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SystemTools Hyena v10

About SystemTools Software

SystemTools Software develops, markets, and sells computer system management and Active Directory administration software. Our award-winning products are used worldwide by thousands of organizations to help manage Windows-based computer networks.

For more information about SystemTools solutions for managing Microsoft Windows and Active Directory environments, go to
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Active Directory, Windows System Management, Windows Server and Desktop Management, User and Group Administration, Computer Services Monitoring and Control, Event Log Monitoring, Management and Reporting, WMI Inventory Reporting

Hyena v10.0
Available Now

Hyena v10.0 has been released, and is available for immediate download in both x86 and x64 in English, French, German, and Spanish. This update can be downloaded from Hyena's main download page.

The main new feature in Hyena v10.0 is the 'Active Editor', a new powerful method of updating Active Directory. See the next topic for more information on the Active Editor

Hyena v10.0 is available as a free update if your maintenance expiration date is after June 1, 2013. See the 'Hyena Maintenance' topic below for information on updating and how to check the maintenance expiration date. Everyone who purchased a Hyena v9.2 license is eligible for a free upgrade to v10.0.

Hyena's New Active Editor

The new Active Editor component in Hyena allows a very free-form method of updating directory elements, much like updating cells in a spreadsheet. It is especially useful for setting different values for multiple directory objects, such as department information, phone numbers, and other repetitive tasks. With the Editor, any directory query can be turned into an active updatable grid, allowing information to be quickly updated and saved..

The Editor is not limited to just updating directory attributes, however, but also supports importing changes from a text file. Imported data is validated, and visible both before and after importing before being committed to the directory. To get an idea what importing looks like in the Editor, visit:

To get a complete look at all of the new features in this release, visit our What's New page.


Viewing All Directory Attributes

One feature our support team uses a lot is the 'View All Directory Attributes' function: Right-click on any directory object and choose 'Query Active Directory > View All Directory Attributes'. What at first looks like a confusing mess, is a treasure trove of information. This function allows you to see, at a glance, all the AD attributes for the selected object which have a value. You can quickly determine what value a particular attribute is set to, or see the AD property name for an attribute so you can add it to a query or the AD Custom Attribute feature (covered in the next tip.)

AD Custom Attributes

Hyena's property dialogs include the most common attributes, but there may be cases where either an attribute you need isn't part of the standard properties dialog or there are extended schema attributes that only apply to your organization. In these cases Hyena can be configured to add a new property page titled 'Custom' with any special attributes that you may need to see or modify. To do this, select File > Manage Object View > AD Custom, choose the type of object (user, group, or computer) and then click 'New'. Fill in the information for the attribute you want to add and click OK. Double-click on a directory object to view it's properties and you will see a new tab called Custom with the attribute(s) that were added.

This works especially well for cases where a special tag or identifiable string needs to be entered for a user or group to aid in a query, sorting, or filtering. By then adding this custom attribute to a query, the attribute can be modified either in the standard Properties dialog, the Manage Directory Attributes function, or in the new Active Editor in Hyena v10.0.

Note: If you don't know the Active Directory Name of the attribute you want to add, use the steps from the previous tip to find it.

Total System Administration
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Windows 8 CompatibleNew Features in Hyena v10.0

Hyena v10.0 is by far the most important update to Hyena since support was added for Active Directory

Active Editor

Windows 7 CompatibleThe key new feature in Hyena v10.0 is the 'Active Editor' : a tabular-like window which lets you freely move around and modify most Active Directory information as easily as if it were in a spreadsheet. Moreover, the Active Editor (the 'Editor') also supports importing from a delimited text file, complete with custom field selection and ordering, data validation, user-selectable match field, and more.

The Editor builds its initial data contents from any Active Directory query results in Hyena's right window. Since any AD query can be created or customized in Hyena, you are in complete control over which directory attributes (fields) are displayed and can be modified in the Editor. The Editor can be accessed from the context menu of any Active Directory object, or from a toolbar button. Click here for more information on Active Editor.

IPv6 Support

IPv6 Support

IPv6 ping support has been added. Hyena uses the ping protocol to optionally detect if a remote computer is online or not, in an attempt to prevent very long network timeouts that can effectively cause an application to stop responding until Windows releases the application block.

Other Changes

Changed the event log user filter to filter out empty-user events when a specific user-based event is filtered on.

Added option to blank out account expiration month for multiple users, allowing the expiration date to be removed for multiple users.

Added new option, double-buffering (which is the default) to Tools > Settings > GUI. This option enables a performance option internally on Windows list controls which should improve performance, mainly in Hyena main right window.

Added the %ADSPATH% symbol to any Edit > Copy option for Active Directory views. This option is intended to assist building export files that include the directory path for later importing.


Fixed issue on New Exchange mailbox dialog whereby if the Exchange alias was auto-generated, the OK button was disabled.

Fixed truncation problem when copying data out over 260 characters (Edit > Copy)

Fixed problem with removing group members on user Properties dialog when the group member DN path

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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