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iSpring Solutions -tuoteperhe

We focus on providing quality software that everyone loves to use.

iSpring was started in the early 2000s in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. We were a small team of young and ambitious programmers with an insatiable desire to raise the bar in software development.

Users found our first PowerPoint-to-Flash product really useful. It was built from inspiration, perspiration, and bit of luck - and brought to life by our passion.

Later, we developed a whole family of products mostly focused on e-Learning. Users still enjoy our software, and our commitment to excellence continues to be our greatest inspiration, just as it was in our first days.

Going far beyond simple converters, our product line today includes powerful tools for creating professional e-Learning courses, and learning platforms for entire organizations.

iSpring Suite

Supercharged e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint.

Fully-stocked e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint. No training required to start!

Perfect Integration with PowerPoint
Developing e-Learning content has never been so fast and easy! With iSpring Suite, you can turn your PowerPoint presentations into supercharged e-courses in a snap.

Supercharged to Develop e-Learning Fast and Easy
Take advantage of the most powerful e-Learning toolkit for PowerPoint to develop quality courses, video lectures and assessments that will work on any desktop, laptop and mobile platform.

Convert PowerPoint into E-Learning Courses
Convert your existing presentations into e-Learning courses. Use your PowerPoint skills to create tons of quality e-Learning content fast and easy without special training.

Create Video Lectures
Synchronize your video with your PowerPoint slides and publish it into a video presentation format to reach millions of viewers online.

Build Interactive Assessments
Use state-of-the art iSpring tools to create interactive assessments with rich media, video, drag-n-drops, branching, and flexible scoring and testing rules.

Record Screencasts and Teach Through Video
Now you can record screencasts right in iSpring Suite without using any 3rd-party tools. Capture all or part of your screen with the built-in iSpring Cam tool and paste the video on your slides, or use it as standalone training material.

Develop Conversation Skills
Create conversation simulations to practice your team’s communication skills. The built-in TalkMaster tool includes a library of backgrounds and characters to develop realistic dialogue simulations with branching and assessments.

Create E-Learning Interactions
Make your learning materials more visual with iSpring e-Learning interactions that you can create fast and easy with iSpring Suite. Use a set of ready-made templates for creating 3D books, timelines, references, glossaries, catalogs, and FAQs.

Use Characters in Your Courses
iSpring Suite provides a Character Library for use in your training materials. The library includes characters of different ages and professions in dozens of different poses. You can also create your own characters and add them to the Character Library.

Extensive LMS Compatibility
iSpring produces content that will work well with virtually any LMS. iSpring tools perfectly support all classic and new e-Learning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, and xAPI (Tin Can).

Adaptive Player That Works Everywhere
Everything you create with iSpring Suite supports Flash and HTML5 for perfect playback on any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (with Windows, iOS, and Android OS).

iSpring Play Mobile App
iSpring Play is a free mobile app that allows learners to access your content anytime, anywhere, even with no Internet connection.

The Ultimate Bundle of iSpring E-Learning Tools
iSpring Suite contains all iSpring authoring capabilities integrated in one supercharged toolkit. With all these features combined in one place, top-to-bottom content creation is faster than ever.

  • iSpring Converter Pro
    Convert PowerPoint to Flash, HTML5, and MP4 video.
  • iSpring Presenter
    Create video presentations in PowerPoint fast and easy.
  • iSpring QuizMaker
    Create quizzes and surveys with drag-and-drop interactions.
  • iSpring Cam
    Record all or part of your screen and create video training guides.
  • iSpring TalkMaster
    Build dialog simulations for real-life business conversations.
  • iSpring Visuals
    Build interactions like a Book, FAQ, Timeline, and Directory.

Real Life Demos
Experience these demo courses, presentations, assessments and simulations created by our customers using iSpring Suite.

