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Piriform CCleaner for Business -tuoteperhe

At Piriform we create award-winning software to make your computer faster, more secure and have greater privacy. Whether you're cleaning out files on your system with CCleaner, defragging your hard drive with Defraggler, analyzing your hardware with Speccy, or recovering deleted files with Recuva, we've got you covered.

Piriform are global leaders in PC optimization software, with offices in London, New York and Cyprus. We're dedicated to creating the best applications for your PC. For company press announcements, visit our press release section.

Our software is used and trusted by millions, in all 195 countries and in millions of businesses. In fact CCleaner alone has been installed more than 1 Billion times onto nearly 25% of all the PCs in the world. We've improved and optimized thousands of lines of code. Our developers aim for the fastest, most compact, bug free products you can run on your PC.

Our team is a combination of late-working, highly-skilled staff and a heavy dose of caffeine. Together we design, create and maintain the software. We also have legions of dedicated volunteers who help test, support and translate our software into over 40 different languages!

CCleaner® Business Edition
Cleaner, faster PCs for your business.

CCleaner's patented technology gives you healthier, optimized PCs. So you can get on with doing what you do best – running your business.

Get more from your PCs

CCleaner speeds up computers, frees up hard disk space, and extends the life of your hardware estate. Save on IT support costs with proactively optimized PCs.

Protect your business data

Keep your company's data private and prevent data theft. CCleaner securely erases files, tracking cookies, browser history, passwords and sensitive files.

Safe & secure software you can trust

Our software is tested to the highest standards and is trusted by millions of business users including many FTSE 100 companies.

Priority Technical Support

With premium support for your business, you can rest easy knowing we'll be here to help if you need us.

CCleaner® Network Edition
Endpoint optimization for enterprise users.

When your network consists of large numbers of endpoints, visiting each one isn’t possible. With its centralized Admin Console, CCleaner Network gives you the power to ensure your endpoints are running clean, safe and fast without ever leaving your desk.

Extend endpoint life cycles

CCleaner Network removes temporary files, memory dumps, log files, and other unneeded data. It also defragments hard drives. The result is endpoints that last longer.

Lower support costs

CCleaner Network helps with slow endpoints by removing extraneous files and clearing hard drive space. More efficient endpoints mean lower support costs.

Boost security

Browser history, cookies, and logs can be security risks. CCleaner Network erases them safely, and can wipe free space and MFT free space.

Limit data loss

Uninstalled software can leave behind registry keys and broken items which can cause application and system crashes that lead to data loss. CCleaner Network improves system stability and helps prevent data loss by clearing out the registry.

CCleaner® Technician Edition
The first step in any PC Repair, PC Optimization or Backup.

CCleaner Technician Edition is the easiest, fastest and most thorough means to clean a PC and improve your customer’s experience.

Maximize efficiency during PC clean ups

Using CCleaner has never been so easy and fast. Run off a USB or through a remote session. Includes all upgrades and updates.

Fast and efficient PC clean ups

Reduce your support request queue while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction.

Unlimited cleaning

Sold per Technician and provides unlimited cleaning. One and three year terms available. Discount bundles available when paired with Defraggler, Speccy, and Recuva Tech Edition products.

Priority technical support

Even the best Techs need support once in a while. You can rest assured that we have your back with our Premium email support.

Which Piriform solution is right for your business?


CCleaner Business

CCleaner Technician

CCleaner Network

Business type Small and Medium sized businesses IT technician
or break-fix
Medium and Large enterprises
System optimization
Clean multiple user profiles
Always up to date
Control startup items
Remote management     Application
Optimize multiple endpoints    
Audit report generation    
Active Directory support    

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore