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DameWare Remote Support 11

Founded in 1999, SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) provides powerful and affordable IT management software to more than 93,000 customers worldwide – from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses.

We believe that the IT pros who use our products everyday should be excited about them. That’s why we put our users first in everything we do, and strive to deliver powerful functionality while making their jobs easier. We call it “user-centric software,” and we believe that it’s changing expectations for the enterprise software experience.

Simply put, we work to:

  • Remove the obstacles found in traditional enterprise software – eliminating the high prices, complexity and resource-intensity that have become the status quo
  • Connect with our community – using daily interactions with our large, global user community to guide our product development and strategy
  • Constantly evolve our products – ensuring that our software is on point to meet near-term customer and market priorities

Our company was built by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today’s dynamic IT environments. They combined this expertise with a deep connection to the IT community to create network, storage, and application management products that are effective, accessible, and easy to use. The result? IT management software that works for you.

DameWare Remote Support 11   Including Mini Remote

Control Comprehensive Remote Support Software for an Unlimited Number of End-Users

DameWare Remote Support (DRS) is a comprehensive set of systems administration tools that includes the award-winning remote control software, Mini Remote Control and the DameWare Central Server for advanced management and secure remote connections to computers outside of the firewall. DRS offers flexible deployment options allowing you to choose which components to install. Unlike other remote support software packages, DRS is licensed by user, not by agent or computer, making its deployment and management in any environment easy and affordable.

DameWare Remote Support Benefits

  • Support 1,000s of end-users users without having to leave your desk
  • Save time by remotely completing Windows administration tasks
  • Manage Windows® computers from anywhere with iPhone or iPad devices
  • Priced per-admin instead of per-managed computer, making it easy to afford!

DameWare Remote Support Key Features

  • Remotely reboot servers and notebooks
  • Mobile desktop remote control
  • Start and stop Windows Services
  • Clear and view Windows Event Logs
  • Copy and delete files on remote computers
  • Manage Windows® Active Directory®
  • Take full control of the end-user’s desktop in one click
  • Chat with the end-user as you troubleshoot problems
  • Take screenshots of remote desktops
  • Automatically install agents as you need them

Remote Support Software with Remote Control
AND Remote Administration Tools

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Desktop remote control of laptops and servers. Click to zoom.

Remotely Control Desktops,Laptops & Servers

DameWare Remote Support includes Mini Remote Control (MRC), the award winning desktop sharing software used by thousands of IT pros worldwide. With MRC users can:

  • Share a screen with end-users
  • Chat with end-users
  • Transfer files during remote control sessions
  • Remotely control Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers
  • Initiate MRC, RDP or VNC sessions

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Desktop remote control of laptops and servers. Click to zoom.

Securely Access Computers Outside the Firewall

When deployed with the DameWare Central Server & Internet Proxy, DRS lets you support end-users anywhere in the world. Through the Internet Proxy, users can:

  • Initiate secure remote troubleshooting sessions
  • Remotely control computers outside the firewall
  • Communicate with end-users via chat
  • Perform simple file transfers

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Complete Windows administration tasks remotely. Click to zoom.

Centrally Manage Users, Licenses, and Host Lists

DameWare Remote Support now includes the DameWare Central Server & Administration Console with advanced management features. With the Administration Console, users can:

  • Manage all DameWare users and permissions
  • Control and activate all DRS and MRC licenses
  • Create and share the Global Host List
  • View current Internet and mobile sessions

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Remote access with your iPad or iPhone. Click to zoom.

Support End-Users from Your iOS or Android Device

DameWare Remote Support includes a mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. With DameWare Mobile, you can:

  • Remotely control Windows computers
  • Troubleshoot end-user problems from anywhere
  • Support servers & workstations from Android or iOS devices

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Complete Windows administration tasks remotely. Click to zoom.

Perform Windows Administration Tasks Remotely

DameWare Remote Support lets you troubleshoot Windows computers remotely WITHOUT having to initiate full remote control sessions! DRS includes tools that let you:

  • Restart services and processes
  • View and clear event logs
  • Manage disks, shares & peripherals
  • Edit registries
  • Monitor system performance

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Manage multiple Active Directory domains. Click to zoom.

Manage Multiple Active Directory Domains

DameWare Remote Support gives you the ability to manage multiple Active Directory domains from one software interface! From the DRS console, you can:

  • Unlock user accounts & reset passwords
  • Add users to distribution or security groups
  • Manage Organizational Units
  • Edit Group Policies
  • Update AD extended attributes

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Intel vPro AMT remote support. Click to zoom.

Support Computers Remotely via Intel vPro AMT

DameWare Remote Support lets you troubleshoot computers regardless of the state of their operating system with built-in Intel vPro AMT features. With DRS, you can:

  • Remotely control computers with the AMT KVM Viewer
  • Wake sleeping or hibernating computers
  • Restart crashed computers
  • Change BIOS settings of remote computers

Dameware Remote Support screenshot. Export Active Directory objects and Windows configurations. Click to zoom.

Export AD Objects & Windows Configurations

DameWare Remote Support includes a tool that lets you export AD Objects and WMI information in bulk to CSV or XML formats. With the DameWare Exporter tool, you can:

  • View software inventory on remote computers
  • Export Active Directory objects like users & groups
  • Manage configurations settings across your network
  • View system properties of all Windows computers on your network

Dameware Mini Remote Control screenshot. Support smart card authentication for highly secure networks. Click to zoom.

Smart Card Login & Smart Card Authentication

DameWare Remote support is the first remote support software to offer Smart Card login and authentication. Without using any Smart Card reader or other middleware, you can benefit from two-factor authentication for remote desktop connections in secure networks such as in Federal Government agencies.

  • Strengthens identity and authentication management for remote desktop connections
  • Authenticates remote computers using a Smart Card and PIN from a local system
  • Provides two-factor authentication for remote IT administration in secure networks
  • Helps adhering to federal compliance standards and policies

DameWare Remote Support
System (Minimum) Requirements

Operating System

Windows XP SP2 or greater (including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1) and Windows Server 2003 or greater (including 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2012 R2).


Exchange 2003 support is provided in version 4.x and above within DameWare Remote Support AD Object Views (AD Users & Computers, AD Users container, etc.), and does not require Microsoft's Exchange Admin Tools.

Active Directory

DameWare Remote Support Active Directory functionality is only supported on machines running Windows XP SP2 and above or Windows 2003 and above.

What's New in DameWare Remote Support

Meet Solarwinds´ entire family:
  • Network Performance Monitor: Detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues before outages occur.
  • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer: See how the network is being used, by whom and for what purpose.
  • IP Address Manager: Create, schedule and share IP space reports across the entire team.
  • Server & Application Monitor: Provides agentless server and application monitoring.
  • Storage Manager: Optimise the performance and capacity of your customers' storage infrastructure.
  • Patch Manager: Patch management solution which helps control Microsoft and 3rd party patch management.
  • Virtualization Manager: Unify capacity, performance, configuration, and chargeback management.
  • Log and Event Manager: Real-time log analysis, event correlation and ad hoc search for visibility and security.
  • Web Performance Monitor: Record web transactions to monitor user experience using synthetic transactions.

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