk is full of Post-its and to-do lists, your inbox is overflowing with emails and other tasks that have not been assigned to any project. On top of that, there is far too much information coming from multi devices that cannot be processed immediately.

And before you know it, the working day ends in chaos because there is no structured overview.

MindManager offers a range of options to create order and structure in task management, whether for team projects or for optimising your own set of tasks. The basis for this is always the visualisation of information and tasks, which can be quickly, easily and flexibly structured according to need, context and degree of urgency and completion.

Deadlines, dependencies, responsibilities, priorities and status of individual tasks can be identified at a glance and easily updated. In addition, MindManager allows you to create a range of task dashboards or other views, such as for your individual, team or project- based tasks to give you a total overview.

Added value for teams and companies:

  • An overview of all tasks in context
  • Flexible ways of adding new information to any task
  • Everyone involved in a project and in a team can find information at a glance
  • Synchronisation and links to numerous Microsoft applications
  • Fewer misunderstandings thanks to an easy-to-understand visual structure
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