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Rencore SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF)

Rencore is a software company consisting of some of the most internationally renowned, recognized and experienced SharePoint / Office 365 architects, developers, and MVPs. Founded by Matthias Einig, Microsoft MVP and passionate SharePoint developer, Rencore provides solutions that bring transparency into the Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 development process. This main objective is reflected in the name of our company: Rencore is composed of the Swedish word “ren” – which stands for clearness, clarity, purity – and the English word “core”. The main product is the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) which provides the most comprehensive code analysis suite for SharePoint and Office365.

Software tools for SharePoint developers, architects and administrators

Rencore develops unrivaled products for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 that shed light on the SharePoint development process and support the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Rencore's SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is a once-in-the-world tool that assists SharePoint developers, architects and administrators in guaranteeing the quality and governance of SharePoint solutions or add-in code.

SPCAF is available as a Developer, Professional or Server edition.

SPCAF Developer Edition

Developer Edition


With this edition your developer will have the code quality analysis directly integrated in Visual Studio at his fingertips and can also use the SPCAF client application to generate the detailed code quality report from full trust code farm solutions (WSPs), Sandboxed Solutions, SharePoint apps, executables and assembly files. SPCAF Developer Edition is licensed by individual user.
SPCAF Professional Edition

Professional Edition


This edition includes all analysis features of SPCAF and allows the user, usually a solution architect, quality manager or administrator to analyze SharePoint code for code quality, dependencies, gather metrics, create an inventory for documentation purposes and assess the migrateability of SharePoint farm solutions to the app model. It provides detailed reports in HTML, DOCX, PDF, XML and CSV either from within Visual Studio or from the SPCAF client application (no source code required). SPCAF Professional Edition is licensed by individual user.
SPCAF Server Edition

Server Edition


This edition can validate your code during a build for example with automated build systems like Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online or Team City, creates the same type of reports as SPCAF Professional reports and stores them in the build drop location. You can use SPCAF Server as a quality gate preventing code that does not fulfil your guidelines to be checked-in and allows you to have tighter quality checks for example on release builds.

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