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Softa SuperStore

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O&O Software Syspectr

Berlin, Germany, based O&O Software GmbH has been developing tools for Windows since 1997. These tools have been used in more than 140 countries around the globe. We always make every effort to provide the right tool at the right price. The numerous awards and prizes we have received confi rm that we are on the right track. Our most widely known product is O&O Defrag, a defragmentation software for Windows that has set the technical standard time and time again. Our commitment towards continual advancement of our existing products and introduction of new products guarantees the protection of our customers‘ investment and that they will receive the optimal value.

O&O Syspectr spots Windows problems before they hurt!

O&O Syspectr gives you a complete overview of your entire Windows infrastructure. With an easy to use web application, you can track all the events in real time. You will be notified immediately over your dashboard or by e-mail when something strange happens. O&O Syspectr has your IT risks and weak points covered.

The App allows you to control and manage the really vital PC and server data under your watch remotely. It displays all relevant system information whenever you want to see it: hardware, software, level of usage and general condition of all hard disks, status of connections as well as internal and external IP addresses, to name but a few. And you get warnings when something doesn't look right or is about to go very wrong.

O&O Syspectr monitors PCs and servers and reports potential problems to the user before they become a problem and cause damage: Are Windows security measures in place on all PCs and servers, have all relevant security updates been installed or has a new piece of software been discovered that actually should not be there? All such information can be called upon every current browser from anywhere in the world. Potential problems can be resolved immediately over the Remote Desktop module which also operates on every browser. Even when a PC is not turned on, all system information can be retrieved. This enables a diagnosis to be made even when a PC is no longer functioning. Upon request, O&O Syspectr will inform users by e-mail of certain events so that they can react immediately.

Top features include:

  • Remote Desktop: Make an immediate, direct connection with the affected machine over your browser, regardless of whether the user is logged on or not.
  • Windows Security: Is a guest account still active or a User Account Control (UAC) turned off? What's with the Firewall? Potential security gaps are spotted immediately and permanently monitored by O&O Syspectr.
  • Coming Soon - Software distribution: Roll out software over your network remotely and comfortably.

All you need is a Browser. Anytime. Anywhere
O&O Syspectr is a web application for managing Windows systems over the internet. Starting O&O Syspectr is simple: you create an O&O Syspectr account, download a pre-configured installation file and install it on all the PCs you wish to manage. You are now ready to access and use O&O Syspectr from any internet-capable device, such as Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones etc.

We are data privacy experts
All our servers are located in German server centers and are operated only by us. We are governed by German privacy law, one of the strictest worldwide. All data is handled with utmost care and encrypted and stored using the highest and most modern standards available.

Monthly fee per machine 1 Euro per PC
5 Euros per Server
Number of machines unlimited
Virtual machines**
Secured usage with SSL Encryption
E-mail notification unlimited
User accounts unlimited
History 365 days
Modules Included  
Hard Disk Drives
Windows Security
HDD Health (O&O DriveLED)
Process and Service Monitoring
USB Monitoring
Remote Console
Remote Desktop
Service & Support  

* Requires a Server license of O&O Syspectr
** The O&O Syspectr license is based on the virtual machine’s operating system

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore