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NetOp Remote Control 12

NetOp Remote Control Software
Our solutions erase geographical distance between people and dissolve differences in technology. Netop provides a single, secure channel for online personal service, education and world-class technical support. Across the world or across a classroom, our goal is to provide the best consolidated solution for comprehensive, multi-device, real-time communication to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Netop develops market leading software solutions that connect people with computers and smart devices, using remote access, screen-sharing and video chat technologies. Millions of users count on Netop to make 100 million swift, secure and seamless connections every day.

Used by half of the Fortune 100, Netop’s solutions, including secure remote access and live chat, help businesses provide better customer service, reduce support costs and meet security and compliance standards.

In education, Netop software connects more than 6 million teachers and students, helping schools transform education and improve learning outcomes with tools that make teaching with technology easier and more effective.

Netop Remote Control 12

Why do over half of Fortune 100 companies use Netop Remote Control? Because security matters. Netop is the most secure, trusted and scalable remote support software solution on the market today. We’ve been helping customers grow their enterprises with secure remote control and support for workstations, servers, embedded systems and mobile devices for 30 years.

The Remote Access Experts
Netop enables secure remote access and efficient remote control to the widest range of operating systems and devices available. Our flexible support solution is designed to work within any environment, however complex.

Ensure Security and Compliance
Our enterprise-class solution reduces network attack surfaces – enabling access without increasing risk. Netop’s multi-factor authentication options and advanced security measures help businesses exceed the toughest compliance standards, including PCI, ISO, FIPS and HIPAA.

Consolidate Your Support
Netop Remote Control gives IT pros a single, consolidated solution for accessing and supporting all of the devices and users on their network. This translates into more efficient user of resources, faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Manage Access Centrally
Netop gives you a central hub for managing devices and users, making it easy to securely manage access by off-network staff and vendors. Our advanced security measures give you granular control of users, complete logging of activity and recording of remote sessions.

Reach Beyond Your Network
Netop’s web-enabled remote access solutions deliver borderless connectivity. You can securely access devices outside of your LAN – including POS systems and production networks -without maintaining open ports or VPNs.


  • Enterprise-class security architecture
  • Secure remote control compliant with industry standards
  • Broad platform support for end users and devices -including mobile devices and production technology
  • Scalable and flexible solution for complex environments
  • Detailed audit trails, session recordings and multi-factor authentication
  • Web-enabled access for vendors and mobile employees
  • Secure tunneling for access between devices without the need to configure VPNs.
Advanced Remote Control and Support
  • Enterprise remote support for anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Support and manage workstations, servers, POS, embedded systems, and mobile devices
  • Broad platform support: Windows, Mac, Linux, Citrix, Windows Mobile, and CE
  • Reach your mobile workforce securely through any Internet connection
  • Easily manage virtualized environments and remote control VDI desktops

Trusted and Secure Remote Access

  • Strong encryption with up to 256-bit AES ensures data integrity
  • Centralized 2 and 3-factor authentication protects from unauthorized access
  • Superior integration with Directory Services, RSA SecurID and smart cards
  • Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group policies
  • Monitor, log and investigate with customized audit trails and session recordings

Lower the Cost of Support

  • Consolidate your remote tools into one secure enterprise solution
  • Manage system services, registry, processes, hardware & software information
  • Provide real-time, secure user support inside or outside of your network
  • Troubleshoot problems without interrupting end-users or critical processes
  • Scalable to any size business and easy to deploy across networks

Meet Security Compliance Regulations

  • Lower the cost of demonstrating compliance with complete audit trails
  • 256-bit AES encryption protects data and meets regulatory standards
  • Achieve PCI, ISO & HIPAA compliance requirements for authentication & encryption
  • Data transmission protected with FIPS 140-2 standard algorithms
  • Meet government, healthcare and financial services security requirements

Powerful and Flexible Support Tools

  • Create encrypted tunnels to access devices without the need to configure VPNs
  • Securely manage non-graphical systems and centrally control access to application ports
  • Communicate with end-users through chat, annotation, audio & video
  • Share screens, run applications and transfer files with anyone, anywhere
Introducing the Netop Remote Control Portal!

Netop now enables secure, web-based access to your devices. The Netop Remote Control Portal gives you a central hub for managing Netop Remote Control users and devices. The Portal expedites collaborative support and third-party access.

Secure connectivity. Trusted access.

Netop’s enterprise-class remote access solutions are chosen by the world’s top companies for secure connectivity into closed production environments, point-of-sale systems, and other mission-critical networks and devices. In addition, Netop Remote Control delivers advanced tools for fast issue resolution, lower support costs and improved customer satisfaction.

One Single, Secure Service Channel

Netop provides a single, secure channel for online personal service and world-class technical support. Our goal is to provide your company with a consolidated solution for comprehensive, multi-device, real-time communication to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our service channel consists of two products, Netop Remote Control and Netop Live Guide. You can explore the products by finding out more on our website. We can tailor a solution that readily scales with the needs of your organization and easily integrates with other services. Contact Netop, we are glad to help you.

Netop Remote Control Language Support

Netop Remote Control is available in the following twelve languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

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