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Backblaze automatically, continuously, and safely backs up all data from a PC or Mac for just $5 per month, $50 per year, or $95 for two years and enables users to restore or remotely access their files online, on their phone, or via hard drive delivery. Backblaze was chosen as the Best Online Backup Service of 2012 by, picked as a 2013 SIIA CODiE Awards winner, and selected as one of the AlwaysOn Global Top 250 private companies.

Let us backup your past - online

and with unlimited data!

Backup, before you wish you had

We designed Backblaze to be really easy to use. There is no need to select the folders and filetypes you want to backup. That means all your data will be backed up without having to do anything.

Unlimited data - No throttles

Backblaze is unlimited so you never have to worry about going over some limit and paying extra. Unlimited storage. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited file size. And we're committed to unlimited online backup for the long-term.


World's most efficient cloud storage

We are able to offer all of this unlimited storage for just $3.96 month by designing the world's most efficient cloud storage system. No databases, no load balancers, no overpriced hardware.
Backup Everything
Backblaze backs up everything on your computer except your operating system, applications, temporary files.

Backup Online
Whether directly connected or over WiFi, if you are connected to the Internet, you are backing up.

Backup Continuously
Files change and Backblaze backs them up. By default, Backblaze simply backs up all the time so you don't have to remember. But if you wish, you can schedule Backblaze to backup at a convenient time or only when you click "Backup Now".

Backup Securely
Your data is encrypted on your computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted. Want more security? You can use your own private key so nobody but you can ever have access.

Backup External Drives
Use a USB or Firewire-connected drive for additional storage or backups? Backblaze will backup those too.

Backup Fast
Backblaze data backup is unthrottled, meaning the speed at which you back up is limited only by your Internet connection.

Access Your Data Anywhere
Backblaze Mobile for iPhone let's you access, view and share the data you have backed up with Backblaze from your iPhone.

Backup Multiple Computers
Mom has a MacBook, dad has a Windows desktop, and kids share another computer? Backblaze can backup each of these to one account for just $5 per computer per month.

Backup Efficiently
Backblaze de-duplicates, compresses, and backs up incrementally to backup as efficiently as possible. Have the same photo stored twice? Backblaze will de-duplicate to back it up just once; if you restore, it will be put back in both places. Change a file multiple times? Backblaze will only back up the changes.


Business risks are inherent in most every venture, but there’s no reason to risk losing your data. Backblaze provides something that our competitors don’t: unlimited backup for the lowest flat fee in the industry. We offer the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable business backup solution available.

All data, regardless of file size, is automatically backed up all the time—unlimited data, unlimited file types, unlimited files sizes, unlimited external hard drives

There’s no need to prioritize files or worry about the amount of backup space your employees need. Unlimited backup eliminates extra steps and assures full business backup.

Backblaze continuously backs up the data on each computer when it’s connected to the Internet. To keep it simple, we backup all data, regardless of where it’s stored and regardless of file size. Our system even transfers files from USB or external drives when they are connected to computers.

Budget an annual expense for backup at $50 per computer a year and know that every last company file is safe. You won’t find unlimited backup for your business for this price anywhere.

Backblaze optimizes your Internet connection, backing up as quickly as bandwidth allows and never slowing down Internet or computer speed.

Using military-grade security, your company’s files are encrypted, transferred through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and finally stored at our datacenter that staffs full-time guards.

All of your data is always accessible through a web browser on any device, and with the free Backblaze mobile app, files are also available to download or share from iPhones and iPads.

Select what you need—whether it’s a few files or all of your data—to download over the Internet to any computer for free. 

Laptops disappear from airports, taxis, hotels and even conference rooms. You can always restore the lost data with Backblaze, but the “Locate My Computer” function will also detect the IP address, map the location of your computer the next time it’s online, and show the files a thief might be saving—all to help you and the authorities get your computer back. We know of no other online backup company that provides this feature—and it’s free.

Backblaze initially backs up all the data files and then backs up only new or changed files as you work. The initial upload may take some time, but future uploads are incremental and quick because Backblaze simply scans your computers for new and changed files.

Our system compresses, encrypts and transfers files to our datacenter using an automatic throttle to control the bandwidth so that backup doesn’t affect your Internet speed. Backblaze is compatible with Windows and Mac.

At Backblaze, we backup the valuable data that cannot be retrieved if a computer breaks or is lost or stolen. Therefore, we do not backup the operating system, applications, system caches or other temporary information. We focus on documents, photos, email and music, storing versions of your file changes for four weeks.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore