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MindGenius 6

MindGenius Ltd has been producing mind mapping software since 2001 that allows users to capture, visualize and use the information within their businesses.

From its inception MindGenius focused on aiding key business processes such as brainstorming, meetings, and task and project management.

MindGenius Ltd:

  • Producing reliable and robust Mind Mapping Software since 2001
  • Helping teams capture, visualize and use their project ideas and information
  • Worldwide customer base of over 600,000 users
  • The leading choice for business mind mapping software
  • Privately owned with 20 years software development history
  • Customers from individuals to large Corporate Enterprises and Fortune 500 companies
  • In-house customer service and IT support
  • Full suite of professional client development services
  • Microsoft Certified Partners
MindGenius 6

Capture your ideas, visualise information, plan projects, manage tasks and share knowledge using MindGenius.

With a simple user interface and intuitive mind mapping functionality at its core, MindGenius provides an effective way to brainstorm, plan, manage and become more productive.

Why MindGenius?
Designed specifically to match the demands of business users, MindGenius’ key features aim to tackle the business challenges you face every day.

Capture information and ideas

  • Facilitate idea generation with the unique brainstorming mode
  • Rapidly gather project requirements and manage risk
  • Effectively plan strategies, projects, tasks and workload
  • Fully capture all conversations and subsequent actions during meetings

Plan and visualise

  • Identify gaps within your information through the visual mind mapping interface
  • Re-structure, filter and prioritise information easily for a greater level of clarity
  • Stay focussed and move faster during the project planning process

Create and manage

  • Stay in control by managing projects from initiation through to completion
  • Assign resources to tasks to ensure overall transparency for you and your team
  • Enhance collaboration through the delivery of effective meetings

How does MindGenius work?

The MindGenius Ribbon Interface allows for easy access to the most commonly used features and functionality and allows you to follow a process of working with your information to understand it and turn it into knowledge, before actioning your task or project.

  • Stage 1
    The inception of your project or task.
    The Home Ribbon gives you all of the functionality you need to perform an initial brainstorming, either as an individual or a group. Use Type and Return to quickly capture your ideas, Drag and Drop to sort and add structure and Map Explorer to navigate through or focus in on specific areas of your map. This tab also contains a timer to help you keep on track in your brainstorming, the Questions panel to prompt ideas and the ability to change the layout of your map to suit whichever type of task you are working on.
  • Insert
    The Insert Ribbon allows you to build on your initial ideas by adding multiple file formats to branches such as PDFs, web links, Excel spreadsheets or Word documents, meaning you can gather all of the required information for a project into the one map. This is also where you can start to personalise your map, or give extra focus to ideas by adding pictures, floating text or mental connections. Format Continue to personalise your map by editing the style, typeface, adding boundaries our outlines to give ideas prominence.
  • Format
    Continue to personalise your map or prepare for presentations by editing the map style, branch styles, adding boundaries and more.
  • Analyze
    Now you can start to build on your understanding of your map and turn your collection of ideas into knowledge. Add Categories to see at a glance which ideas are linked, filter to get a different view on your data, and create Category Centric maps that give you a completely different perspective, enhances analysis and facilitates breakthrough.
  • Tasks
    You can add resources, timings, priorities and prepare actions to be exported to MS Outlook on this tab. You can also sort and filter your data to keep on top of who needs to do what. This all adds up to easier task management.
  • Export
    Now you understand your tasks and have outlined how you are going to undertake your project, it's time to share your thinking. You can either do this via a map, or by exporting to a host of standard business applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Project or Excel, or PDF and html.
  • Tools
    This contains all of the extras you would expect, like a spell checker, the ability to review the word count, access to sample maps and templates, and our Help files.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore