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Flexense DiskSorter - File Classification Solution


Data Management Software

Flexense develops enterprise-grade data management software products for disk space usage analysis, file classification, duplicate files search and removal, rule-based file management, disk change monitoring, file integrity monitoring, high-speed file synchronization and data migration, bulk file delete and secure data wiping operations. Customers are provided with multiple desktop and server-based product versions optimized for enterprise environments.

DiskSorter - File Classification Solution
DiskSorter is a file classification solution allowing one to classify and categorize files in disks, network shares and NAS storage devices using customizable file classification plugins capable of categorizing files by the file type, size, last modification dates, user name, etc. The user is provided with the ability to generate pie charts, save file classification reports to a number of standard formats such as HTML, PDF, text, Excel CSV and XML and perform file management operations on categories of files.
Desktop version:

Server version:

Product Features Pro Ultimate Server Enterprise
Maximum Amount of Disk Space 10 TB 50 TB 100 TB Unlimited
Maximum Number of Files 10 M 50 M 100 M Unlimited
Maximum Number of Input Directories 10 50 100 Unlimited
Maximum Number of Analysis Profiles 10 50 100 Unlimited
Support for 3,500+ File Categories Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support for Long and Unicode File Names Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support for UNC Network Path Names Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support for ACLs and Security Attributes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-In File Management Operations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Option to Classify Specific Types of Files Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML, PDF, XML, CSV and Text Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Threaded File Classification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic File Organizing Actions No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Classification Plugins No Yes Yes Yes
SQL Database Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Command Line Utility No Yes Yes Yes
Disk Space Usage Per Host No No Yes Yes
Disk Space Usage Per User No No Yes Yes
Disk Space Usage History Charts No No Yes Yes
Summary File Classification Reports No No Yes Yes
Runs in the Background as a Service No No Yes Yes
Periodic File Classification Operations No No Yes Yes
DiskSorter Client GUI Application No No Yes Yes
Batch File Classification Operations No No No Yes
Web-Based Management Interface No No No Yes
OEM Product Version No No No Yes

Softa SuperStore
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