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I’m Kenji Hiranabe, CEO of Change Vision, Inc.

I started this company in 2006 to develop and market Astah, a UML editor integrated with Mind Mapping features. My background is in software engineering, something I’ve been doing for more 20 years. For about half of that time I worked on practical applications for object-oriented technologies, the other half for Agile approaches in real world software development.

Kenji's Mission

Innovation is rarely the result of rigid thinking, but most software tools focus only on the engineering - strict, formal, mechanical thought. Programmers grow are used to being bogged down in endless lines of code, but we thrive on inspiration. We need something more intuitive - something that will engage our logic, our imagination and our urge to create as a team.

Tools available to software developers get the mechanical side right. But aren't user frendly, and fail to provide an environment to improvise and interact with coworkers. I wanted to change the way that individuals and groups develop software. I wanted to provide a common forum that would make software design more productive, rich and fun.

Simplicity, Quality, and Community are our three greatest priorities

That is why we provide a product that:

  • Works intuitively with Windows, Mac, and Linux to provide seamless transition between diagrams, tables and platforms
  • Delivers a uniquely dynamic and social development experience at a low price
  • Benefits from ten years of user-driven tailoring and expansion to bring your team and your project together.
Astah is for Teams

Big or small your team relies on its ability to clearly communicate among its members, across departments, to clients, and to other companies.
With Astah it only takes minutes to speak volumes.

Individual Licensing:

  • Subscriptions and Annual license include:
    • One installation per license
    • Multi-platform - works on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Perpetual license includes:
    • Unlimited installations across all of your computers
    • Multi-platform - works on Windows, Linux and Mac

Organizational Annual Licensing:

Our Licensing is flexible, so your team can get the most out Astah. Access can be distributed among team members on an as needed basis.

Annual Licensing always includes support and software upgrades, but the license is only active for 1 year. When the license expires, Astah will not function any longer until a new license is purchased.

Annual Pricing
An annual subscription is perfect for teams that:

  • Multiple team member roles
  • Work in project driven environments
  • Have active and fast paced schedules
  • Want flexible pricing
  • Are still growing

Organizational Perpetual Licensing:

Perpetual licenses are for team use, and managed via a license portal with active support. Perpetual License includes support and upgrades for the first year. Once support is expired, access to the license portal is no longer available. If support is not renewed, a number of Individual Perpetual Licenses will be issued and delivered to the license administrator for distribution. These licenses will allow for continued use of Astah, but will be un-supported.

Perpetual Pricing
A perpetual licenses is perfect for teams that want:

  • Unlimited upgrades and support included for the first year
  • Inexpensive support renewal
  • Astah Professional for long-term projects

  • Diagrams: UML 2.x, MindMap, ER, Flowchart, CRUD, DFD, Requirement
  • Users: Software Engineers, Architects, Developers, Project Managers, and moree
  • Download free trial

  • Diagrams: Block Definition, Internal Block, Parametric, and more
  • Users: Systems Engineers, Developers, Business Analysts, and more
  • Download free trial

  • Diagrams: GSN(Global Safety Notation) Diagram, and MindMap
  • Users: Safety Engineers, Independent Assessors, and Certification Authorities
  • Download free trial


Perfect for Software Development

From planning, to collaboration, to design Astah Professional will help you build better software.


Model and Analyze Complex Systems

Astah SysML is a lightweight, and a user friendly tool to model SysML diagrams.


Safety and Security for Engineers

Astah GSN is an intuitive safety modeling platform for designing System Assurance, Dependability, Safety and more.

Looking for a FREE Student License?
This program is for students personal use only.

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Astah Egineering Pack Annual 1 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 173,00 €
Astah Faculty Site License Annual 1 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD ACAD 671,00 €
Astah GSN Annual 1 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 104,00 €
Astah GSN Organizational Annual 10 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 1033,00 €
Astah GSN Organizational Annual 100 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 7860,00 €
Astah GSN Organizational Annual 25 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 2410,00 €
Astah GSN Organizational Annual 50 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 4361,00 €
Astah Organizational Annual 10 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 1033,00 €
Astah Organizational Annual 100 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 7860,00 €
Astah Organizational Annual 25 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 2410,00 €
Astah Organizational Annual 50 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 4360,00 €
Astah Organizational Perpetual 10 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 2169,00 €
Astah Organizational Perpetual 100 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 15156,00 €
Astah Organizational Perpetual 25 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 4848,00 €
Astah Organizational Perpetual 50 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 8549,00 €
Astah Professional Individual Annual 1 lic. 1 PC & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 103,00 €
Astah Professional Individual Annual 1 lic. 1 PC & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD ACAD 35,00 €
Astah Professional Individual Perpetual 1 lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 263,00 €
Astah Professional Individual Perpetual 10-50 lic. & 1YR SUP (IE) MP ESD 217,00 €
Astah Professional Individual Perpetual 50+ lic. & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 171,00 €
Astah SysML Annual 1 lic. 1 PC & 1YR SUP (UK) MP ESD 138,00 €
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore