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SmartBear Software TestComplete 10

SmartBear Software (formerly AutomatedQA) develop award–winning tools for automated software testing, profiling, development and code review. SmartBear Software's tools are used by more than 100,000 developers world-wide to produce a wide range of software applications.

Automated Testing - TestComplete 10

TestComplete is an open test platform for easily creating, maintaining, and executing automated tests for desktop, Web, mobile, and client-server software applications. TestComplete is especially useful for teams using continuous integration and development--integrating seamlessly with popular 3rd party applications, source control, test management and CI tools.

TestComplete 10 offers specific modules to cover technologies you need to test:

  • Windows (Desktop Testing Module)
  • Web Testing Module
  • NEW! Mobile Testing Module

New TestComplete Packaging

TestComplete 10 is comprised of TestComplete Platform and Technology Modules. TestComplete Platform provides a test IDE with foundational components for automated testing, recording, and integration with 3rd party tools. Technology Modules extend the platform to enable testing of specific application technologies – Windows Desktop and Client/Server, Web, and Mobile.

For complete information on the features included in TestComplete Platform and Modules, see TestComplete Modules and Platform. The page also contains a matrix that helps you pick modules for application testing.

Upgrade notes, for users with active Maintenance Subscription:

  • Each TestComplete 9 Enterprise license will be upgraded to a TestComplete 10 license including TestComplete Platform plus TestComplete Desktop and TestComplete Web modules. This also includes one license of TestExecute.  This package is the equivalent of the TestComplete Enterprise Edition.
  • Each TestComplete 9 Standard license will be upgraded to a TestComplete 10 license with the TestComplete Platform and the TestComplete Desktop module. This package is the equivalent of the Standard Edition.
  • Each TestExecute 9 license, including those procured as part of the Enterprise Edition, will be upgraded to a TestExecute 10 license.

Android Mobile Testing

TestComplete version 10 introduces support for automated testing of native applications for Android phones and tablets. Mobile testing for Android devices includes:

  • Native Android 4.x Support.
  • Real-Device Test Automation.
  • Object Recognition.
  • Gesture Recording and Playback.
  • Keyword and scripted tests.

TestComplete includes new project items, dialogs and wizards, new keyword-test operations, a new tested application type and dozens of new scripting objects to support creating, maintaining and running these tests.

You can easily create powerful tests that will perform the following:

  • Directly access native objects, methods and properties of Android applications.
  • Simulate touches, long touches, swipes, keystrokes and other events on Android devices.
  • Simulate gestures (multi-touch events).
  • Simulate pressing physical (on-device) buttons.
  • Deploy Android applications to and run them on devices – all with just one test command.
  • Mock GPS locations and test geolocation applications.
  • Retrieve and check data of various sensors (like an accelerometer).
  • Verify the state and data of an application’s internal objects.

For complete information on creating and running Android tests, see Testing Android Applications.

Mobile Web Testing

With TestComplete 10, you can test your web applications and web sites for cross-platform mobile compatibility without needing the actual mobile devices. You can record or script mobile web tests using Google Chrome’s mobile browser emulator on your desktop computer, and automatically play back the tests against different mobile browser profiles built in with TestComplete.

TestComplete includes predefined mobile browser profiles for Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia and Blackberry devices. You can define additional mobile browser profiles with different screen sizes, orientations and user agents to better match your target mobile audience.

For complete information, see Testing Mobile Web Applications.

New Supported Technologies and Applications

  • Windows 8.1. Now you can record and run your tests on Windows 8.1 to ensure that your applications work correctly with this version of the Windows operating system.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. TestComplete now supports integration into Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013. This means that you can:
    • Add and run your TestComplete tests as part of test projects created in Visual Studio 2013.
    • Plan and run your TestComplete tests by using Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft Test Manager.
    • Run your TestComplete tests as part of team builds managed by Team Foundation Server 2013.
    • Create work items and post bug reports to the Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation System database directly from TestComplete.
  • Windows Store Applications. TestComplete 10 introduces support for testing Windows Store (formerly known as Modern UI and Metro UI) applications. You can record and play back tests for these applications on Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. See Testing Windows Store Applications.
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5. Now you can automate testing of applications created with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5, including both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5.1. You can now automate testing of .NET and WPF applications that use the latest version of .NET Framework.
  • JavaFX ver. 2.2.45. TestComplete now supports testing of applications created with JavaFX SDK ver. 2.2.45.

Web Testing Improvements

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11. You can now record and run web tests in Internet Explorer 11 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

    Note: Only the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 is currently supported. The Modern UI (Metro) version is not supported.

  • Support for Opera 17-18, Chrome 31, Firefox 24-26. TestComplete 10 rolls up support for the most recent versions of the Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as for the recent Opera versions based on the Chromium engine.
  • Enhanced Web Checkpoint Automation. Now when you record a test on a web page that is already open in your web browser and the first action you perform on the page is inserting a checkpoint, TestComplete automatically inserts a test command that opens the web page before the checkpoint is called in the recorded test.

Enhanced Flash and Flex Testing

  • Support for Apache Flex 4.11.0. TestComplete now supports the new recent release of Apache Flex 4.11.0. See Testing Flash and Flex Applications.
  • You can now test Flash and Flex applications in Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari.
  • Automatic FlashInjector installation. You can now quickly install TestComplete’s Flash and Flex testing modules, FlashInjector, into Flash Player directly from TestComplete UI. Also, you can automatically install FlashInjector at the beginning of the test recording or playback.
  • More intuitive configuration of Flash Player’s trusted locations. You can now specify trusted files and folders for Flash Player directly in your test project settings.
  • TestComplete now automatically handles of Flash and Flex application exceptions exposed by the debug version of Flash Player.

Extended Support for Third-Party Controls

TestComplete adds support for the recent releases of popular third-party UI libraries and controls:

  • Developer Express ExpressBars v2012 vol 1.5, v2012 vol 2.2, v2013 vol 1.2.
  • Developer Express ExpressEditors v2012 vol 1.3, v2012 vol 1.5, v2012 vol 2.2, v2013 vol 1.2.
  • Developer Express ExpressNavBar v2012 vol 1.3, v2012 vol 1.5, v2012 vol 2.2, v2013 vol 1.2.
  • Developer Express ExpressQuantumGrid v2012 vol 1.3, v2012 vol 1.5, v2012 vol 2.2, v2013 vol 1.2.
  • Developer Express ExpressQuantumTreeList v2012 vol 1.3, v2012 vol 1.5, v2012 vol 2.2, v2013 vol 1.2.
  • Developer Express ExpressVerticalGrid v2012 vol 1.3, v2012 vol 1.5, v2012 vol 2.2, v2013 vol 1.2.
  • Developer Express XtraBars ver. 2013.1.4, 2013.1.7, 2013.2.5.
  • Developer Express XtraEditors ver. 2013.1.4, 2013.1.7, 2013.2.5.
  • Developer Express XtraGrid ver. 2013.1.4, 2013.1.7, 2013.2.5.
  • Developer Express XtraNavBar ver. 2013.1.4, 2013.1.7, 2013.2.5.
  • Developer Express XtraTreeList 2013.1.4, 2013.1.7, 2013.2.5.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio ver.
  • Infragistics NetAdvantage 2013 Vol. 2.
  • Telerik RadControls for WinForms 2013.2 (Q2 2013) and 2013.3 (Q3 2013).
  • Google Web Toolkit ver. 2.5.1.

TestComplete Platform

The new TestComplete 10 open platform includes functional test automation for Desktop, Web, and Mobile. In addition, TestComplete’s SDK empowers users to build extensions and custom capabilities on TestComplete to meet any unique testing requirements.

Windows Desktop Testing

Automated testing of .NET, WPF, Windows Store, C++, Delphi, Java, Qt, Visual Basic and 64-bit desktop – TestComplete has it all covered.

Web Testing

TestComplete fully supports web application functional testing. Use it to verify the functionality and reliability of your web sites and web applications before the go live. Create a web test in one browser in run it in others with little or no changes at all.

Mobile Testing

Harness the power of TestComplete to perform automated testing of your native and Web mobile applications. Test on multiple devices or emulators without changing your tests, leveraging full access to application internal objects and methods.

Creating Automated Tests

You don't have to be a programmer to create automated tests in TestComplete. You can use visually created keyword-driven tests or the Record and Playback feature.

Use the Testing Type You Need

Choice is always a good thing, especially for QA teams that need to perform many software testing types. Put it to the test on functional GUI test, unit tests, regression tests, white-box tests, data-driven tests, keyword-driven tests, distributed tests, coverage tests and manual tests.

Manual and Exploratory Testing

SmartBear’s TestComplete is a full-featured manual test authoring and management environment. Its intuitive user interface and powerful features allow QA teams to create manual tests easily and quickly, right out of the box.


Suitable for agile teams! Integrate tests into automated builds and continuous integration systems for early feedback on the build quality.

Test Run Reporting

Get below the surface to quickly locate and fix errors on the fly. TestComplete's advanced test run reporting capabilities allow for extensive insight into your test results through detailed test logs.

TestComplete Extensions and SDK

One of TestComplete’s benefits is its open COM-based architecture, which is the framework of its entire functionality. In fact, everything visible in TestComplete — panels, project items, specific scripting objects, and others — are implemented as plug-ins.

TestExecute – Featured Add-On

Use TestExecute to create cost-effective test infrastructure and run TestComplete tests on remote computers and virtual machines that don't have TestComplete installed.

Training, Certification, and Services

Whether you are new to TestComplete by SmartBear or have been using the automated testing tool for some time, you will benefit greatly from TestComplete training and certification.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore