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Nuance ScanFlowStore

What is ScanFlowStore?

Digital archiving with ScanFlowStore is just as easy as making a copy. With one press of a button, a Xerox multifunctional creates a digital copy which is stored anywhere. ScanFlowStore ensures that the document is stored in the proper folder as a text searchable document, for example as a text searchable PDF file. With ScanFlowStore InterActive client it is possible to have real time bi-directional communication with your network. This means that it is now even easier to specify the location where you want to store your scanned document.

In addition, if you want all of your digital workflow needs to be supported, the integration of Scan to PC Desktop and ScanFlowStore makes this extremely easy. Using ScanFlowStore, you can now easily scan documents directly to Scan to PC Desktop and edit the documents on your own desktop, fast and easy. Also, users can get access to ScanFlowStore’s features through the use of use Scan to PC Desktop, all with drag and drop ease.

Total document control

Every organisation can benefit from simple and intuitive digital document management. But often times, the most difficult decision is what system to choose. Typically the choice lies with either a desktop application that gives users personal control over their digital documents, or an MFP based solution that offers standard workflows to an entire office. However, most of the times organizations need both, which leaves you in a difficult decision. With this new and dynamic combination, all of your digital workflow needs are supported. Whether your organisation requires personal document control and the ability to edit documents at a desktop, or the possibility to easily archive documents directly in a business application, this unique combination is now available.

This powerful combination makes it extremely easy to control all documents, both paper and digital. Using ScanFlowStore, you can now easily scan documents directly to Scan to PC Desktop and edit the documents on your own desktop, fast and easy. In addition, users can get access to ScanFlowStore’s features through the use of use Scan to PC Desktop, all with drag and drop ease. Using Scan to PC Desktop, simply drag your document to the ScanFlowStore button, after which ScanFlowStore’s User Interface appears on the own desktop and documents can be processed and stored in the exact same manner as you would normally do with ScanFlowStore on a Xerox MFP.


  • Integrate scanned documents into your existing workflow
  • Clear user interface with easy to use hot buttons
  • Integrates seamlessly with your Xerox MFP
  • Save time and money
  • Optimize efficiency
Supported Xerox Devices: For more information about supported Xerox devices, please contact your Xerox representative or visit

Easy and intuitive scanning in four simple steps: authenticate, scan, flow & store!
Experience the convenience of the different features & benefits of ScanFlowStore.

Key Functionality:

Hot buttonss
ScanFlowStore enables users to easily select the correct workflow by simply clicking on one of the hot buttons shown on the display of the MFP, ensuring a truly easy and intuitive scanning experience.

Zone OCR
ScanFlowStore has the ability to automatically extract data from documents with the use of Zone OCR, simplifying the process of handling large amounts of documents.
Total email synchronization
ScanFlowStore makes the MFP truly multifunctional due to operating as an email client from both front and back end. Email scanned documents to a mailbox and retrieve the sent documents in the sent items list of your mailbox.

Browse & print
Browse for any print ready file, such as PDF, JPEG or TIFF, that is stored in a Windows file structure, Xerox DocuShare or Microsoft SharePoint and print it immediately, without the need to use a PC.

Download brochures here

ScanFlowStore v6.5 is released

ScanFlowStore v6.5 is available for download through Nuance Network.  This new software version includes support of new devices and new third party software versions.

For additional information, including frequently asked questions and information on how to upgrade please go here.

Note:  A valid Maintenance and Support (M&S) agreement is required to download this build.  M&S entitlement can be verified by checking the date in your license file.  If M&S has expired, please contact to purchase a renewal prior to attempting an upgrade.
Nuance launches new interactive demonstration on ScanFlowStore

Click here to start the ScanFlowStore virutal demo

The interactive demonstration tool takes the viewer and user through a typical workflow and specific commands with the Xerox MFP interface.

It has been developed to easily guide you through a step-by-step interactive animation on, how to use, and importantly, how to benefit from ScanFlowStore.

No previous software download is required to run the tool, nor do you require an MFP to see how intuitive and packed with benefits ScanFlowStore is. View the demo

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore