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OfficeWork Software OrgChart 8

OfficeWork Software, a longtime leader and innovator in the Org Chart software industry, helps organizations solve their workforce organizational charting and visualizations needs. Using our OrgChart organizational charting software and advisory services organizations can gain HR insights and improve efficiency.

Vision: To provide Innovation HR Planning Solutions to manage Workforce change and growth, To Provide the best possible Views and Reports of Workforce scenarios for “What is” & “What if” exercises, To be the highest value HR Planning solution for any Organization.

Mission: Our Mission is to ensure our client’s success by providing information technology that enables their ability to engage the right people in the right place at the right time.

Promise: To be the #1 software vendor for Best in Class Workforce Planning Solutions and Customer focused Client Service Team members.

OrgChart is trusted by thousand of of organizations worldwide to chart, manage and help them plan for the future. OrgChart offers the easiest way to create and automate your organizational charts. Never go back to manually creating and maintaining your org charts again.

OrgChart lets you:

  • Create Professional-looking organizational charts quickly
  • Automate org chart creation
  • Automate org chart refresh
  • Publish charts to Powerpoint, PDF and Web
  • Workforce planning and modeling
We have released OrgChart 8 and we are confident you will find OrgChart 8 the most efficient and beneficial organizational charting and workforce visualization solution.

OrgChart 8 Professional and Platinum enables intelligent org charts. It is critical to business success to making sure your workforce is aligned with you corporate goals. Orgchart 8 makes this easier.

OrgChart 8 organizational chart features allow you to not just build your organizational charts but allows for workforce planning scenarios. Critical indicators help you quickly and effectively model and identify key employee talent, model and visualize how your organization will look in 3 months, 6 months or 2 years from now.

Some of the new features are:

  • Automation Wizard
  • Updated design template management
  • Smart fields
  • Conditional formatting
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Enhanced orphan controls and reporting
  • Auto-Grouping
  • Vertical arrangements
  • Performance enhancements
  • Formula calculations

OrgChart 8 introduces:

Smart Field formatting can customize boxes to indicate data driven criteria like performance, 9-box profiles, flight risk or skill, enabling a more comprehensive view of team talent.

Auto Conditional Formatting allows for instant visualization of the impact of changes have to a team. Employees can be instantly highlighted based on a data condition such as position, location, training compliance, and flight risk, etc.

Dynamic Interactive Reporting leverages your HR data for planning scenarios. The creation of reorganization planning iterations is clear when selecting any individual or branch of the organization to see for headcount, salary, budget, critical positions or open positions.

Organization Charting Software for Any Business, Any Market, Any Size

Every company needs to create and share organization charts, company org charts or organigrams. There is no substitute for visualizing the organization structure, and by using our org chart software you will quickly get the visual information you need. Company size really does not matter; whether the company is 50 employees or 5,000 employees OrgChart software will do the job. Thousands of companies have come to rely on our Org Chart software solutions as the easiest and most accurate way to create organization charts, visualize talent, and more.

The Standard Desktop Org Chart Software

An industry leading solution for creating and publishing organizational charts.

OrgChart Professional helps you create customizable charts that include key HR metrics such as salary, span of control and performance ratings. OrgChart Professional empowers you to manage your workforce with greater insight and less time strain.

The Gold Standard For Enterprise Org Charting Solutions

Providing unparalleled power and performance

OrgChart Enterprise is the ultimate charting and workforce planning solution allowing for the ultimate flexibility in layout, content, and design. Direct integration with the leading HR systems allows for quick creation and maintenance of your organizational charts and visualizations.

Which OrgChart 8 edition is right for your needs?


OrgChart Professional

OrgChart 8 Professional

OrgChart Platinum

OrgChart 8 Platinum

Employee Charting Up to 20,000 Up to 40,000
Easy Org Chart Creation ✔ ✔
Chart Automation ✔ ✔
Workforce Planning ✔ ✔
Talent Visualization ✔ ✔
Re-Orgs & Mergers ✔ ✔
Succession Planning ✔ ✔
OrgCharting with Excel ✔ ✔
Dynamic Organizational Charts ✔ ✔
Collaboration & Publish ✔ ✔
Import Data ✔ ✔
Audit Trail for Changes ✔ ✔
Cloud Connectors   ✔
Reports and Templates   ✔
Mobile Access Worldwide   ✔
Simultaneous Views   ✔
Advanced Security   ✔
Publish to Web ✔ ✔
Publish to MS Office & Interactive PDF ✔ ✔
SharePoint & Office 365 Integration   ✔
  OrgChart Professional OrgChart Platinum
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