  • Solar System Course Solar System Course.
    The question that has always concerned mankind is how the Universe we are living in originated. How many planets are there? How did they appear? What are the planets made of? All these questions will be easily answered after viewing this Solar system course.
  • The Anatomy of The Nervous System
    The Anatomy of The Nervous System. How about puzzling out the most complex body’s system? After viewing this cool Anatomy course you’ll learn much more about various vital functions of the Nervous System ranging from muscle coordination to emotional processing.
  • Vegas Quiz Vegas Quiz.
    Think you know everything about that shining neon jewel of the desert, Las Vegas? Test your knowledge of Vegas history, lore, and attractions with this iSpring quiz!
  • Dialogue Car Car Sale Dialogue.
    You are a car salesman trying to finesse a test drive out of a walk-in customer. See how this scenario created with iSpring TalkMaster challenges you to use tact, know-how, and just a bit of aggressiveness to seal the deal.

iSpring Suite Video Tutorials
Find out how fast and easy you can create interactive e-Learning courses, video lectures, and assessments with iSpring Suite.

iSpring Presenter

Video presentation software for PowerPoint.

Create Video Presentations in Your PowerPoint
iSpring gives you powerful capabilities to create interactive online presentations. Right in your PowerPoint. Fast and easy. No training required!

How iSpring Presenter Works
With iSpring Presenter you can rapidly create interactive presentations in PowerPoint, enhance them with rich media, branch viewing scenarios, add polls and surveys, and immediately share them all worldwide.

  1. Add a spokesperson to your slides
    The easy-to-use video editor helps you add a presenter video and adjust it to your slides. Use your webcam or import a pre-made video file.
  2. Energize your presentation
    Engage your audience with rich-media content and interactivity.
    • Use video on your slides, including YouTube and Vimeo
    • Insert live, navigable web pages
    • Use PowerPoint animations, hyperlinks and buttons
    • Create polls, surveys, and drag-n-drop quizzes
  3. Share Your Message in One Click!
    Easily publish your presentation to portable online formats and share it on YouTube, iSpring Cloud, or SharePoint, put it into an LMS, or just host it on your website or blog.

Go beyond PowerPoint
iSpring presentation combines your slides and presenter video within a customizable, adaptive player to provide an outstanding user experience that goes far beyond PowerPoint.

  • Your Own Branding
    Add your logo and adjust the player to your corporate style.
  • Dynamic Layout
    Swap slides and presenter video on the fly to emphasize the key points of your message.
  • Adjustable Controls
    Show and hide, change color and language of every control to your preferences.
  • Custom Player Layout
    Choose one of 8 standard layout presets or create your own custom player layout.
  • Color Schemes
    Use one of 16 standard color presets or create your own.
  • Smart Navigation
    Make your video presentation easy to navigate with a timeline, slide panel, etc.

Your Presentation Plays Perfectly on Any Platform
The iSpring adaptive player accurately displays your presentation on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones with any screen size.

Deliver Your Presentation to Millions

  • iSpring Cloud
    Upload your presentations to iSpring Cloud in one click right from PowerPoint. Immediately share them with your colleagues and customers.
  • YouTube
    Put your presentation on Youtube directly from PowerPoint and make it available to millions on the world"s most popular video hosting site.
  • LMS
    iSpring video presentations software can be used with virtually all modern Learning Management Systems (LMS) to share your knowledge.
  • SharePoint
    Upload your presentation to SharePoint to share with your team and other colleagues in your organization.
  • Your Website
    For techies who know how to use FTP, etc., pring provides the option to upload presentations directly to a website.
iSpring QuizMaker

Robust tool for building interactive assessments.

Develop Quizzes in Minutes!
iSpring Quiz Maker 8 saves you time and lets you create sharp surveys. Powerful and robust, it's amazingly easy to use.

Make a Quiz Unique and Eye-Catching
Keep your learners engaged with highly-energized content! iSpring’s test maker allows you to make a quiz look remarkable and add vitality to your e-Learning. View iSpring Quiz Maker Demos

  • Font Styles
    Customize font, size and text alignment
  • Custom Colors
    Set a background image and a color for each element
  • Hyperlinks
    Add hyperlinks to questions and info slides
  • Animation Effects
    Apply animation effects to answer choices
  • Answer Choices with Images
    Use pictures and equations in answer choices
  • Text Labels
    Edit texts for labels, buttons and titles

Create Remarkable Online Quizzes
Enjoy extensive capabilities for customizing your tests’ style, attributes and personality.

  • Flexible Layout Options
    Use pre-designed layouts or compose your own. You are in charge: determine all the elements as you like.
  • Preview Option
    Design a test using the WYSIWYG Slide View Tool and preview the entire quiz or any specific question.
  • Color Themes
    Save time: build quizzes using attractive built-in color palettes or your desired customized colors.

Why is iSpring Quiz Maker Preferred?
Carefully developed by our first-class team of developers, iSpring Quiz Maker features an easy to use, intuitive interface, while providing an industry leading quiz toolbox. Plus, our renowned conversion engine provides pinpoint accurate reproduction of all effects on any screen and any device.

  • Educational Institutions
    Cover the educational process from top to bottom: deliver and track your content to your learners via any SCORM/AICC/ Tin Can-compliant LMS.
  • Corporate Training
    Empower your workforce. Conveniently and efficiently train them on-the-go with mobile-ready tests.
  • Marketing
    Launch your market research campaigns and allow your surveysto provide data-rich, real-time feedback.

Want to Power-Pack Your Quiz with Rich Media?
Spice up your surveys and engage your audience with various forms of media. iSpring Quiz Maker can create audio and video questions, add hyperlinks, and provide images and formulas for both questions and answer choices.

  • Video
    Make your quizzes more captivating and engrossing by adding video clips and Flash movies.
  • Audio
    Include an audio track to a certain question or set a background audio during presentation playback.
  • Images
    To illustrate your ideas, add a picture to your test and define its size and position in your layout.
  • Equations
    Compose formulas in MS Equation Editor and instantly insert them into your quiz.

Interact with Your Learners Using Personalized Feedback
For each question you can set up customized feedback messaging. Reward your e-learners for a correct answer, prompt them to try again, and provide them with more insight that will ultimately lead to the right answer.

Comprehensive Question Variety
Choose from 11 graded and 12 survey question types to let your learners study in an engaging, entertaining way.

  • Matching Questions
  • Sequence Questions
  • Multiple Response
  • Multiple Choice Text
  • Survey Questions
  • Hot Spot Questions

Utilize Branching Scenarios
Creating branching scenarios allows you to arrange personalized e-learner paths within every quiz. Set up different outcomes for each question or answer choice. Identify your learners’ strengths and weaknesses in real time and then channel them to relevant questions or info slides.

  • Branch to a Question
    Send your quiz takers to a specific slide depending on what answer they give to a certain question.
  • Branch to a Group
    If a student answers correctly, you can foster the engagement by asking more challenging questions.
  • Branch to Info Slide
    Branch questions to info slides to ensure your learners are exposed to more detailed info.
  • Branching per Answer
    For some question types, branching and feedback messages can be set up for each answer choice.

Use Flexible Scoring
Grade your quiz takers fairly and accurately by adjusting your own scoring system. Set up the same scoring rules for the entire test, or, when appropriate, treat each question individually, thereby assessing the question difficulty.

  • Passing Score
    Set point- or percentage-based passing scores. Normalizing and baselining quiz scores is always an option.
  • Custom Points
    Award points for each respective question and answer choice. Challenge your competitive e-learners!
  • Penalty Points
    Motivate your learners to answer all questions. Set your rules to deduct points for incorrect and unanswered questions.
  • Partial Answers
    If your e-learners provide an incomplete or partial answer, you can provide partial credit for their answers.

Testing Rules
Use testing rules to maximize your test's value. Set up your own custom testing rules to assign a unique value to each test. Tailor your quiz to your wishes and demands. You know best – it’s your test.

  • Number of Attempts
    You can set rules that limit the number of times your e-learners can attempt to answer a question.
  • Add Timer to a Quiz
    Jump-start your students' motivation: specify time limits for an entire test or for each question.
  • Randomization
    Create a question pool and present a different subset of questions to each student in your class.
  • Quiz Submission
    You can adjust the options to allow your e-learners to skip questions, or to submit them one at a time for feedback.

Extensive LMS Compatibility
Thanks to the professional support of e-Learning standards and the community at large, iSpring Quiz Maker tests are easily delivered through any SCORM- or AICC-compliant LMS. You can always choose to publish content via a BlackBoard Building Block or any Tin Can API compatible system.

Run HTML5 & Flash Quizzes on All Devices and LMSs
iSpring’s HTML5 technology enables you to create quizzes and surveys for any digital environment including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Rest assured that your tests will execute flawless playback and reporting inside any SCORM/AICC compatible LMS.

iSpring Converter Pro

Best-in-class PowerPoint to HTML5, Flash and MP4 video converter.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash, HTML5, and Video
Leading technology for converting .ppt and .pptx presentations, preserving all effects: transitions, animations, and even triggers!

Integrated Right into Your PowerPoint
iSpring Converter Pro is shipped as a PowerPoint add-in. The iSpring installer adds a tab to your PowerPoint ribbon, where all iSpring functions are easily accessible.

Guaranteed to Preserve All PowerPoint Effects
The AccuPoint and HyperPoint technologies developed by iSpring engineers convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash, HTML5, and video with the highest accuracy.

  • Animations and Triggers
    iSpring Converter Pro perfectly converts 189 of 199 animations available in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013. iSpring keeps all standard animation effects, as well as effect combinations, triggers and timings.
  • Transition Effects
    iSpring Converter Pro supports all 47 transition effects available in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013. After conversion, all the transitions that you carefully tuned in PowerPoint will work!
  • Video and Audio
    Any video and audio format that can play on your system will be converted with iSpring. You can also fine-tune the size and quality of your video and audio to optimize download or streaming speed.
  • Tables, Charts, and Shapes
    iSpring Converter Pro precisely retains formatting, and positioning for tables, charts, and shapes, as well as their geometry and sharpness, keeping their vector representation in online formats.
  • Image Quality
    iSpring cannot improve the quality of your images, but it definitely will not decrease it. All images that you select to insert in your presentation will stay crystal clear after conversion.
  • Text Formatting and Effects
    All text objects will keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting in your online presentation after processing with iSpring.
  • RTL Languages
    Hebrew, Arabic, and other RTL presentation developers can rely on iSpring technologies. AccuPoint and HyperPoint support a huge variety of languages.
  • Hyperlinks and Buttons
    Hyperlinks and buttons add a lot of interactivity to your presentations. Feel free to use them: iSpring will transfer all their functionality to Flash or HTML5.
  • SmartArt Objects
    Complex SmartArt objects on your slides will keep their appearance and clarity on any device after being converted with iSpring to online formats.

Presentations Work Flawlessly on All Devices
After a single conversion with iSpring, your presentations will adapt to the screen size and orientation of any device on which they are played.

Platforms supported:

  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac
  • iPad and iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

Your presentations are always at your fingertips – even offline!
iSpring Play free mobile app helps you download your converted presentations from the Web and save them right on an iPad or Android mobile device for viewing later, even without an Internet connection.

More Than Just a Converter!
Enrich your presentations with extra features that go above and beyond PowerPoint.

Add engaging rich media materials to your presentation
With iSpring Converter Pro, you can make your presentation even more engaging and informative by adding complementary external resources:

  • Flash Movies
  • YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  • Web Objects

Enhance your presentation with your branding
You can easily reinforce your presentation with your corporate identity: company logo and description, a link to your website, and information about one or several presenters.

Protect your presentation from unauthorized access
When you publish your presentation to the Web, theres a risk of vulnerability. iSpring Converter Pro helps you add four layers of ironclad protection: watermark, password, time and domain restrictions. Internet users will see your presentation only when, where, and how you want.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore