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Skoogmusic ii-Music

Having spent the last four years exporting their products to schools worldwide, Edinburgh-based Skoogmusic is tackling the mainstream consumer market.

With around nearly 2,000 Skoogs in schools from the UK to Australia and Hong Kong to the US, the founders of Skoogmusic, Ben Schögler and David Skulina, have created a new product for anyone to enjoy, and have launched it on crowdfunding site

The Skoog, is an innovative, accessible, musical instrument for everyone, and was initially developed to help children with disabilities enjoy and play music. Roughly hand sized, the soft, squeezable Skoog allows users to ‘play’ a wide range of instruments, or sounds that they’ve recorded themselves; and in 2009 it was included by Local Education Authorities and Music Hubs as part of the Special Education Needs and mainstream music curriculum.


ii-Music is a new musical instrument for eyegaze, designed to be played with your eyes.

It operates using cursor position and "dwell to click” meaning that you can use it with almost any cursor control-based system, including head-trackers. No need to read music or memorise scales to give this a go - all you need is a love of music. 

The software is also compatible with Skoog, so you can also use it to enhance your performance by changing notes or adding effects on the fly.
ii-Music Features
Control a cursor controlled instrument or use with a Skoog.
10+ physical modelling instruments.
Digital effects - fuzz, echo, phasor, reverb.
Built in effects presets.
Record your performance.
Adjustable notes and scales.
Customisable sensitivity and user settings.
Guided Access restricts access to settings for playing focus.
Also compatible with Skoog hardware.

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Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore