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Recosoft Corporation PDF2ID

Recosoft was established in 1991 to deliver Software and Information Technology solutions for the global marketplace.

We have grown over the years, on the dint of strategic partnerships and alliances giving us a base of 2,000 IT professionals, who enable us to provide on-time global Software and Information Technology solutions.

The executives of Recosoft are all engineering graduates and have lived in Japan, India and the United States making them completely multicultural and multi-lingual. Additionally, each of the executives have worked in both the software and hardware industry and the financial services sector giving them a broad perspective about the services and solutions required in the global markets.

Recosoft is uniquely positioned to leverage the vast opportunities that the Internet and the World Wide Web offers in Japan and elsewhere. Recosoft has already successfully implemented solutions which incorporate Java, HTML, C, C++, JavaScript and MFC.

Recosoft’s in-house talent pool possesses superior skills in the development of WYSIWIG GUI software. We have on our team skilled software engineers in the fields of Image Processing, Computer Animation, Page Layout, Japanese language solutions, Document Format Conversions and the Internet.

We have successfully implemented and delivered custom business software solutions in the areas of database management and financial services systems.

PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in.

Convert PDFs to editable InDesign files. Convert XPS to InDesign files.

PDF2ID converts PDF, Adobe Illustrator1 and Windows XPS files into fully editable Adobe® InDesign® (INDD) files.

PDF2ID is the industry leading PDF to InDesign conversion software for Graphic Designers, Publishers, Printers and Creative professionals providing the most accurate conversion.

PDF2ID can be used to recover lost InDesign files; convert FreeHand, Corel, Publisher and other types of files to InDesign; and reuse archived data saved as PDFs with a simple click.

Open, Convert & Edit your PDF, Illustrator and Windows XPS files directly in Adobe InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018

PDF2ID converts every page in your PDF, Illustrator or XPS file to an equivalent page to the resulting InDesign document.

PDF2ID re-creates the layout of the document by forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; recovering PDF annotations and other elements.

PDF2ID provides options for converting or extracting just the text, graphics or annotations in a PDF, Illustrator or XPS file also; or you can convert the entire document to InDesign format.

PDF2ID is a Adobe InDesign plug-in allowing anyone to recover and reuse the contents of PDF or XPS files resulting in huge cost savings in both time and expense.

How to Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign
  1. To Open and Convert a PDF file to Adobe InDesign CC format using PDF2ID, choose the PDF2ID – Convert PDF/XPS file command from the Recosoft menu in InDesign CC
    open pdf in indesign using PDF2ID
  2. Choose your PDF to Open (or Convert) in Adobe InDesign CC and click OK
    convert pdf to indesign
  3. When the PDF2ID (PDF to InDesign) – Options window appears click OK to convert the PDF to Adobe InDesign CC format (you can also specify conversion options)
    pdf to indesign converter
  4. The PDF is converted to the InDesign CC file which you can now edit
    edit pdf in indesign
Features Summary
  • Open, Convert and Edit PDF and Windows XPS documents directly in Adobe InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018
    PDF2ID is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that allows you to directly open, convert and edit PDF and XPS documents with in Adobe InDesign CS4 ~ CS6 and InDesign CC and supports both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.
  • Specify Conversion Options
    PDF2ID provides detailed conversion controls such as converting the entire PDF or XPS file; extracting only text; recovering and extracting only images; and any annotations contained in a PDF or XPS document allowing fine-tuning the conversion process.
  • Familiar Interface
    PDF2ID uses the standard Adobe InDesign interface for opening a PDF or XPS document- there is no need to learn anything new.
  • Quick
    PDF2ID converts a PDF or XPS file to Adobe InDesign format within seconds.
  • Password Protected PDF documents
    Convert password-protected PDF documents1.
  • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support
    Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Russian and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.
What’s New

What’s New in PDF2ID Standard/Professional 2018

  • Support for InDesign Creative Cloud 2018
    PDF2ID 2018 now supports and integrates with InDesign CC 2018. InDesign CC through CC 2017 are supported as well.
  • Support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and APFS volumes
    PDF2ID 2018 has been enhanced to operate under macOS High Sierra. APFS disks and volumes are also completely supported.
  • Table recognition enhancements
    PDF2ID 2018 includes an enhanced table recognition core dramatically improving table identification in PDF files.
  • Automatic conversion of Images with transparency to PNG
    Images with transparency masks are now directly converted to PNG format allowing for the transparency effect to appear in the converted InDesign file.
  • PDF2ID architecture enhancements
    Architectural enhancements have been made to PDF2ID enhancing startup and shutdown of PDF2ID operations resulting in faster InDesign startup/shutdown operations.
How does PDF2ID convert a PDF to InDesign type?

Watch PDF2ID convert an Illustrator file to InDesign in a matter of seconds. PDF2ID converts, Illustrator, PDF and WIndows XPS files to InDesign.

PDF2ID extracts text to form lines, then groups the lines to make paragraphs; applies text fonts and styles such as bold and underline where possible; regroups independent graphic elements; and creates tables. Furthermore, it performs contextual analytics so that related data are correlated and remain together.

As part of the conversion process, PDF2ID also transforms gradients in a PDF file to an equivalent gradient in InDesign, applies clipping paths to images and sets the appropriate InDesign property. Furthermore, it converts text that is on a path to an equivalent InDesign representation. Finally, transparencies and graphics transformations such as rotations, shearing and scaling are also converted to an equivalent InDesign data type.

PDF2ID has been designed to provide editing flexibility rather than a pure and 100% reconstruction of a PDF file to the InDesign format.

PDF2ID doesn’t make InDesign a PDF file-editing tool. PDF2ID doesn’t provide round-tripping of a PDF file to an editable InDesign file type. Rather, the primary scope and objective of PDF2ID is to provide a seamless and transparent mechanism for PDF data recovery and reuse within InDesign. To achieve this, PDF2ID does its best to preserve the layout while reconstructing data along with the respective property and elements wherever possible.

PDF2ID also performs advanced PDF to InDesign property recovery such as, Drop Caps, Drop Shadow, Superscript, Subscript, Paragraph Rules and much more.

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