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Meadows Publishing Solutions -tuoteperhe

Meadows Publishing Solutions is a software development and consulting company specializing in commercial and custom XTensions® for QuarkXPress®, plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, and other extensible technologies. The company was founded in 1991 as Meadows Information Systems, Inc., and is located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Meadows has developed a well-known and respected line of commercial XTensions modules such as AutoPrice™, DesignMerge®, Batch Print™ and GroupPicture™, and continues to be a major innovator in the areas of desktop and database publishing automation.

Production & Printing Software

Page Printer™

The MPS Page Printer™ module for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign allows you to output each page or spread of a document in EPS or PostScript format. For EPS output, users have the option of embedding fonts within the EPS files. For PostScript output, users have the option of creating PostScript disk files, or printing directly to a PostScript printer. The handy “Page Selection” dialog makes it easy to choose the pages or spreads you want to print, and the naming options give you control over the final output filename. Page Printer is a must-have for anyone working with third party imposition systems, or publishing PDF pages to the web.

Picture Namer

The Picture Namer XTensions module identifies each picture that has been placed in a QuarkXPress document. The module will place a text box on top of each picture box in the document, and then fill that box with the name of the picture. The text and/or box size is automatically adjusted to accommodate the picture name, and several different box positioning options can be specified. It also permits specification of the background color to use for the name boxes. The picture name boxes can be toggled on and off and can also be suppressed from printing. This utility provides a convenient way of cataloging the images used in any QuarkXPress document. Click here for more details.


CopyFit is a software module for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign that is designed to detect and remedy overset (or underset) text conditions in any document. The product is bundled with the Meadows DesignMerge Pro software, but is also available for purchase as a standalone desktop version. Click the “details” button for additional information.

Batch Processing

Our Batch Processing XTensions™ for QuarkXPress™ can help you save valuable time when working with multiple documents. Designed to take the time-consuming monotony out of repetitive processes, these productivity-enhancing tools will expedite and conserve effort with all of your QuarkXPress™ projects!

Batch Print

Prints hundreds of QuarkXPress™ documents automatically. Handles every aspect of the printing operation including one-time page/print setup, automatic updating of modified pictures, separation of spot colors, EPS font and color management, and more. Also maintains a detailed report file of all printing activity.

Batch Update

Updates all modified and missing pictures throughout an entire group of documents. Supports three options for missing pictures: Prompt, Skip or Search. Up to 10 different search volumes can be specified along with sub-folder options. Also generates a complete report file detailing picture usage throughout all documents.

The Grabber™ XTensions

Our Grabber tools will change the way you work with QuarkXPress documents forever! Each grabber module adds an easy-to-use tool to the QuarkXPress tool palette so that you can quickly and easily marquee the text you wish to modify, even across multiple text boxes. A simple dialog box then opens, allowing you to select the attributes you wish to modify. You can even preview the edits before applying them to your document. And with full undo/redo support, it is virtually impossible to make a mistake!

Text Grabber™

Select and modify text attributes anywhere on a page using Meadows' unique "marquee" method of text selection. Drag a marquee around any page area and change all text falling within the marquee. Great for changing complete columns in tabular composition. Includes Apply button and full Undo/Redo support.

Tab Grabber™

Interactively adjust tab positions by dragging a marquee around the page area you wish to modify. Allows you to select and modify all tab settings without the need to edit QuarkXPress style sheets or change tab settings one at a time. Nudge a column into perfect position, change alignment or fill character. Full Undo/Redo support.

Copy Grabber™

Cut, copy and paste an entire column of tabular copy in two easy steps. Drag a marquee around a page area and cut or copy it to the special Copy Grabber clipboard. Paste the entire column into a different location. Great for catalog work, annual reports, or anything else involving tabular composition. Full Undo/Redo support.

The Grabber Bundle

Includes all three grabber XTensions™ (Text, Tab & Copy) at a special “bundled” price. This is your best value for streamlining productivity. It's almost like getting one XTensions module for free!

Math Grabber™

Lets you perform spreadsheet-like calculations on numeric text appearing anywhere in a QuarkXPress document. Users can specify precision of calculation, and can also create "separator sets" which allow you to work with mixed currency formats in the same document. Full Undo/Redo support.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore