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Teacup Software -tuoteperhe

Founded in 2002, Teacup Software creates solutions exclusively for Adobe InDesign. We are both a consulting firm and a vendor of ready-made plug-ins for InDesign, a product which we consider to be the future of desktop publishing. Our exclusive focus has allowed us to develop an outstanding expertise with the highly complex InDesign API (Application Programming Interface).

In both our consulting and development work, we at Teacup create simple, elegant solutions for Adobe InDesign. We are dedicated to doing the extra work it takes to make products that are transparent and easy-to-use. We are always focused on ways to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Our ready-made products reflect our focus. Featuring little or no user-interface, our plug-ins simply hum along in the background of InDesign, unobtrusively doing their work alongside the user and quietly revolutionizing the user experience.

Our products will continue to focus on ways to make users more efficient and effective as they work with InDesign. We have a great collection of products in the pipeline, so keep coming back to our site for more news and updates, or subscribe to our mailing list below to hear about all the new developments as they happen.

BarcodeMaker 2D Text

Create barcodes directly in InDesign

Now creating customized barcodes is simple and fast with Teacup's BarcodeMaker and BarcodeMaker 2D plug-ins for Adobe InDesign.

BarcodeMaker includes over 20 of the traditional one dimensional barcodes, such as ISBN (10 and 13 digit), UPC and EAN.

BarcodeMaker 2D includes the new industry standard two dimensional barocdes, that pack more information into the same space, such as Data Matrix and Maxi Code.

BarcodeMaker and BarocdeMaker 2D work with Teacup's free PatternMaker plug-in to allow you to modify customized settings on every barcode individually. This fully scriptable, easy-to-use plug-in will fit easily into your workflow.


Making connections with Adobe InDesign

Connect data quickly and efficiently to Adobe InDesign documents with Teacup Software's DataLinker. This intuitive, easy-to-use plug-in allows you to link data anywhere on an InDesign page, or merge data into a document and into tables too. Once your data is linked, you can update from the database with the simple click of a button. Now in CS3, you can use InDesign scripting and XML Rules to write simple, powerful scripts to modify your data after it flows in

Swap images with precision and speed

This simple, time-saving plug-in streamlines the process of replacing low resolution for-placement-only (FPO) images with their high resolution counterparts.

Developed in close collaboration with production departments at a number of major magazines, ImageSwapper has been optimized to be an effective time-saving production tool. ImageSwapper is designed to allow production specialists to replace all the images in a document in a single sitting, and has many features to save time and increase efficiency.

ImageSwapper is ideal for any publication that frequently swaps low-resolution images for a high-resolution replacements.

Pattern Maker 1.0
13 patterns for PatternMaker

From basketweaves to scallops to concetric circles to a field of dots, the 13 patterns included in this pack will offer designers a whole new gamut of design possibilities.

Enterprise features for data exchange

TableStyles and CellStyles Pro's powerful enterprise features offer versatility and sophisticated control - working with spreadsheet and XML files has never been easier!

Master the art of tables

A single click will apply all the styling you need to a whole table or to an individual table cell. Best of all, update the style and all your tables get updated too, automatically! New version now supports snippets and INX.

Read about Adobe's acquisition of Teacup's table and cell styles technology for InDesign CS3 in the press release and our FAQ.

TypeFitter Pro

Automated copy-fitting for InDesign

With TypeFitter Pro for Adobe InDesign, fitting text has never been so quick, simple and effective. TypeFitter Pro's sophisticated typefit rules automatically find and fix problems in your copy. With a single click, TypeFitter Pro can fix oversets, widows, imbalanced columns and more.
TypeFitter Pro is simple enough to use that you'll be started in minutes, but behind the simplicity lies a sophistication that offers precise control. This time-saving tool is a must have for anybody who needs to work quickly without compromising the quality of their type.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore