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IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 21

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 21

Premium, Professional CAD

TurboCAD Pro Platinum is a premium, professional computer-aided design package. It includes all the speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for 2D/3D drafting, detailing, modeling, rendering, and extensive file sharing. TurboCAD Pro Platinum also provides advanced tools for mechanical design, simple BIM and suite of architectural tools that are AutoCAD® Architecture compatible, and much more for greater control and flexibility.
  • Advanced Architectural Tools like parametric architectural objects
  • Advanced Mechanical Tools including more powerful 3D modeling
  • More Powerful Part Tree acts like a selective Undo/Redo
  • Advanced Constraint Tools including midpoint and pattern constraints 
  • Associative Arrays / Pattern Tools to apply and control parametrically
  • UV Mapping to create more realistic renders
  • Outstanding File Compatibility including new IFC export for BIM

What’s New

New TurboCAD Pro Platinum 21 offers over 30 new features and major improvements to every area of the program.
New Simple BIM with the ability to extract custom data from property sets and/or custom properties then export to the newly supported IFC format.
  • Faster Drafting and Detailing with new Auto-Shapes, Arrow Tools, Delta Distance and Delta Move Angles, Customizable Text for Dimensioning, and much more.
  • Cutting-Edge 3D Modeling with ACIS R24 3D solid modeling engine, new quick pull options, ability to slice any solid with an ACIS surface, drafting object breaks, and more.
  • Superior Rendering with Redsdk 3.3 engine, a now universal manager for Redsdk and Lightworks, and major photorealistic enhancements.
  • Better UV Mapping with refined methods for defining segments, a new unwrapping tool, a new material wizard, and new proportional editing.
  • More Ways to Share Your Work with the latest AutoCAD DXF/DWG file filters, new SketchUp 2013 SKP filters, and new IFC export.
Key Features:

Advanced Architectural Design & Simple BIM

TurboCAD Pro Platinum speeds design with an extensive collection of parametric object types and shapes for walls and compound walls, doors, windows, stairs, railings, roofs, and slabs. Use the style manager to create and manage how objects are defined, look and behave, or choose from the many pre-configured styles. Accurately manage data with dynamic window and door schedules and use the sections/elevation tool to examine custom cross sections of architectural designs.

TurboCAD Pro Platinum also lets you create custom properties to objects, property sets, and entry marks to display the data next to specific objects in a drawing. New version 21 now allows users to extract that custom data as well as geometry from walls, doors, windows, slabs, and roofs, and export to IFC format, the industry standard for BIM information. Read more about Platinum Architectural Tools

Advanced Mechanical Design Tools
TurboCAD Pro Platinum offers advanced tools for 3D solid and surface modeling. The thread tool, twisted extrude, extrude to face, imprint tool, parametric holes, imprint and more enable the easy creation of your more complicated professional designs. A new ACIS® R24 3D solid modeling engine in TurboCAD Pro Platinum 21 offers better modeling, improvements to ACIS file filters, and enhancements to several features based on this engine. Read more about Platinum Design Tools

Advanced Modification Tools
TurboCAD Pro Platinum includes a number of tools that enhance 3D modification for facet editing, lofting, bending and unbending of objects. These tools become even more powerful when combined with the Advanced Part Tree. Read more about Platinum Modification Tools

Advanced Part Tree
TurboCAD Pro Platinum greatly expands o n the Part Tree technology in TurboCAD Pro. Often referred to as history-based editing, the Part Tree can be used as a selective UNDO/REDO tool. And unlike with TurboCAD Pro basic, each of the design and modification tools, and most of the 3D primitives, may be driven by this Advanced Part Tree. Read more about the Platinum Part Tree

Smooth Surface Mesh 3D Modeling Tools
TurboCAD Pro Platinum allows you to use existing 3D modeling tools to create a smooth surface mesh (smesh). Users can control the resolution, smoothness and more. This form of 3D object creation allows for easier and more rapid creation of organic shapes. Read more about Smesh Tools

Associative Arrays / Pattern Tools
TurboCAD Pro Platinum patterns are arrays objects copied in specific arrangements and controlled parametrically. Create patterns from a variety of entities and apply to spheres and cylinders, radial patterns, 3D arrays, along a curve, and on polyline for shapes that couldn’t easily be drawn. Read more about Platinum Pattern Tools

Platinum Parametric Constraints
TurboCAD Pro constraints are enhanced in the TurboCAD Pro Platinum with two additional constraints. The first is a Midpoint Constraint, and the second is the ability to create pattern constraints. Read more about Platinum Constraints

UV Mapping
Create more realistic and varied materials for rendering. Use UV mapping to project a 2D image onto a 3D object where “U” and “V” are the names of the axes of plane. It’s a powerful tool perfect for use in photorealistic rendering. Read more about UV Mapping

Plus All TurboCAD Pro Features & Tools
TurboCAD Pro Platinum is our most comprehensive CAD product for 2D and 3D design, documentation, detailing, and modeling. In addition to the tools above for greater control and flexibility, it includes all the tools found in TurboCAD Pro. Visit the TurboCAD Pro 21 product page and click on the key features tab to learn more about these powerful features:

  • Powerful Drafting Palette ACIS 3D Modeling Engine
  • Parametric Parts Manager
  • Photorealistic Lighting & Materials
  • Rendering & Visualization
  • Annotation Tools
  • Symbol Library
  • Programming
  • Extensive File Interoperability

Plug-ins, Symbols, and more!
Visit these pages to purchases applications that will extend the functionality of the TurboCAD Pro Platinum software.

New Features:

New Drafting and Detailing

New Arrow Tools
Four new arrow tools (Arrow Arc, Arrow Curve, Arrow Line, and Arrow Polyline) allow you to rapidly draw arrows. Specify the arrow tail and arrowhead or create your own.

New Auto-Shape
Quickly sketch out standard shapes (arc, line, box, etc.) and TurboCAD will automatically create the precision shape.

Improved Area Units
Specify Area Units discretely from Linear Units. Example - Measure area in feet and distance in inches. (Metric also)

New Custom Text for Dimensioning
Customized text formatting for dimensions includes bolding, superscript, subscript, italics, support for multiple font scales, and multi-line.

New Delta Distance and Delta Move Angle(s)
You can now move a selected object simply by specifying distance and a direction.

New Rotate View with Viewport
A new option has been added to synchronize the rotation of viewports and views while retaining the possibility of discreet rotation.

Improved Dimensional Updating for Drafting Objects
New TurboCAD 21 offers improved associative interactivity between Drafting Objects and Dimensions, with or without viewports.

New Move Dimension Text
Edit dimension text from inside the dimension tool using the local menu, for added flexibility and improved productivity.

New Architectural/Simple BIM Tools

Simple BIM Tools via IFC Export
TurboCAD 20 introduced Entity Marks and Property Sets. Property Sets allow users to create custom sets of information that can be associated with objects throughout a drawing. Entity Marks are a way of displaying that data next to specific objects in the drawing.

TurboCAD 21 offers a method to extract that data as well as extract data from custom properties, which has been a feature of TurboCAD since version 10. You can then export that data to the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, the industry standard for BIM information. In addition to custom data, export geometry for walls, doors, windows, slabs, and roofs can be exported.

New PPM Objects as Doors and Windows
We’ve extended parametric scripting such that the resultant objects can be used as doors and windows.

3D Modeling/Mechanical

New Slice Any Solid with a (ACIS) Surface
Any flat or curved plane in space can be used to bisect a solid.

Improved Quick Pull
Three new options have been added to the Quick Pull tool. TurboCAD Pro users can now push pull on fillets to increase or decrease the radius of the fillet. The ability to push and pull on bends, and increase or decrease the radius of the bend has also been added. And finally, now you can push on the side of a cylinder and increase or decrease the radius of the cylinder.

New Drafting Object Break
When a drafting object is too large to display fully, use a break gap to abbreviate the displayed object. Adjust break line properties including type (straight, zig-zag, wave, or heartbeat), gap value, color, and extension length. One break line per drafting object is supported.

Improved ACIS 3D Modeling Engine
The powerful ACIS 3D solid modeling engine and interoperability filters in TurboCAD Pro and Pro Platinum has been upgraded to R24. This update enhances several of the 3D solid modeling features in TurboCAD based on this engine, including a new ACIS faceting algorithm, improved quick pull tool, and more.

New ACIS Faceting Algorithm
A new algorithm has been written that gives more adequate results in some cases, and adds options to the ACIS faceter properties.

New Faceter Properties
Now users can control the facet resolution of the display for improved productivity. Low res displays more quickly while high res displays more slowly (speed depending on the image). This allows you to find a balance between quality and speed of display.

New Edit Tool option "Node Filter"
On objects with a large number of nodes, a node filter has been added to the edit tool that allows you to select a subset of nodes optimizing performance and ease of use.

New Edit Tool option "Workplane by 3D object"
New option "On/off 'Workplane by 3D object'" was added to Editor Tool TC20.

Rendering & UV Mapping

Improved Render Manager
Now a universal tool for managing and editing of photorealistic elements for Redsdk and Lightworks.

New Redsdk Photorealistic Enhancements
New, full support of Redsdk Environment, Luminances, Render Styles, and HDRI.

New Material Wizard
Automatically create a new material based on an inserted image. This includes bump maps, image maps, transparency maps and reflection maps.

New UV Mapping Proportional Editing
Edit the mesh which defines the relationship between the UV Map and the mapped image.

New Geo-located Sun
Universal Sun Light calculations and rendering in TurboCAD 21 are now based on one of three modes:

  1. user geo-location, date, and time
  2.  longitude, latitude and custom GMT
  3. angle and azimuth

New Unwrapping
A new ‘least squares conformal maps’ algorithm in TurboCAD finds the optimum way to take a 3D surface and flatten it with the minimum distortion. For example, take the skin off of an apple without breaking it.

New Create Segment By Edges
Refined method for defining segments used in UV Mapping

New Redsdk Engine
The Redsdk rendering engine by Redway3d has been updated to version 3.3.

Improved Redsdk Photo Rendering
New ability to configure the number of threads for Redsdk raytrace rendering.

Improved Redsdk Selector Tool Enhancement
The selector dragger is now drawn as a RedSDK object in RedSDK mode for smoother viewing when moving the camera or scrolling.

Interoperability Improved

DWG/DXF Read/Write filters
Files filters have been updated to support import and export of the latest AutoCAD 2013/2014 file formats.

New IFC Export
Export data to the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, the industry standard for BIM information.

New SKP 2013 Read/Write Filters
Update of both Read and Write filter based on the new SketchUp 2013 APIs

System Requirements:

TurboCAD Pro Platinum is delivered in a 64-bit version to take full advantage of your hardware’s available computer memory to load, process, and render CAD files. A 32-bit version is also available if required by your hardware.

64-bit System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows ® 8* 64-bit, Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit) - 2 GB RAM.

32-bit System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows ® 8*, Windows 7, Windows Vista**, Windows XP** - 1GB RAM.

*TurboCAD 21 is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. Windows RT technology for use on tablets is not supported.

** 32-bit version of TurboCAD 20 Pro will run on XP and Vista platforms; however, these platforms are no longer being officially supported.


Your experience with TurboCAD 21 Pro Platinum will be greatly enhanced with a newer generation, higher speed CPU, 4+ GB RAM, and larger display resolution and graphics support.

The optional GPU-accelerated Redsdk render modes require a supported graphic processing unit (either a chip on the board, or on a video card). The latest video drivers are typically required. Newer boards with more power and VRAM generally provide greater performance.

RedSDK list of supported Video Cards and Drivers:

Free Trial

Download 30-day free trial of TurboCAD Pro Platinum. No credit card is required and you have unlimited access to all of the features, so you can test drive all of the features in TurboCAD Pro Platinum with absolutely no obligation.

Download 30-day free trial of TurboCAD Pro Platinum

Free Training

In addition to the wide variety of training courses available from our training page, there are a number of free resources available.

  • Getting Started Guide Videos - Review the Getting Started Guide to help you learn the basics of TurboCAD Windows. View the Getting Started Videos
  • Online Documentation - Review our online wiki help system, updated regularly, so you always have the latest info.
  • TurboCAD Community Forums - Reach out to the vast community of TurboCAD users through the community forums at
  • YouTube – Visit the IMSI/Design channel for helpful demonstrations and training videos:
Additional help is available from the TurboCAD Support Page.

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