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Veritas Backup Exec 15

Veritas Technologies LLC enables organizations to harness the power of their information, with solutions designed to serve the world’s largest and most complex heterogeneous environments. Veritas works with 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies today, improving data availability and revealing insights to drive competitive advantage.

New Backup Exec 15

- the single solution that delivers powerful backup and recovery for virtual and physical environments, while also supporting the latest virtualization platforms.



Veritas Backup Exec 15

Päivitä Backup Exec 15 -ratkaisuun jo tänään

Veritas on tuonut markkinoille uuden version Backup Exec 15  varmistus - ja palautusohjelmistostaan, jossa on mm. täysi tuki VMware vSpheren versiolle 6. Lisäksi uuden version yhteydessä on julkaistu uusi edullisempi lisensointimalli Capacity Edition Lite, jossa Backup Exec lisensoidaan varmistettavan datan määrän mukaan.

Tarvitset luotettavan ja mutkattoman varmuuskopiointiratkaisun, jonka voit määrittää ja unohtaa. Meillä on ratkaisu: Backup Exec 15. Hanki tehokas, joustava ja helppokäyttöinen suoja koko infrastruktuurillesi.

  • Lyhennä varmuuskopiointiaikaa uskomattoman nopeilla varmuuskopioilla fyysisille ja virtuaalisille ympäristöille − mukaan lukien äskettäin julkaistu vSphere 6.
  • Pienemmät säilytyskulut – suojaten samalla enemmän tietoa – tehokkaalla kaksoiskappaleiden poistolla ja kiinteällä arkistoinnilla.
  • Säästä aikaa ja yksinkertaista varmuuskopiointisuojauksen käyttöönotto älykkäillä koontinäytöillä ja intuitiivisilla ohjatuilla toiminnoilla.
Varmista Backup Execillä, että tärkeät tietosi ovat aina suojattuja ja helposti palautettavissa.
Lue, miksi koskaan ei ole ollut parempi aika päivittää. 10 syytä päivittää
  • Up to 40% off the bundled solution, Backup Exec 15 Capacity Edition
  • New Backup Exec 15 Capacity Edition Lite is ideal for customers wanting a lower entry price:
    • Customers with simple needs for Physical or Virtual, Windows and Linux, 1 – 3 TB of data, and 3-6 servers.
  • Attractive special offers are available for those migrating to Capacity Edition pricing. Capacity Edition is ideal for the following customers
    • Customers with more advanced or complex environments who need the Centralized Administration Server Option, or the Deduplication option. They likely have Physical and Virtual needs, and support for Windows and Linux, 3 – 10 TBs of data, and 6 – 20 servers.
Päivitä nopeampaan ja tehokkaampaan
Download Trialware

Veritas Backup Exec™ 15 is a single solution that delivers powerful, flexible backup and recovery for virtual and physical environments. With intuitive wizards, insightful dashboards and radically fast backup and recovery, Backup Exec easily enables you to improve your backup performance, meet their recovery objectives, reduce management costs, secure confidential data and eliminate traditional backup complexity.

Backup Exec 15 delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery that is designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud. With Backup Exec, you get fast, reliable backup and recovery of data and systems at every level and advanced integration with the most recent releases of VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. In a matter of minutes, you can recover anything including VMs, applications, databases, files, folders and singular application objects. Protect one to thousands of virtual machines and servers all from the same user console for optimal performance and efficiency. Backup Exec saves time, money and helps ensure your critical information is always protected and easily recoverable.

When you can solve more problems, with less complexity, you have a simple yet powerful solution to meet your every need. Backup Exec can help you meet backup windows, reduce data protection costs, secure confidential data, optimize your existing storage and eliminate outdated and siloed backup and recovery complexity.

  • Fast and reliable backup and recovery – Backup Exec enables you to meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives by significantly reducing the time it takes to backup and recover your data. With Backup Exec you can mitigate the risk and cost of downtime by using a wide variety of flexible backup and recovery methods. Whether you are using disk, tape or cloud your data is protected and easily recoverable.
  • Advanced integration with VMware and Hyper-V – Backup Exec offers complete protection for your virtual environment and Software-Defined Data Center including new Software-Defined Storage features like VMware Virtual SAN (5.5 and 6.0) and Virtual Volumes. Recover what you need, when and where you need it. In addition, you can easily create stand-by virtual copies of your physical systems for disaster recovery in minutes or for general P2V migrations. Backup Exec also addresses VM sprawl by automatically identifying and protecting new VMs as they appear so you can be assured your VMs are protected from day one.
  • Save more, store less – Backup Exec’s flexible global data deduplication helps you solve for growing data challenges, regardless of how much your data changes. It minimizes backup windows, decreases network traffic, and reduces the disk space required for storing backup data. Backup Exec deduplicates across all your virtual and physical backup jobs, eliminating the need for purchasing multiple solutions and managing separate storage silos.

Not every backup solution has the flexibility to protect your environment while also delivering agile recovery. Backup Exec protects both virtual and physical architectures and can backup anything to virtually any storage device and can restore anywhere. From VMs, to entire servers, applications, single files and folders or granular application objects, Backup Exec is the single solution for all of your needs.

  • Virtual and physical data protection in a single solution – Lowering costs and simplifying backup tasks starts with deploying a single solution that is designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud. Deeply integrated with VMware, Microsoft and Linux platforms, Backup Exec can protect one to thousands of servers and virtual machines all from the same user console, providing optimal performance and efficiency. Scalability is an important consideration in backup and recovery, and Backup Exec will support you as your organization grows.
  • Hybrid architectures to disk, tape, and cloud – Backup Exec provides the flexibility to protect VMware, Hyper-V, or other virtualization platforms, in addition to Microsoft and Linux-based physical machines, whether local or remote. When it comes to storing critical data, Backup Exec has flexible options so you can backup to virtually any storage device including disk, tape, hosted storage, or public cloud such as the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Gateway VTL.
  • Fast, efficient, and versatile recovery – Backup Exec provides fast, agile recovery with the ability to recover data at any level, “from anywhere, to anywhere” with a single pass backup. Backup Exec doesn’t require multiple backup passes to achieve different levels of restore granularity. In a few simple clicks, you can recover anything from virtual machines and physical servers. This includes entire applications and individual objects, files, folders, and granular application items from Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint. Backup Exec intelligently indexes and catalogs backup data so you don’t waste valuable time and disk space mounting backup jobs, determining what’s inside, and searching for specific data. Backup Exec efficiently restores data directly from the backup, which simplifies and speeds up recovery when you need it most. Backup Exec also provides built-in disaster recovery (DR) for physical and virtual systems to help minimize downtime, mitigate risk and eliminate business disruption. In the event of a disaster, Backup Exec can recover an entire server from a bare metal state to the same hardware or dissimilar hardware in minutes – not hours or days. It can also convert your physical servers or their backups into virtual machines. The result of this conversion is a fully recoverable backup set and a completely functional virtual machine for immediate use.

Easy to Use
Complex backup and recovery products can be inefficient, time consuming, and expensive to manage. Through intuitive wizards and insightful dashboards, Backup Exec is easy to implement, use and manage, whether you are upgrading from a previous version or switching from a competitive product.

  • Easy to manage - Quickly track and monitor every backup and recovery job through an easy to use interface with intuitive dashboards and wizards. In a few simple clicks, you can set backup jobs, view backup status, and perform quick recoveries. Rather than using complex policies, save time and simplify the implementation of backup protection with a visual workflow that lets you replicate data on-premise, off-site or to the cloud. In addition, Backup Exec’s centralized administration console delivers scalable management of distributed sites and reduces the time and resources needed to manage your backup operations.
  • Superior visibility - Backup Exec gives you visibility into your entire backup and recovery infrastructure so that you can take action when needed. Easily perform a granular search of backed up data including mailbox data by subject, Microsoft SQL databases by name, or SharePoint data by document name. Configure Backup Exec to intelligently browse the network and discover servers, VMs and application data at risk.
  • Flexible licensing - Backup Exec 15 is a cost effective backup and recovery solution that’s easy to acquire, license, and deploy. Flexible licensing options for on-premise software include per TB, per socket or per module (agents and options). With Backup Exec you benefit from the ability to choose the right licensing model for your environment – all at affordable prices.

Support Services
No matter the size of your company, a service interruption can result in a significant loss to your business. Fortunately, Veritas’s technical support team is here to help. Veritas's Essential technical support is included with your Backup Exec 15 purchase and provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week expert problem resolution. In addition, while your support contract is active, you can upgrade your appropriate Backup Exec licenses to newer versions as they become available - completely free of charge.

System Requirements
For a complete list of system requirements and supported devices, please refer to the Backup Exec 15 hardware and software compatibility list:

Available Editions, Agents, and Options
Backup Exec Editions
Backup Exec is available as on-premise software with three licensing options—per TB, per socket, per module.

  • Backup Exec 15 Capacity Edition Lite (per front-end TB)
  • Backup Exec 15 Capacity Edition (per front-end TB)
  • Backup Exec 15 V-Ray Edition (per occupied socket)
  • Backup Exec 15 (per module - media server, agent and option)

Backup Exec 15 Agents and Options
Backup Exec 15 provides scalable, easy-to-manage backup and recovery for virtual and physical environments. Backup Exec Agents and Options expand the features and functionality of Backup Exec 15 to support critical applications, databases, storage configurations and much more.

  • Backup Exec Capacity Edition Lite includes Agent for Applications and Databases, Agent for VMware and Hyper-V, Agent for Windows and Agent for Linux.
  • Backup Exec Capacity Edition includes all Backup Exec Agents and Options.
  • Backup Exec V-Ray Edition includes Agent for Applications and Databases, Agent for VMware and Hyper-V and Deduplication Option. Additional Agents and Options can be added and licensed as required.
  • Backup Exec - Backup Exec Agents and Options are licensed individually.
Migrate and Renew

Backup Exec customers can migrate to 1TB of Capacity Editions for each eligible Backup Exec license

  • Backup Exec customers with active maintenance can renew their maintenance at the Capacity renewal price with no additional license purchase required to migrate to Capacity Edition or Capacity Edition Lite. This applies to licenses purchased before 6th April 2015.
  • Renewal fee is only required up to the amount of Capacity/Lite required – not all existing licenses have to be migrated.
  • Additional Capacity/Lite required above the number of eligible licenses is purchased at standard price.

Eligible Products

  • Backup Exec Server
  • Agent for Windows
  • Agent for Applications and Databases
  • Agent for VMware & Hyper-V
  • Agent for Remote Media for Linux
  • Agent for Linux
  • Agent for Mac
  • Library Expansion Option Enterprise
  • Server Option
  • Deduplication Option
  • NDMP Option
  • VTL Unlimited Drive Option
  • File System Archiving Option
  • Exchange Mailbox Archiving Option
  • V-Ray Edition 2 to 6 cores
  • V-Ray Edition 8 plus cores
  • Small Business Edition
  • Small Business Edition Agent for Windows
10 reasons to upgrade to Veritas
Backup Exec™ 15 today!

If your organization is like many others, you’re facing an increasingly complex backup and restore dilemma for your environment—whether virtual, physical or a combination of both. Backup ExecTM 15 is designed to remedy that complexity by delivering a backup and recovery solution that meets your needs, with a host of powerful features that will help you save time, get more reliable backups, fast, easy recoveries, and reduce costs.

Here are 10 reasons you’ll want to start using Backup Exec 15 to protect your environment.

  1. Incredibly fast.
    In fact, Backup Exec 15 delivers backup and data deduplication faster than previous versions*. It doesn’t matter if you’re backing up physical servers, VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines—you’ll get reliable backup and recovery in less time than you thought possible. With faster backup speeds, Backup Exec helps you reduce your backup windows and saves you time.
  2. Store less with efficient deduplication.
    Backup Exec 15 helps you keep pace with growing data volumes with integrated, block level, data deduplication. Unlike point solutions that deduplicate data per backup job, you’ll get greater storage savings with Backup Exec 15’s data deduplication technology that deduplicates data across your entire virtual and/or physical environment. For even greater efficiency and enhanced storage savings, Backup Exec 15 includes change block tracking that only backs up the blocks that have changed, rather than backing up every block of every VM in the infrastructure.
  3. Easy to use.
    Backup Exec 15 comes complete with an easy-to-use interface with intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizards that provide the visibility you need to quickly track and monitor every backup and recovery job. It also saves time and simplifies the implementation of backup protection—with a few simple clicks, you can set backup jobs, view backup status, and perform recoveries.
  4. Designed for optimal virtual machine protection.
    Backup Exec 15’s integration with Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) provides reliable and consistent application-aware backups for all your virtual machines. Using the latest technology, Backup Exec 15 minimizes CPU, memory, and I/O load performance impacts on the virtual host. By executing post-processing tasks that don’t impact the backup window, such as log truncation, collection of meta data, and searchable catalogs, Backup Exec 15 delivers highly optimized backup and fast, agile recovery of granular application data directly from storage.
  5. A single product for both virtual and physical environments.
    Forget purchasing, deploying, and managing separate backup solutions for your physical and virtual machines. Backup Exec 15 protects both physical and virtual environments from single server environments to thousands of servers/virtual machines—all with a single solution. You can get a complete picture of your entire backup and recovery status from one administrative console at any time. If scalability is important to you, rest assured that Backup Exec 15 will support your backup and recovery needs as your organization grows.
  6. Backup to virtually any storage device.
    When it comes to storing critical data, Backup Exec 15 has flexible options—so you can backup to virtually any storage device including disk, tape, dedupe storage, appliance, or a third-party cloud. There’s no need to be locked into buying a specific storage device and increasing your storage costs.
  7. Fast, efficient, and versatile recovery.
    You can easily find and recover data—at any level. Because Backup Exec 15 intelligently indexes and catalogs backup data, you don’t have to waste valuable time and disk space mounting the backup job, determining what’s inside, and searching for specific data. With a few simple clicks, you can recover virtual machines, applications, databases, files, folders, and granular objects directly from backup storage including individual objects from Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint. Backup Exec 15 simplifies and speeds up recovery when you need it most.

    Backup Exec 15 also includes—at no extra charge—Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) technology for minimizing downtime and business disruptions. In the event of a disaster, Backup Exec 15 can recover an entire server from a bare metal state to the same hardware or dissimilar hardware in minutes—instead of hours or days.
  8. Centralized management.
    Backup Exec's centralized administration console delivers scalable management of distributed Backup Exec servers and reduces the time and resources needed to manage your backup operations.
  9. Simple to acquire and deploy.
    Backup Exec 15 is a cost effective backup and recovery solution that’s easy to acquire, license, and deploy. With Backup Exec 15, you’ll have an affordable solution with licensing options that best fit your organization’s needs. Choose from three licensing options—per TB, per socket, per module.
  10. Supports the latest platforms and operating systems.
    Backup Exec extends its industry leading support for VMware and now includes advanced integration with vSphere 6: ESXi 6.0, vCenter 6.0, Virtual SAN 6, Virtual Volumes, vSphere 6 security certificates and VMware EVO:RAIL. Backup Exec also adds support for granular recovery of VMware Virtual Machines with GPT disks and VMware Virtual Machines with larger than 2TB volumes.
What is the earliest version of Backup Exec that allows for a direct upgrade to Backup Exec 15?

Customers using Backup Exec from 2010 R3 or newer can simply install version 15 over their existing versions of Backup Exec. Backup Exec will automatically migrate existing Backup Exec related data from versions 2010R3 and higher to version 15.

For customers who are using Backup Exec 12, 11d, 10d, 10 or older versions (including agents/options), we recommend that they step upgrade to 2010 R3 SP4 or 2014 then proceed to upgrade to Backup Exec 15. This will allow them to preserve their backup jobs. Alternatively, they could uninstall the previous version and install Backup Exec 15 but backup jobs would have to be set up again.

Do customers have to upgrade all agents/options at the same time when they upgrade the core media server to Backup Exec 15?

They do not. Customers can upgrade remote agents (Linux, Windows, and Mac) and Managed Backup Exec Servers on a schedule that works for them, however, they still need to input Backup Exec 15 serial numbers to activate remote agent/media servers installed from a previous version.

Important note: customers will not have the complete set of Backup Exec 15 improvements until all remote agents and managed servers are upgraded.

Why Upgrade?

Existing Customers

  • Complete protection for your virtual environment and Software-Defined Data Center including NEW features like VMware Virtual SAN (5.5 and 6.0) and Virtual Volumes.
  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to backup and recover your data.
  • Minimise downtime with the flexibility to backup and quickly restore anything-from a single object to a complete server-anywhere.
  • Seamless upgrades from previous versions and new simplified licensing.


  • Reduce complexity. With a single solution to protect everything virtual and physical, with embedded disaster recovery.
  • Agile recovery. With Backup Exec you can quickly recover a single critical file or an entire server, without mounting or staging multiple backup jobs.
  • Ease of use. Save time and simplify the implementation of backup protection with a visual workflow that lets you replicate data on-premise, off-site or to the cloud.

Backup Exec Capacity Edition
Front-end terabyte license meter provides customers with the opportunity to open complete product functionality without the need for separate licenses across virtual, physical and cloud on multiple sites.

Enterprise Vault
The most widely-deployed on-premise archiving solution reduces operational costs, manages organisation-wide retention and information governance policies, and controls the costs of compliance and litigation support.

In very large, complex infrastructures NetBackup delivers the performance, automation, and manageability necessary to protect physical and virtual deployments at scale with thousands of VMs and petabytes of data.

Competitive Landscape

vs. Veeam Availability Suite v8

  • Backup Exec 15 unifies physical and virtual protection with a single console to protect your customers’ entire environment. Veeam was designed for virtual environments only.
  • Backup Exec offers quick and easy granular recovery of application data such as Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory from the same, user-friendly admin console in which the backups are done. Veeam requires a separate “Explorer” application to perform granular recovery tasks of each application.
  • Deduplication can help customers store less data over time as well as deduplicate across both physical and virtual environments. Veeam’s deduplication technology is virtual-only and on a per-job basis, thus not as effective as Backup Exec’s global deduplication technology.
  • Unlike Veeam, Backup Exec can also protect and recover the physical Windows Hyper-V host itself, including bare-metal recovery and dissimilar hardware restore.

vs. CommVault® Simpana® 10

  • Backup Exec is designed with ease of use for the small business to small enterprise market so overall setup, configuration and usability are easier. CommVault may require advanced training, knowledge and even specialised services to administer.
  • Backup Exec offers several adaptable configurations, including client, media server, and third party appliance deduplication.
  • Backup Exec has one agent that runs a single pass backup, where CommVault may require several agents and multiple backups in order to do granular recovery of application data.

vs. Dell AppAssure 5.x

  • Backup Exec offers flexible encryption and deduplication technology that can encrypt and deduplicate data at the source (client side) before moving it across the network to the storage location. AppAssure can perform this process on the media server (target side) only.
  • In virtual machine protection AppAssure installs an agent in each guest VM to perform backups, just as if it were a physical machine. This can intensify operations on the physical host, requiring additional overhead (CPU and memory) while backups are taking place. Backup Exec integrates seamlessly into the virtual stack, doing Agentless backups, thus freeing up the host machine and associated VMs to focus on production activity.
  • Granular recovery of application data can be complex and time consuming with AppAssure. Backup Exec allowsadministrators to easily search and recover any granular file or application object from Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory directly from the backup storage location. AppAssure does not support granular recovery of Active Directory.

Veritas julkaisi uuden 15 version Backup Execistä ja sen myötä kapasiteettilisensoinnista tuli entistä helpompaa ja houkuttelevampaa.

Lisensseistä on kaksi vaihtoehtoa: Capacity Edition ja Capacity Edition Lite.

Capacity Edition sisältää kaikki Backup Execin eri lisenssit asiakkaan ostaman kapasiteetin puitteissa. Tämä mahdollistaa huolettomat varmistukset myös muutoksien keskellä olevalle asiakkaalle.

Lisenssit hankitaan asiakkaan palvelimilla olevan datan nettokapasiteetin perusteella (ns. Frontend data, ilman deduplikointia ja pakkausta) 1TB kokoisina lisensseinä.

Kapasiteettia on nyt mahdollista lisätä myöhemmin joustavasti 1TB paloina ja saat volyymialennukset myös näille lisäostoille. Capacity Edition Lite lisensoidaan samalla tavalla, tuotesisällön eron näet tästä kuvasta:

Omistuksellisista laitekohtaisista lisensseistä on nyt myös mahdollista siirtyä kapasiteettimalliin ristiinpäivityslisensseillä. Jokaista ylläpidossa olevaa Backup Execin agenttia tai optiolisenssiä vastaan voit hankkia 1TB ristiinpäivityslisenssin joko Capacity tai Capacity Lite editionista.

Yksinkertainen lisensointiopas kapasiteetista ja perinteisistä lisenssimalleista:

Imuroi 60pv toimiva trial Backup Exec 15:sta:

Visit Backup Exec Tech Center

The Backup Exec Tech Center is an online education service that provides an extensive collection of short, on-demand modules designed to help users quick-fix their problems; plan, install and manage their environment; and get the most out of Backup Exec. The modules also feature a 90-second recorded demonstration of the solution by a Backup Exec expert. The Tech Center is a great time saving training option to refresh and supplement product knowledge. Plus, it’s completely free! For more information, visit: .


It's time for a backup solution
that’s built for change
The NEW Backup Exec
TM 15 15

Watch Video

According to Gartner, 'most backup systems are antiquated and designed for architectures and environments that are no longer the norm.

It's time to upgrade to Backup Exec 15.

Watch our video to discover how your organisation can get faster, simpler, and more flexible backups to handle today's challenges, including:

Data proliferation and an increasingly complex IT infrastructure
Shared data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments
Technologies and applications diversifying
Short backup windows 

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