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Adobe Connect -tuoteperhe

Adobe Connect

Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing solution for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organizations to fundamentally improve productivity.
Adobe Connect is a market-leading enterprise web conferencing and real time collaboration software in which users can interact with audio, video and chat. Based on Adobe Flash technology, it enables users to view presentations, share files and even share desktop screens. The solution consists of the following three components:
  • Adobe Connect for Web Meetings addresses a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing to mission-critical, real-time collaboration, and allows your teams to work more efficiently, increasing productivity and helping reduce costs.
  • Adobe Connect for eLearning provides novices and experts alike with the capability to create and deliver compelling, self-paced online courses, conduct highly interactive virtual classes, and efficiently manage training programs.
  • Adobe Connect for Webinars enables organizations to increase attendance, boost response rates, and generate more interest through rich, engaging, highly interactive online events.

Adobe Connect offers immersive meeting experiences for small group collaborations to large scale webinars. All the benefits of Adobe Connect Meetings are included with Adobe Connect Webinars and Adobe Connect Learning.

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings

  • Discover the true power of digital meetings
  • Access across device
  • Personal digital office
  • Rich recording and editing tools
  • Highly secure communication and compliance 

Adobe Connect for Webinars

  • The all-in-one webinar solution for marketers
  • Immersive experiences
  • Robust registration
  • Fully customizeable events
  • Built-in analytics  

Adobe Connect for eLearning

  • The complete digital learning solution for trainers
  • Engaging content delivery
  • Mobile learning across devices
  • Immersive classes live and on-demand
  • Efficient training management and tracking

Introducing Adobe Connect 9.4

We are happy to announce (9/3/15) the release of Adobe Connect 9.4. This release introduces new web conferencing offerings for learning and webinars that allow customers to adopt complete solutions tailored to specific organizational needs.

Gartner recently released the Critical Capabilities for Web Conferencing 2015 report wherein Gartner says:

IT leaders responsible for collaboration…are looking for Web-conferencing solutions that will satisfy many stakeholders with disparate needs.

  • Those in corporate communications — who are striving to approach internal messaging with more digital marketing expertise — need a polished platform for the CEO town hall to enable real-time, simultaneous delivery to the entire workforce on the enterprise network and in the field.
  •  Prospecting, marketing and sales must be handled more efficiently than ever before, reducing travel cost and length of cycle.
  • New vision and organizational initiatives, or fast changes in technology, require training both “just in time” and from any location.
  • End users want to share screens and video not just to meet and review materials, but to create new content in real time.

Gartner ‘Critical Capabilities for Web Conferencing 2015

Our new offerings available with Adobe Connect 9.4 meet the growing demand by organizations for advanced web conferencing technology to support specialized mission-critical use cases by providing complete end-to-end solutions on a per-host basis for both live training and webinars.

Adobe Connect Learning

We are pleased to introduce the Named Virtual Classroom Manager offering as part of our Adobe Connect Learning solution. The Named Virtual Classroom Manager enables each manager to host live training sessions in a virtual classroom with capacity of 200. This offering includes robust, customizable event management services, learner tracking capabilities and highly interactive experiences.

We will continue to offer our standard options to trainers requiring on-demand content creation, course delivery and learner tracking capabilities.

Adobe Connect Webinars

The Named Webinar Manager is an exciting new addition to our offerings within the Adobe Connect Webinars solution. This per-manager option provides each manager rich, customizable event management, immersive webinar experiences and powerful reporting and analytics. The Named Webinar Manager comes in capacities of 100, 500 and 1000.

For teams who need to collaborate on webinar production, we continue to offer an unlimited host option. This complete webinar offering is now called a Shared Webinar Room and includes all the functionality required to produce webinars from event registration, delivery and reporting. It comes in capacities of 500, 1000 and 1500.

Adobe Connect Meeting

Our Adobe Connect Meeting offerings remain the same – providing rich collaboration experiences across devices on a per-host or per-user basis.

All of our offerings include the same dynamic, interactive and rich in-meeting experiences our customers expect, across devices.

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Adobe Connect

Adobe® Connect™ 9 delivers critical new capabilities supporting webinars with an all-in-one solution that enables event managers to maximize attendance by easily creating fully customizable event landing pages, microsites, emails, and catalogs; deliver interactive sessions with real-time engagement tracking to audiences of up to 1,500 participants; and measure campaign effectiveness leveraging analytic tools powered by Adobe SiteCatalyst®. eLearning enhancements include SCORM content support, and greater mobile learning capabilities with Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0, which brings nearly all desktop hosting and collaboration capabilities to the mobile device, including whiteboarding, content sharing (from the server or device), and controls over recording, audio and layouts.

Top new capabilities of Adobe® Connect™ 9

  • HTML-based event pages — Templates enable quick creation of customized event pages, including landing pages, speaker information, registration pages, and login pages. Templates can be customized using several rich components, including images, tables, charts, carousels, and other elements.
  • Template-based email triggers — Email templates can be created quickly and easily using new drag-and-drop capabilities in Adobe Connect 9. In addition to standard email triggers, such as invitations, reminders, thank-you notes, or missed-meeting notes, custom email triggers can be created to go out to specified registration groups at predefined times.
  • Events catalog — To improve event discovery, Adobe Connect 9 automatically generates a master event catalog listing all events. An event catalog can be embedded quickly into any website using the embed code from the settings. Within the events section of a site, it is possible to create multiple catalogs for each folder, with catalogs providing options to view events by date, topic, or other identifiers. Events can be filtered based on tags, and featured events can be highlighted in a carousel.
  • Monitor engagement in real time on new dashboard — Watch audience participation and engagement in real time with the new engagement dashboard in Adobe Connect 9. The color-coded meter shows how well your message connects with webinar participants in real time, and tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) at both an individual level and overall across participants. Event hosts can quickly see the number of poll questions answered and additional participant interactions—chat, voice conference, status updates, and others—helping to arrive at an overall participant engagement score that is displayed in the engagement dashboard, with individual engagement levels displayed in the attendee pod. This critical information can be tracked to influence and improve future events.
  • Analytics powered by Adobe SiteCatalyst® technology — The latest release of Adobe Connect software includes built-in integration with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, including Adobe SiteCatalyst, to enable event organizers to analyze participant engagement and identify the most effective meeting elements and topics. For event organizers, the dynamic analytics capabilities provide potent, real-time insight into the performance of individual marketing promotions and their programs as a whole. Optimize events and increase ROI by analyzing detailed event reports and rich graphical interpretations of data generated using Adobe SiteCatalyst technology built into Adobe Connect 9.
  • Privacy and content controls in recordings — Hide participant and presenter names in a recorded session, enabling it to be shared to broader audiences while protecting the identities of participants. Specific pods such as Chat or Q&A can also be hidden to help direct attention to the most important content.
  • Pause and resume recording during live sessions — Hosts can now pause and resume recordings to more effectively record a meeting without capturing breaks or interruptions that may happen in real time.
  • Customize recording indexes — Add custom details such as bookmarks and chapters to a recording index for more intuitive webinar navigation and smoother presentations. Choose the location, the name, or identify important subtopics with chapters and bookmarks to enable users to explore your content on their own with ease.
  • Increased capacity — With increased capacity of up to 1,500 participants on the Adobe hosted service, a diverse range of meetings, from team meetings to all hands can be run on Adobe Connect. All the rich interaction capabilities like single-click layouts, backstage area, polls, Q&A, etc., remain available to keep meetings engaging.
  • Advanced mobile support — Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 frees users from their desktop and brings nearly all desktop collaboration capabilities to the mobile device, for true mobile-to-mobile collaboration and mobile learning. The latest version enhances the rich hosting, presenting and collaboration capabilities that have made it one of the highest ranked web conferencing mobile clients, especially for tablet devices – including the ability to share content from the Adobe Connect server or the local device itself; use whiteboards and annotation tools; change meeting layouts; better manage control over meeting audio and recordings; and leverage breakout rooms and emoticons for mobile learning.
  • Powerful eLearning enhancements with SCORM support — Vital to all eLearning initiatives is the ability to track learner activities, following their progress and tracking their test scores. Adobe Connect 9 now enables eLearning content creators to directly design and publish SCORM-compliant content to the Adobe Connect server for use in training courses delivered from the Adobe Connect Rapid Training Management System.
You have the solution hosted by Adobe which enables you to start collaborating immediately with just a Web browser, Flash and an internet connection. Adobe manages everything for you so there’s no hardware or software to install, setup and maintain. An Adobe hosted solution offers:
  • Immediate account access
  • Low initial investment
  • Reliable, redundant system architecture
  • High-bandwidth Tier 1 hosting center
  • Annual subscription contract including maintenance and support

All communications between Adobe Connect servers and client systems can be protected using SSL encryption. This enables more secure delivery of data, voice, and video between Adobe Connect applications and end users. Adobe Connect has additional security capabilities including passcodeprotected rooms and enhanced session management, along with improved support for virtualization and meeting resiliency.

You can upload any of these content types: Microsoft PowerPoint slides (PPT and PPTX), video for Flash (FLV), interactive Flash Player compatible content (SWF), audio (MP3), PDF, Adobe Captivate® demonstrations and simulations (SWF), prerecorded Adobe Presenter courses, images (JPG and PNG), and compressed packages (ZIP) containing valid content. In addition, live screen sharing allows you to share any content you have on your screen regardless of file type.

Recordings can easily be edited and played back offline for easy viewing anywhere, anytime. End users will need the Adobe Connect Desktop application to access these recordings while offline.

Adobe Connect for eLearning enables organizations to quickly deploy and manage online courses and curriculums. It provides complete curriculum management capabilities, including the ability to incorporate live meetings, virtual classrooms, external events, and self-paced courses into a single curriculum. With Adobe Connect for eLearning, organizations can deploy, measure, and track their training and compliance initiatives.

Adobe Connect for Webinars provides tools to successfully manage the full lifecycle of an event, from registration and qualification of attendees through post-event follow-up. Adobe Connect for Webinars capabilities can be applied to all Adobe Connect modules, including online seminars, ondemand presentations, and training programs.

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