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PostSharp -tuoteperhe

Our company – PostSharp was created in 2004 by Gael Fraiteur as an open-source project. As the project's popularity grew and the community requested more features and support, Gael decided to incorporate PostSharp into a commercial company. Roman Stanek embraced the project and became an investor. In 2009, PostSharp Technologies was born and a few months later, the first commercial version of PostSharp was released.

Our mission – We are committed to bringing innovation to developers in industry-leading companies by building tools that enable them to add new code functionality and maintenance, simplify architecture, and reduce code duplication and application complexity.

Our difference – There are a number of free alternatives to PostSharp available in the .NET world; yet more and more organizations are turning to us for their needs. Our software offers features that no other alternative framework can match, including ready-made implementations of some of the most common patterns found in .NET applications today, plus team features that allow for large-scale usage.

Our customers – Over 50,000 developers worldwide rely on PostSharp to create cleaner code every day. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies like US Airways, Siemens, and Bank of America, as well as educational institutions, government organizations worldwide, start-ups and non-profits.

With mainstream compilers, developers think
in terms of design patterns but when they write code, abstractions become boilerplate.

That's why more than 25% of typical enterprise codebases is boilerplate.

If it's repetitive, it can be automated - with PostSharp.
The #1 pattern-aware compiler extension for C# and VB.

  • Get done quicker with less development effort.

  • Deliver more reliable software with fewer defects and more *bilities.

  • Write cleaner code that is easier to maintain after the first release.

  • Enforce consistent coding practices across the team.

PostSharp, the #1 Software Development Tool

The software development tool PostSharp is the #1 pattern-aware compiler extension to C# and VB. Conventional programming languages miss a concept of pattern, therefore patterns are hand-coded and result in boilerplate code, which leads to high development effort and poor quality of software.

PostSharp allows developers to eradicate boilerplate by offloading repeating work from humans to machines. The ROI is 15 to 55 times – which is why it is the industry standard for reducing and cleaning code.

Over 50,000 satisfied users.
10% of Fortune 500 companies have already chosen PostSharp.

The problem: existing compilers don't support patterns Conventional programming languages miss a concept of pattern, therefore patterns are hand-coded and result in boilerplate code, with the following impact:

  • High development effort

  • Poor quality software

  • Difficulty to add/modify functionality
  • Slow ramp-up of new team members

PostSharp contains ready-made implementations of the most common patterns such as INotifyPropertyChanged,logging, or security and gives you the tools to build automation for your own patterns. It also allows you to build thread safe applications in C# and VB.

Developers usually think in terms of design patterns, but with conventional programming languages, they end up writing boilerplate code. PostSharp adds support for patterns to C# and VB languages.

The result: shorter, cleaner code that’s easier to write and understand, contains fewer defects and is less expensive to maintain.

Provide your Visual Studio users with a 30% productivity increase – they are sure to love it. With PostSharp, they will:

  1. Stop writing boilerplate code and deliver faster.
  2. Build more reliable software.
  3. Easily add/modify functionality after first release.
  4. Get new team members contribute quicker.
  5. Build thread-safe apps – without a PhD.

Key benefits of using a software development tool such as PostSharp

  • Stop writing boilerplate code and deliver faster.
    Patterns are repetitive and repetition is exactly what computers are good at. Let the software development tool do the repetitive work and save development time and costs immediately.
  • Build more reliable software. Features such as securitylogging, caching, exception handling are much easier and cheaper to implement so you can build a more robust app.
  • Easily add/modify functionality after first release. Cleaner and shorter code is easier to understand and so developers can easily focus on business logic and modify it painlessly when needed.
  • Get new members contribute quicker. Thanks to cleaner code, new team members do not waste time understanding complex architectural structures. Feedback loops are much tighter thanks to build time error detection.

PostSharp is the Best Software Development Tool for C# and VB Developers worldwide

There are 5 main reasons why developers worldwide should include the software development tool PostSharp in their toolkit:

  1. Get more productive in minutes with ready-made pattern implementations. Thanks to PostSharp’s implementations of some of the most common patterns found in .NET code bases such as INotifyPropertyChanged, Undo/Redo, Code Contracts or Logging Pattern, you can be productive in minutes.
  2. Automate more complex patterns and remove more boilerplate. PostSharp is the only software development tool that allows you to define patterns specific to your app and thus eradicate even more repetitive code.
  3. Build thread-safe apps – without a PhD. PostSharp makes VB and C# thread safe thanks to its 7 threading models.
  4. Maintain your existing codebase in C# or Visual Basic. No need to change to a different programming language – PostSharp works with C# and VB.
  5. Benefit from much better run-time performance. The software development tool PostSharp delivers exceptional run-time performance.

Used by World’s Largest Corporations worldwide

Nowadays, companies rely on software development tools to remove the restrictions imposed by the nature of programming languages or compilers. PostSharp has become an essential part of software development toolkit of over 50,000 developers  worldwide and over 10% of all Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, Phillips, NetApp, BP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Siemens, and Oracle rely on PostSharp to reduce their development and maintenance costs.

If it's repetitive, it can be automated.

Think about the following requirements. Have you ever hoped
there would be a better way to implement them?

  • INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Undo/redo
  • Code contracts (preconditions)
  • Logging
  • Transaction handling
  • Exception handling
  • Thread dispatching
  • Thread synchronization
  • Immutable
  • Authorization
  • Audit
  • Caching

These are the main editions of PostSharp:

  • PostSharp Framework
    The #1 pattern-aware compiler extension for C# and VB.
    Automate your own patterns with aspect-oriented programming and control your code with architecture validation.
  • PostSharp XAML:
    The must-have companion for your XAML developments.
    Stop writing repeating code for INotifyPropertyChanged, commands, dependency properties, contracts, undo/redo, and more
  • PostSharp Diagnostics
    The no-brainer instrumentation toolbox for .NET and .NET Core.
    Add extensive logging to your application in minutes and direct it to any logging framework. Your way, faster than hand-written code.
  • PostSharp Threading
    The pragmatic way to write machine-verified, thread-safe code.
    Address multithreading at the right level of abstraction with threading models, deadlock detection, and more.
  • PostSharp Ultimate
    Most popular. Includes everything there’s available: all features of PostSharp Professional + Model Pattern Library, Threading Pattern Library, Architecture Framework for architecture validation and support for Xamarin.

The individual features and descriptions can be found here:

PostSharp product demo

PostSharp 5.0 Sneak Preview Logging, Caching and Async (vimeo).

What’s Holding You Back?
  • Will I be able to understand my code?
    • Yes. Thanks to PostSharp’s Visual Studio tooling, you’ll easily understand where and how patterns are used in your code
  • Can I keep using my existing compiler?
    • Yes. PostSharp is 100% compatible with your existing Microsoft compiler
  • Compilation will be slower
    • Possibly. PostSharp introduces additional steps into the compilation, there is a performance cost. However, PostSharp is highly optimized several times faster than FxCop, etc.
Return on Investment
  • Each line of code costs $14. Including boilerplate.
    • A developer typically produces 600 lines of code per month.
    • Average cost for 1 developer is $100k a year - at least.
    • PostSharp pays off after he/she saves first 50 lines of code
  • PostSharp reduces source code size by up to 20%
    • If it reduces by only 5% - saves $5,000 per developer
    • Recoup your investment as soon as within 45-days of usage
  • PostSharp has one of the highest ROI: 15 to 55 times the investment
    • You never lose – you always win
  • Cost of PostSharp is 35% below the average price of software development tools (e.g. Resharper, DevCraft or DevExpress Universal)
Picture this
  • No more copying and pasting blocks of code to add a functionality
  • No more spending hours trying to understand the business logic of the code
  • No more hiring an expensive specialists to build thread-safe applications
  • Cut development and maintenance costs
  • Go to market faster
  • Produce high-quality, easy-to-maintain software that has fewer bugs – with less development effort
How does this licensing model work?

Our licensing is based on concurrent-developer model. Companies need as many licenses as they have developers using PostSharp within the same 24-hour period. A person is considered a PostSharp user during day D if he or she compiles the code with PostSharp during that day. So the key is to determine how many people are likely to use PostSharp on the same day and buy enough licenses to cover that number.


Subscription renewals will start on the date when the 1-year renewal is purchased (regardless of when the previous subscription has ended). The exception is if the subscription renewal is purchased before the expiration of the last subscription, in that case the new subscription will start on the previous subscription end date.

Subscription renewals are possible only for an additional 12 months period. It is not possible to purchase a multi-year renewal subscription.

Subscription renewal price will depend on whether and when the last subscription has expired.

If the customer’s subscription is expired for more than a year, they can no longer renew their subscription, but they need to purchase a new one. In that case the price is the full price of the product without any discounts (except for the volume discounts).

The customer can renew a subscription for the same number of users as before, or for fewer. If the customer renews for fewer users, it will lose the right to renew for more users in a later order and will need to add more users to the renewed subscription (see below).

Adding more users to the existing subscription before its expiration date

It is possible to add more users to the existing subscription before its expiration date. This will be done through the customer portal.

The price will depend on how many users need to be added and how many days are left until the existing subscription end date. The subscription end date will not be changed and after its expiration the customer will have a right on the renewal of all subscription licenses (including the ones added in this process).

The customer will need to pay the fixed price plus the variable price for every user that needs to be added. The volume discount is applied as well.

Fixed price is the price for obtaining the right on perpetual license for the additional user(s). It is always 50% of the initial product price that is being purchased.

Variable price is the price for getting the support until the end of the customer’s subscription end date. It comprises the other 50% of the full price. The customer will not pay the full 50% of the initial product price but only the discounted value, that is proportionate to the remaining days until the end of subscription.

  • non-profit organizations: a 10% discount
  • students and teachers: Free licenses for students and teachers at educational facilities.
  • companies enrolled in the Microsoft BizSpark program: 1,000 USD off your first purchase for all Microsoft Bizspark program members.
PostSharp Essentials Free

What's In
  • All features of PostSharp Ultimate.
  • Go-production license, commercial-friendly license.
  • No time limitation.* Your code will always run.
  • Community support on StackOverflow.


  • PostSharp Diagnostics will stop logging one day after you application has been built. That's why we call it PostSharp Diagnostics Developer Edition.
  • PostSharp Framework, PostSharp XAML, PostSharp Threading and PostSharp Caching are limited to 10 classes per project.
  • All developers on the team need to check out their own license key.
Community support on StackOverflow download

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