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Mind Technologies Visual Mind 11 -tuoteperhe

Mind Technologies has developed Mind Mapping Software for more than 10 years. The first version of Visual Mind was launched in 1998. Feedback from leading customers and industry experts has led to ever new versions with focus on added functionality and user-friendliness.

We strive to be the leading developer of Mind Mapping Software and user experience is imperative in the continuous improvements that guide the product development. Benchmarks we have done among business customers show exactly that – we are delivering the best user experience.

Mind Technologies has increased the number of partners and third party developers in the last couple of years. We believe in the growing appeal and acceptance of Mind Mapping Software as a key component in “high performance solutions”.

Visual Mind Business

The Business Edition includes the most powerful functions for professional users and businesses and teams. It contains a broad range of export/import capabilities including distribution and publishing functions that allow easy sharing of maps with co-workers clients and project teams.

Both map explorer and search functions make it easy to manage large and complex maps. If your maps contain sensitive information, consider using the password and encryption functions.

Visual Mind Basic

The Basic Edition is designed for individual users who wish to focus on the core mapping functions of Visual Mind. If your maps are modest in size and complexity, the Basic Edition may cover your needs. Some features are excluded in this edition, but all Visual Mind editions have the same user-friendly graphical interface.

The Visual Mind Basic Edition is not available for a free trial download, but you can download a free evaluation version of Visual Mind Business Edition here

Visual Mind Academic

The Academic Edition is developed to better serve students, teachers and academic institutions. Most of the features are available, from the study-friendly interface to advanced group functions. Please have a look at the comparison table for a list of all product functions.

The Visual Mind Academic Edition is not available for a free trial download, but you can download a free evaluation version of Visual Mind Business Edition

Visual Mind Server

The Visual Mind Server is a separate application that enables multiple users of Visual Mind (Business Edition, Academic Edition or Basic Edition) to share Visual Mind content in real time. Any changes made to a server map will instantly be visible to other users that work on the map. This way, Visual Mind offers businesses and teams real-time collaboration and information sharing through the intuitive Visual Mind interface.

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