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Elpical Software -tuoteperhe

ELPICAL Software develops and markets software solutions for digital imaging applications.

Our technology enables, for instance, publishers to automatically enhance image assets. This enhancement is based on a thorough picture analysis.
Furthermore, we offer automation solutions for image workflows in companies. Our image asset management solutions ensure that organising the onerous daily flow of images is a relatively easy task.

ELPICAL was founded in 1997 following a management buy-out of the Electronic Imaging department of Victor Hasselblad AB. Since that time, ELPICAL has become a leading specialist in the field of digital imaging. Many renowned publishers of magazines and newspapers know ELPICAL as a reliable partner offering sophisticated solutions and reliable support.

Since the use of digital images is expanding at a fast pace, ELPICAL increasingly targets other markets as well. The possibility of enhancing images contained in PDF files offers unique possibilities to many service providers.

Our technological assets are in the field of imaging. We will continue to focus on further developing these technologies and helping our customers to improve their workflow and output image quality. Our specialist knowledge ensures that we are a reliable partner for independent software vendors, solution providers and system integrators who need imaging functionality in their solutions.

Claro Premedia 9


Your image-processing server for automatic individual image analysis and publication-centric enhancements

Elpical Claro provides a complete image processing workflow for printers, publishers and online communication companies that require fast processing of high volumes of images while achieving cost reduction and improved quality.

Through the Claro Individual Image Analysis, Claro Premedia individually analyzes each image for a range of specific parameters and then enhances the image for highest-quality results… even images inside a PDF.

Claro also automates other image or photo processing tasks such as intelligent ICC-based DeviceLink conversions or file format conversions.

JobClient for IndesignThe Elpical Claro JobClient for InDesign® offers seamless integration of the Claro Premedia workflow into InDesign.

Inspector for PhotoshopThe Claro Inspector for Photoshop® allows side-by-side viewing of original and processed image versions.

Claro Settings AssistantThe new Claro Settings Assistant offers an easy-to-use desktop environment for creating, modifying and personalizing settings.

Claro  is easily integrated in nearly any editorial or production automation system.

Claro Single 9

Multi Claro Premedia Server setup with high availability and load-balancing features

Claro 9 offers load-balancing and failover features to customers who ideally rely on multiple Claro servers in a centralized production environment setup. They now can get the reliability they need with multiple Claro servers operating in cluster mode.
In this pool of Claro servers with synchronized and totally transparent Claro Interface and Settings, processes now run:

  • Continuously even if one Claro system fails
  • In resource-optimized fashion thanks to optimum workload distribution across the different Claro servers

Significant Quality Advances To Claro’s Core Technology

Claro 9 features impressive improvements in Claro’s already highly praised Individual Image Analysis technology.  The results are lively faces, vivid skin tones and better overall contrast, combined with even better shadow detail.  

Claro 9 improvements before and after      

Improved Channel Management 

Large publishers with numerous publications, often requiring highly publication-specific channel settings, now have the opportunity to manage and organize their channels better by working with channel groups.  A group of different channels can be collapsed for a better overview of the channels just by clicking the green bar. All channels in a given group can easily be exported or imported.

Improved Channel Management  

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore