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Cloud Choice -pilviratkaisut: Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage

Genie9; is a commercial developer of backup and security software solutions that was established in 2010 by its owner and general manager Muayyad Shehadeh. It has since been a worldly renowned company in its introduction of simple yet robust backup solutions winning many awards and being one of the top leaders in its industry.

Genie9's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. Sleek, clear interfaces and intuitive wizard-based functionalities make our products the most enjoyable and easy-to-use software titles in their categories.

Alongside its user-friendly applications and dedicated customer support, Genie9 also targets business-to-business (B2B) solutions through OEM partnerships and other mutual-benefit business models.

Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage

Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage is the world’s only solution to offer Cold Storage for business. Huge conversion rate are being obtained with a multitude of positive responses. Zoolz is the exclusive solution that is accredited with handling large data backups using secure Amazon AWS servers as well as Amazon Glacier, all in one software.

The ultimate cloud solution for any business; with feature ranging from Cold Storage technology (that permits the archival of countless numbers of terabytes at marginal cost) all the way to the Hybrid+ technology, that was engineered to prioritize restore from the local repository if available; thus achieving an unprecedented Zero Restore Time.

1TB - Unlimited users unlimited servers

Thanks to Cold Storage technology, Zoolz is designed to store countless Terras of data for a lifetime with effortless Zero Restore, leveraging Hybrid+

Best Service = Best Price

Zoolz intuitive design combines enterprise level features such as scalability, centralized management, reliability, data tiering and more at a very affordable price. By leveraging AWS technology and our powerful backend, we provide a solution that will allow all businesses, no matter how large, an easy move to the cloud.

Unlike other services, Zoolz does not cap bandwidth upload/download speeds nor does it set upload/download file size limitations. You can use quality cloud backup feasible for all businesses.

Secure and reliable

Zoolz encrypts your data before it leaves your machines with military level 256-AES encryption, transferred to the secure and reliable Amazon S3 servers using 256-AES encryption and stored on 256-AES encrypted Amazon S3 servers. This level of security complies with all laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPPA, PHIPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and the Joint Commission.


At any stage of the backup, you can enable Zoolz Hybrid+ to backup a copy of all your files to a local server, network or external drive. It zeros recovery time by intelligently prioritizing restoration of files from your local Hybrid+ storage instead of the online storage.

Enterprise level backend core

Zoolz uses the enterprise level, secure and reliable Amazon S3 Data centers. Your backups are duplicated and stored over multiple facilities across the globe ensuring on-demand data availability. All major computation is done on the back end cloud; offering smooth backup and minimum performance impact on your side.

Flexible Web viewer

Our powerful, lightweight file browser allows you to view image previews of all your RAW camera and jpeg images, instantly search all your files, share with ease, and more. You can also drag-drop to upload any files or folders anywhere and create new folders.

tilaa suoraan tästä klikkaamalla:                                              (hinnat alv0%)

Zoolz Home Edition Basic Personal Cloud Storage (100 GB) - 1 User                     €12.99
Zoolz Home Edition Plus Personal Cloud Storage (500 GB) - 3 Users                     €44.99
Zoolz Home Edition Family Personal Cloud Storage (1 TB) - 5 Users                      €69.99
Zoolz Home Edition Heavy Personal Cloud Storage (4 TB) - 5 Users                    €244.99

Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (1 TB) - Unlimited Users/Servers         €320.00
Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (2 TB) - Unlimited Users/Servers         €576.00
Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (5 TB) - Unlimited Users/Servers       €1296.00
Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (10 TB) - Unlimited Users/Servers     €2448.00

ja myös isommalle tilatarpeelle:

Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (500 TB) - Unltd Users/Servers       €120000.00
Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (1000 TB) - Unltd Users/Servers     €240000.00



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