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Palisade BigPicture

We’re the difference between taking a guess and taking control. At Palisade, we turn the art of decision-making into a science that works for you.

Our innovative software solutions create usable insights from uncertain situations. As the leading provider of risk and decision analysis software for three decades, Palisade enables companies and organizations to evaluate risk at any level and decide what step comes next.

With offices around the world, Palisade offers a truly global presence. And, with over 150,000 decision makers using our products at top research universities and Fortune 500 companies, Palisade has a diverse client base that spans a broad range of industries and organizations.

Founded in 1984, Palisade is proud to celebrate its 30th year helping professionals make better decisions. From humble beginnings in our founder’s basement, to establishment as an internationally recognized industry leader, Palisade Corporation continues to focus on our core values: providing user-friendly analytical tools that enable decision-makers in any industry to choose the best approach.

Introducing BigPicture

Diagramming, Mind Mapping, and Data Exploration for Excel

Palisade is pleased to introduce BigPicture, the diagramming and data mapping software add-in for Microsoft Excel. With BigPicture, you can create mind maps to organize thoughts and ideas, create dynamic data maps from any type of spreadsheet data, or explore your options with strategic maps. You can even create automatic organizational charts from your personnel data.

For 30 years, Palisade software tools have been helping decision-makers gain powerful insights in their spreadsheets; now, BigPicture adds a new, visual diagramming platform to your decision-making toolbox. BigPicture is available stand-alone, but is also integrated with Palisade's DecisionTools Suite to visually enhance decision analyses.

BigPicture Benefits

  • Brainstorm complex problems using mind mapping techniques
  • Present and explore large amounts of data with eye-catching topical maps
  • Integrate with PrecisionTree in the DecisionTools Suite to clarify decision processes
  • Automatically generate 
    organizational charts from source personnel data
  • Link any map to underlying data sets for live updating

BigPicture will enable all Excel users – whether HR professionals or strategic planners, students or project managers, financial planners or marketers – to quickly create dynamic maps to organize ideas either from scratch or from data.

Based in Excel, all BigPicture maps can be live-linked to update when underlying data changes. In addition, BigPicture utilizes of all of Microsoft Excel’s customization capabilities – such as color and shape options – so your diagrams can be as creative as you need them to be.

Download Trial Version of BigPicture

Just a few common applications of BigPicture include:

Strategic Planning – Create maps of ideas and options to summarize a complex situation.

Organizational Charts – Illustrate hierarchy, expand and collapse branches and departments, and generate HR reports.

Data Maps – View any type of data as an easy-to-read, dynamic map.

A BigPicture strategic planningmap, detailing the different possibilities of a crucial business decision. A BigPicture flexible org chartillustrates the structure of an organization, with detailed info on employees. A data map built with BigPicture, illustrating the connections between categories with clear, detailed visuals.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore