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OfficeWork Software OrgChart 7

Your organization is unique. We know that. As the developers of OrgChart® a leader in organizational charting and workforce visualization software, OfficeWork Software spent the better part of a quarter century getting to know you: your needs, your goals, your processes and even your hierarchical structures. This is why our solutions integrate so well into your organization and why we have thousands of satisfied customers.

We realized long ago that charting an organization is an overwhelming task but is important and creates a canvas for better decision-making and establishes a blueprint for future growth. It is with that vision that we have created OrgChart Pro and our organizational charting solutions.

We are passionate about helping you build better organizations and running successful projects. Our team's rich experience in consulting, training and advising corporate clients for over 25 years gives us an edge in providing solutions that really work. To ensure added value, our implementations are always tailored to your specific needs.

Headquartered in Northern California with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe, OfficeWork Software possesses the experience, tradition of innovation, proven track record and integrity to effectively serve you.

OrgChart is trusted by thousand of of organizations worldwide to chart, manage and help them plan for the future. OrgChart offers the easiest way to create and automate your organizational charts. Never go back to manually creating and maintaining your org charts again.

OrgChart lets you:

  • Create Professional-looking organizational charts quickly
  • Automate org chart creation
  • Automate org chart refresh
  • Publish charts to Powerpoint, PDF and Web
  • Workforce planning and modeling
OrgChart® 7 Professional and Platinum

The Next Generation Organizational Charting Software

Automate your org charts, stop wasting time manually creating them!

OrgChart 7 is desktop charting software that lets you create, access and share organizational charts quickly and easily. OrgChart 7 lets you automate your charting process and so that your org charts are always current. OrgChart 7 Platinum includes workforce planning and management functionality to gain insight and help manage your organization.

HTML 5 - Publishing anywhere, any device

Simple and fast publication of your organizational chart via a web browser.

With HTML 5 output, you can assure your employees have the necessary access to your organizational charts anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

Intuitive Interface - Makes chart creation easier

OrgChart 7’s new ribbon User Interface combines common operations to create an even more efficient workflow that enhances your productivity. Now OrgChart 7 looks and works the same as any Microsoft Office application.

SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive Integration Collaboration in the cloud + security

OrgChart 7 has direct integration with SharePoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive Pro allowing employees to safely collaborate and securely share org charts, documents and spreadsheets.

Now you have the option to access org charts and import data from anywhere and the information is safe and secure, based upon each Employee’s security privileges.

The OrgChart Benefit – Workforce Insights

People are a company’s most important asset, and no company survives without a clear view of the organization structure and how its employees function together. OrgChart provides you with a clear way to visualize the organization and gain insights.

Beyond beautiful organizational charts, OrgChart 7 becomes an essential part of your workforce management toolkit.

Boardroom Quality Organizational Charts

  • Create
  • Automate the org chart process
  • Share

Workforce Insight & Planning
  • Organization Structure Visualization
  • Headcount & Workforce Metrics Analysis
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • M&A Planning
  • HR Analytics

OrgChart 7 Professional and Platinum – chart, visualize and manage your workforce for greater insight, efficiency and results.  

Create Professional Charts

Building your org charts is easy with OrgChart 7 Professional's intuitive interface. With over 20 professional quality templates you can be building boardroom quality organizational chart in minutes.


Publish your org charts to the web, your intranet, PDF and PowerPoint. OrgChart 7 makes sharing your chart easy with management and employees.

Automate the Process

Import your HR data from Excel, SQL Server or from your HRIS software. Automatically refresh your chart. Data driven rules do the work for you and time.


Scaleable To Your Enterprise

OrgChart 7 Professional is scalable to handle your requirements. And using OrgChart 7 puts key workforce metrics at your fingertips so that you can quickly make informed business decisions. 

"I have greatly enjoyed working with OrgChart Pro which has saved me countless hours of work, since I needed to create charts for 800+ employees." - Merck

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore