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SEP Software SEP sesam -tuoteperhe


“The SEP backup and disaster recovery solutions will meet and exceed the challenges of managing HYBRID and federated IT environments today and tomorrow”

  • We all dream of better, easier and more secure IT. Best TCO is only achievable when one single backup solution protects the entire company’s data infrastructure. That’s why SEP Software has designed the best hybrid-backup-software for all open systems applications.
  • Organizations of every kind depend on the availability of their data to stay in business. A Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan is necessary to document what measure to take. A solid BCM plan requires a comprehensive backup, restore and disaster recovery capability to provide continuous IT operations.
  • The SEP backup and disaster recovery solution fulfills and exceeds the challenges of managing all IT environments!
  • SEP enables your IT transformation and backup modernization as an extremely trusted vendor for all enterprises, small or mid-size businesses (SMBs) and their branch offices. SEP can assist you in updating your data protection and business continuity capabilities with the broadest virtualization, database and application support in the industry.
  • SEP is committed to quality, “Made in Germany,” and data privacy.
  • SEP will contribute to your business with the best TCO, outstanding customer support, today and in future.
SEP sesam

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective, Scalable Data Protection Made Simple

SEP provides the most comprehensive and highly scalable backup and disaster recovery solution in the industry, SEP sesam. Its award-winning, flexible software can back up and manage environments of any size. SEP software is designed for multi-O/S client/ server architectures from small data server centers to large, multi-location, heterogeneous data processing environments.

SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology leverages full network capabilities to utilize multiple simultaneous backup streams providing the fastest transfer rates and the most efficient backups in the industry. In optimized systems, backups exceed 2.5 TB per hour per server/media agent. Daily maintenance requirements are less than one hour with SEP and full email notifications are supported with optional scripted activity based on results. It is an intelligently designed backup and disaster recovery solution that is set-and-forget technology. SEP can backup to anywhere, onsite or offsite, including any remote location, locally owned physical location, cloud or privately hosted facility.

SEP is a comprehensive, all-in-one backup solution and will integrate seamlessly into any environment without any interruptions or data loss. | A new standard
  • Patented Backup Technology
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Backup Streams
  • SEP Multiplex Backup
  • Restore-Optimized Backups

RECOVERY | Flexible and Reliable

  • Objects
  • Records
  • Disaster Recovery for Windows & Linux
  • Recovery of Physical Machines on VMs

MANUFACTURER SUPPORT | Get Help when you Need it Most

  • Support
  • No Call Centers
  • Manufacturer Know-How
  • Free Demo Support
  • We understand the importance of bringing servers back to life!

ENTERPRISE BACKUP | Scalable for Heterogeneous Environments

  • Flexible for growing environments
  • Multiple Operating Systems
  • Multiple Hypervisor Support
  • Database Hot Backup
  • Application Hot Backup

SEP sesam 4.4.2 - the latest backup powerhouse from SEP

The new SEP sesam 4.4.2 offers a wide range of new, revolutionary backup and restore features, including support for latest virtualization platforms, operating systems and applications

A few highlights of the new release are the industry-leading single item restore of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint via easy drag-and-drop technology and the improved inline block-level deduplication solution, now also available for Windows backup servers and Remote Device Servers (RDS). The updated replication feature is a lightning fast way to consistently replicate data between a main data center, a disaster recovery site, remote locations, or to the cloud, providing redundancy for disaster recovery as well as reducing overall disk and tape storage requirements.

Thanks to extensive optimization of the backup clients, SEP's data throughput for Windows has been boosted to complete operations considerably faster in the new version. The backup and restore performance is now up to 3 times faster than in version 4.4.1.

Discover SEP sesam 4.4.2

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore