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Lansweeper is a Belgian based company developing the similarly named IT network inventory software Lansweeper. Lansweeper scans, discovers and inventories all available Windows, Linux and Mac-operated workstations and IP-addressable network devices for over 20000 customers. Lansweeper's deepscan engine utilizes a wide variety of network protocols to discover, identify and retrieve data from any network capable device.

All the retrieved data is stored in either a SQL Compact or SQL Server database. Due to its open database design reporting can be done using standard SQL Server database queries which can be visually created using the built-in report builder. The open database design allows for easy customization and integration with other systems and provides a unlimited customization for reporting on data retrieved from your IT environment.

Apart from hardware, software and user tracking, the software also has other features such as a deployment module for deploying software, updates or scripts on Windows computers and a help-desk ticketing system.

Discover Your IT
Build Your Centralized IT Asset System of Record

All Asset Information in 1 Place

The Lansweeper Deepscan engine discovers any asset in your corporate network without installing any software on them. There's no environment or asset Lansweeper can't handle.

Consider Lansweeper your single source of truth on hardware, software, and users. Rely on a complete & up-to-date overview to spearhead all network-related tasks, projects, and decisions.

Answer questions no one can and be on top of your IT at all times. Choose from over 400 built-in network reports, adapt them to your needs, or build custom reports within minutes.

How Lansweeper Benefits your Business

Increase Visibility
Eliminate the blind spots from your environment and discover assets you didn't even know about.

Boost Productivity
Automate recordkeeping, reporting and other tedious tasks to make time for what you do best.

Improve Security
Identify risks, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they become a problem.

Cut Costs
Reveal needless expenses, support budgeting decisions and manage your IT cost-effectively.

Product Overview
Discover, Inventory, and Know Your IT

Cross-Platform IT Asset Discovery

Discover all IT assets in your network without having to install any software on your machines. Lansweeper finds & gathers information on all assets, listing hardware specs, installed software, user details, and much more. Eliminate one of the biggest hurdles in IT, getting complete end-to-end visibility of your network, and save valuable time and resources.

One Centralized IT Inventory

All your Hardware, Software, and Users, all in one place. Lansweeper consolidates all asset details in a centralized web-based, System of Record. It offers corporations complete visibility into their distributed IT environments, informing them which assets they own, where they are located, who is using them, and much more. Clicking on an individual asset record lets you see all the granular information Lansweeper has collected.

Get Answers Through Analytics

Get the answers you need in no time. Need a quick overview on all the printers in the office or serial numbers of all your PCs? Need a run-down of all new devices that were found in the last 24 hours? Choose from over 400 ready-made, out of the box network reports or build custom reports within minutes.

Download Lansweeper

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore