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Softa SuperStore

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Kaspersky Lab Home Security -tuoteperhe

We are one of the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity companies and the largest one that is privately-owned. With a holding registered in the United Kingdom, we operate in 200 countries and territories and have 34 offices in 31 countries. Over 3,000 highly-qualified specialists work for Kaspersky Lab. .

Our independence allows us to be more agile; to think differently and act faster. We are forever innovating, delivering protection that’s effective, usable and accessible. We pride ourselves on developing world-leading security that keeps us – and every one of our 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients – one step ahead of potential threats.

Our commitment to people as well as advanced technology also keeps us ahead of the competition. Firmly positioned as one of the top four leading vendors of security solutions for endpoint users, we continue to improve our market position. Our company is named a ‘Leader’ in endpoint protection by the ‘big three’ analyst agencies (Gartner, IDC and Forrester).

We believe that joint effort is the most effective way of fighting cybercriminals. We at Kaspersky Lab share our expertise, knowledge and technical findings with the world’s security community as we believe that there are no borders to providing security.

For PC & Notebooks:

Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device

With Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device, no aspect of your digital security is left to chance. Our ultimate security solution protects your privacy, finances, identity, photos, files and family against Internet threats and more. One product – with one license – safeguards your ‘digital life’… across almost any combination of laptop & desktop PCs, Mac computers, Android smartphones and Android tablets. 
Read more 


Run Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security

Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device 2016

Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device provides premium protection for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets. It’s the easy-to-use security solution that helps you protect your privacy, money, identity, children & more from viruses, Internet dangers and other threats. You only need to buy one product – with one license – to protect a range of desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Read more 


Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device 2016

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 defends you, your PC and your family against all types of malware and Internet-based threats. Its award-winning, cloud-assisted technologies ensure you’re protected against the latest viruses & online dangers, while also safeguarding your identity and adding extra layers of security when you’re using online banking or shopping services. Read more


Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 delivers essential protection against all types of malware. As the backbone of your PC’s defenses, it safeguards you against viruses, spyware, worms and more. It’s the easy-to-use security solution – with award-winning technologies that protect against the very latest threats… without slowing you down. Read more 


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore