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Retrospect 11 Mac

Retrospect, Inc. develops backup and recovery software designed to meet the needs of professionals and small to midsize businesses in need of precise, reliable restores, and the very best customer support available.

With more than two decades of field-tested expertise, Retrospect Backup & Recovery Software protects Macs and Windows PCs and servers worldwide from data loss due to user error, computer failure or site-wide disasters such as fire, theft or flood.

Retrospect 11 Mac - Complete 3 in 1 Data Protection

Backup & Recovery

Complete, versatile, and easy-to-manage data protection that automates backups and provides flexible and flawless restores.

Data Archiving

Easily migrates and consolidates inactive critical data to long term data retention for business and government compliance.

Data Duplication

Powerful, cross-platform tool allows users to clone files in native format for immediate access from the same or different computer.

New and Improved Features in Retrospect for Mac

Block Level Incremental Backup Retrospect now has the ability to back up only the parts of a file that have changed. After an initial full backup, Retrospect searches out the changed pieces of each large file and only backs up those blocks, speeding backups and using far less storage space. Learn more...
High-Level Dashboard Retrospect's new High-level Dashboard provides a high-level view of the entire state of your backup environment. See at a glance what backups are running, how much you've backed up in the last week per day, which computers aren't protected, the state of your storage, and more. Learn more...
Improved email reporting Retrospect includes a wealth of data about your backups. The operations log is now included to give you complete insight into each backup's progress. Filter emails based on errors, warnings, or other keywords to hone in on issues as soon as they happen. Learn more...

Retrospect Makes Backups & Restores Easy and Automatic

Contemporary Mac User Interface Retrospect is laid out similarly to iTunes, making it immediately familiar and easy to navigate.
Automatic Device Configuration Retrospect recognizes supported devices automatically and makes them available for immediate use without the need for manual setup.
Protects Everything Retrospect runs as a root user process on the Mac, so it can easily back up all files on servers, desktops, and notebooks.
Runs in Virtual Environments Retrospect Client software can be used to natively back up Mac, Windows, or Linux machines running in virtualization under VMware Fusion or Parallels.
Backup, Restore, and Copy Assistants Retrospect’s assistants make it easy to perform the most common manual and scheduled operations.
Proactive Backup Need to protect laptops that come and go from the network? Retrospect’s Proactive Backup feature watches for computers and automatically backs them up when they connect to the network.
Back Up and Restore On Demand Retrospect Client software allows each user to quickly back up important files or folders and even run their own restores right from the Desktop. Supports Windows and Mac clients.
Automatic Disk Grooming You tell Retrospect how many backups to keep, and it will automatically remove older backups when it needs more space on disk-based storage. This technology allows Retrospect to perform faster, smaller Smart Incremental backups forever.
Smart Incremental Backups There’s no need to tell Retrospect to do a full backup; it intelligently backs up only the unique files that it doesn’t already have.
Automatic File-level Deduplication Retrospect maximizes storage usage by only copying unique files—even across multiple computers—to the backup media.
Easy Physical Media Rotation Instead of needing to rely on complex media rotation schemes, such as Grandfather-Father-Son, Retrospect allows the user to rotate physical media as they see fit, and it automatically copies the files needed to keep each Backup Set complete.
Control and Monitor Retrospect from iOS Use the free Retrospect iOS app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to keep tabs on backups over Wi-Fi or 3/4G.
Notification Center Messages Using Notification Center, users can be notified when a backup of their computer begins and when it’s finished.
Private File and Folder Options Users can easily drag and drop files, folders, and even entire volumes like flash drives, to mark them private, so they won’t be copied during a backup.
Roll-back Restores (Live Restores) Retrospect is able to easily roll back a functioning computer to a previous state. Simply restore over the volume that includes the running operating system and reboot.
Auto-Locates Network Clients When used with a public/private key, Retrospect will automatically connect to new client computers on the network and even back them up without manual intervention.
Wake-on-LAN for Green Backups To reduce the overall power demands for backups, Retrospect awakens sleeping/stand-by mode computers to back them up and then allows them to return to their low-power state.
Growl Notifications for Network Backup Retrospect employs Growl notification on pre-Mountain Lion Macs protected by the Retrospect Client software to notify users when a backup has completed.
Automatic Software Updates Retrospect will periodically check for software and device driver updates and notify the user when updates are available for download.

Retrospect is Powerful and Flexible

Backs Up Mac, Windows, and Linux Heterogeneous networks are protected using Retrospect’s native client software, ensuring perfect backups regardless of operating system.
Complete Windows Backups and Restores Retrospect for Mac employs native Windows backup client software for complete backups that include system state and even open files on desktops and laptops.
Flexible Backup to Local and Network Disk Retrospect can make use of multiple hard disk destinations, whether grouped together or used independently; connected directly via Thunderbolt, USB, FireWire, or eSATA; or when networked using Ethernet, iSCSI, or Fibre Channel.
Uses Disk, Removable, Cloud, and Tape Retrospect supports most types of magnetic media for backup, including hard disk drives, network-attached disk, WebDAV-accessible cloud storage, flash media, and every major tape format.
Support for Cloud Storage Third-party WebDAV agents allow Retrospect to back up from or to offsite cloud storage. Powerful filtering rules within Retrospect can be employed to ensure that only critical data is copied to the cloud.
Disk-to-Disk-to-Disk (D2D2D) Backups Retrospect can transfer specific or all backups between Backup Set destinations, making it trivial to back up nightly to network-attached storage and then transfer just the most recent nightly backups to a portable hard disk for safe, offsite storage.
Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) Backups Retrospect can stage backups to disk before transferring them to tape, ensuring that the fastest possible throughput is achieved at each stage. Disk-based backups can also be copied to tape for safe, offsite storage or archiving.
Advanced Tape Support (add-on) This add-on allows Retrospect to stream backups to multiple tape drives at the same time, whether installed in a single library or standalone.
Support for Mavericks Retrospect supports Mac OS X “Mavericks” and takes full advantage of 64-bit Intel processors for the best performance on the latest hardware.
Flexible Scheduling Backup, copy, archive, and restore operations in Retrospect can be scheduled to meet any agenda.
Creates Bootable Copies The copy feature in Retrospect can make a bootable clone of any volume, and it can keep the clone updated with its Smart Incremental technology, which takes far less time than a new copy.
Powerful Search Capabilities Retrospect can locate files not only by name and location, but also by a multitude of other criteria, including modification date, Finder label, size, and even security permissions.
Powerful Filtering To include or skip specific files, folders, and volumes, or to back up only specific data to cloud storage, Retrospect includes both built-in and user-definable selectors that filter data based on a multitude of conditions, including file names, dates, and types.
Space-saving Data Compression Built-in data compression routines and support for hardware-based compression present in tape drives comes into use after Retrospect performs its file-based deduplication, further reducing backup storage requirements.
Faster Backup Speeds with Instant Scan Retrospect Clients already know what files have been added or changed before the backup server even connects, cutting average nightly backup times in half. The same technology is also used on the backup server.
Performs Multiple Tasks Simultaneously Need to run a restore without interrupting ongoing backups? Need to back up multiple laptops at the same time? Retrospect server editions perform up to 16 simultaneous operations.
Support for Multiple Network Interfaces Retrospect can take advantage of multiple network interface cards to improve performance and to prevent traffic from crossing subnets.
Remote Management of Multiple Backup Servers Log in multiple Retrospect servers and control them from a single screen, easing management for larger installations.
Custom Reporting Retrospect uses condition-based reporting, like the Find command in Mac OS X, to provide details on activities, sources, performance, media capacity, and much more. Built-in reports are easily duplicated and modified.

Retrospect is Built for Reliability and Security

Administrator Feature Control The backup administrator can control access to end-user features like marking private files, running an on-demand restore, or stopping a backup that’s in progress.
Network Link Encryption Retrospect will optionally encrypt communications between network clients and the backup server using strong AES-256 encryption to prevent network snooping of private information. Now supports strong encryption for Windows and Mac clients.
Precise Restores Every Time Because it saves a complete point-in-time file listing of every backup, Retrospect always restores exactly the files that belong on a volume; no unwanted files get restored and later require cleanup.
Apple Developer ID-signed Retrospect’s installers and applications are digitally signed with an Apple Developer ID, providing integration with Mountain Lion’s new Gatekeeper security feature.
Multiple Media Sets for Offsite and Archival Storage Retrospect employs multiple storage destinations—called Media Sets—and tracks each independently to provide for easy offsite storage and maximize restore reliability.
Industry-leading Data Verification When verifying data copied during the backup process, Retrospect actually employs the restore routines in the software to do a byte-by-byte comparison against the original, verifying not just the data but the entire restore process. Verifying the restore process and data together provides the most reliable method of verification available anywhere.
Anytime Verification For tight backup windows where backups must be as fast as possible, Retrospect can verify the backup data at a later time by using a checkpoint method that does not burden the disk containing the original data.
Backup Media Encryption Retrospect provides multiple encryption options for safeguarding backup data against unwanted access, including government standard AES-256 encryption.
Secure Client Access Retrospect Client software is either password protected or deployed using a public/private key method for added security. The proper credentials must be presented to log in and back up the client machine.
S.M.A.R.T. Alert Aware The Retrospect Client software communicates to the backup server when a hard disk drive begins to fail so it can be backed up immediately.
WORM Tape Compliance Support Retrospect fully supports write-once, read-many tape media for strict compliance with various regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley.
Scheduled Tape Drive Cleaning Retrospect helps maintain drives in tape autoloaders and libraries by periodically loading a cleaning tape cartridge. Cleaning reminders are provided for standalone tape drives.
Over Two Decades of Innovation Millions of users rely on Retrospect to protect their critical information.

Compare Retrospect Editions

Edition_mac_msvRetrospect 11 for Mac - Multi Server

Protects any number of networked Windows, Mac, and Linux servers, desktops, and notebooks from a single host computer running Retrospect. Supports disk and tape storage devices.

[New: AMS11R1EC, Upgrade: AMS11U1EC]    

Edition_mac_ssvRetrospect 11 for Mac - Single Server Unlimited Clients

Protects one server and any number of networked Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and notebooks from a single host computer running Retrospect. Additional server client licenses can be purchased to protect more networked Windows, Mac, or Linux servers. Supports disk and tape storage devices.

[New: ASU11R1EC, Upgrade: ASU11U1EC]    

Edition_mac_sslRetrospect 11 for Mac - Single Server 20 Clients

Protects one server and up to 20 networked Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and notebooks from a single host computer running Retrospect. Additional Retrospect Client and server client licenses can be purchased to protect more systems. Supports disk and tape storage devices.

[New: AS211R1EC, Upgrade: AS211U1EC]    

Edition_mac_dskRetrospect 11 for Mac - Desktop

Protects a single non-server Mac and up to five additional Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and notebooks.

[New: ADT11R1EC, Upgrade: ADT11U1EC]

System Requirements

Retrospect 11 Application*

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Mac OS 10.6.8 and later, including Mavericks
  • Mac OS X Server* 10.6.8 and later, including Mavericks Server

* Retrospect Desktop doesn’t run on Mac OS X Server.

Supported Hardware:
  • Intel processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 10-15 GB of temp hard disk space for each concurrent activity (backup, restore, etc.)
  • Adequate storage for backups
Recommended Configuration:
  • One or more multicore processors
  • At least 4 GB RAM

Retrospect 11 Client for Intel Macs

  • Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server* 10.6.8 or later, including Mavericks
  • Intel processor
  • RAM that meets Apple's guidelines for each OS

* Backing up server OS clients requires Retrospect Multi Server or other Server edition with available Server Client Licenses.

Retrospect 6.3 Client for PowerPC and Intel Macs

  • Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server* 10.3.9, 10.4.11, or 10.5.8
  • PowerPC G3, G4, or G5
  • RAM that meets Apple's guidelines for each OS

* Backing up server OS clients requires Retrospect Multi Server or other Server edition with available Server Client Licenses.

Retrospect 9 Clients for Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2008/2003*
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials*
  • Microsoft Windows SBS 2011/2008/2003*
  • Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008/2003*
  • Pentium processor or later
  • RAM that meets Microsoft's guidelines for each OS

*Backing up server OS clients requires Retrospect Multi Server or other Server edition with available Server Client Licenses.

Linux Clients

  • x86- or x64-based system running Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Desktop, SUSE Linux Professional, SUSE Linux Standard Server, or SUSE Enterprise Server operating system
  • glibc version 2 or later

Storage Devices

Retrospect supports a wide variety of storage devices as the destination for backups, including hard drives (both direct- and network-attached), tape drives and libraries, flash storage, and removable disk drives (RDX, REV, etc.). See the Retrospect Device Support Database for a complete list of supported tape drives and libraries.

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