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Softa SuperStore

20.06.2024 • • 05:08

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Whisqu Graphic SignCut

Whisqu Graphic AB was established 1990 in Sweden by our CEO Kjell Jansson. Two years later we released the very first edition of SignCut in Sweden. At this time we only had a handful of customers but along the way it spread and today we are one of the leading sign making softwares on a global market and we are still growing.

A global team: A global market needs a global team. Our headquarter is located in Sweden. That’s where the magic happens. Marketing, development administration and support – everything in the same building so we all can work close and shorten the communication process. Our second office is located in Hong Kong. That office focuses on sales and support which gives us the possibility to keep SignCut up to date with a strong and growing market and provide live or email support and personal service in different time zones.

Our mission: Our mission is to ease the production and post-production process for you. We are dedicated to help you fulfill or even exceed your ideas and targets. We prefer to see all our customers as production partners in the developing process of SignCut, because when the day comes to an end it’s all about your creativity, and your creativity is what guides us.

Our promise: We can’t promise you that SignCut is the most popular software on the market – yet. But we can promise that SignCut is the strongest and most professional. We can also promise you that we are always up to date with new video tutorials, the latest layout packages and operating systems and we can guarantee you free start-up support and personal service that is nowhere else to be found. Give us a spin, our support service is ready to help you getting started.

SignCut is the most efficient and flexible software for professional sign making that exist today. Perfectly adapted for both Mac and Windows it can be used in 19 different languages and together with over 720 different cutting plotters.

We also provide education, live and offline support for SignCut, and free plug-ins for the most popular design packages CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

  • Create signs of any type and size.
  • Create indoor name-plates and company logos.
  • Create stripes and logos for vehicles.
  • Create masking for airbrush, tattoos, painting and sandblasting.
  • Create large multi-tiled jobs with unique mounting-help.
  • Create banners.
  • Cut magnetic sheets.
  • Create silk-screen mask.
  • Scrapbooking.
  • Heat transfer for clothing.

19 different languages

  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Espana
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Swedish

Some features

  • Export plugins available for CorelDraw, Illustrator and Inkscape.
  • Cut by color and any color combination.
  • Software knife-blade offset compensation.
  • Automatic tiling / panelling with optional overlap.
  • Manual tiling / panelling with optional overlap.
  • Communicates with most devices (COM/LPT/USB/TCP-IP).
  • Drivers for over 720 cutters.
  • Plotter / cutter size calibration.
  • Automatic stacking and placement on the vinyl.
  • Scale to any size.
  • Scale image based on partial object (useful when repairing signs).
  • Print job information, including tiles and placement in the sign.
  • Rotation and mirroring of the image.
  • Weeding lines & weeding frame.
  • Registration marks.
  • Step by step cutting (no more vinyl feeding back and forth).
  • Preview (shows exactly the same data as is sent to the machine).
  • Test feed (pre-feeds the vinyl and also checks that tracking is ok).
  • Supports optical-eye contour cutting.
  • Mounting frame.

System Requirements

  • PC: Windows 98 or higher
  • Mac: OS X 10.39 or higher
  • Memory: 256 Mb system RAM
  • Hard drive: 120 Mb or more free space
  • Output: Serial, parallel, USB and TCP/IP

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore