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IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 20

New TurboCAD 20 is now shipping! This latest release contains customer driven development as well as a host of powerful new tools and enhancements for greater usability, performance, and compatibility.

Powerful New Tools open a world of new design possibilities!

• NEW UV Mapping create more realistic materials for rendering
• NEW Associative Arrays create parametric patterns from many entities
• NEW Split Face & Extrude Face Editing Tools enhance smesh modeling


Greater Usability with practical tools that adjust to your preferences

• NEW Entity Marks to better track objects and add information
• NEW AutoCAD 2D workalike mode with dynamic input & command line
• NEW Super Selector Modes for faster, easier modification of drawings


Superior Performance – never wait during a moment of inspiration

• NEW RedSDK® v3 Rendering Engine makes key operations faster!
• NEW ACIS® R23 Modeling Engine advances performance


Compatibility updates for working with the latest file formats

• IMPROVED AutoCAD® 2013 (.DWG) maximizes workflow with AutoCAD
• NEW 3D .PDF filter to export 3D models to PDF for interactive viewing
• NEW/IMPROVED Collada (DAE) to place files into Google Earth

TurboCAD Pro Platinum version 20

Pro Platinum is a premium, professional CAD package, with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions delivered to take full advantage of your hardware’s available computer memory to load, process, and render CAD files. It includes all the speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for 2D/3D drafting, detailing, modeling, rendering, and extensive file sharing. TurboCAD Pro Platinum also provides advanced tools for mechanical design, a suite of architectural tools that are AutoCAD® Architecture compatible, and much more for greater control and flexibility.

  • Advanced Mechanical Tools
  • Advanced Architectural Tools
  • New Associative Arrays & Improved Pattern Tools
  • Midpoint & Pattern Constraints
  • More Powerful Part Tree

Platinum Tools

The suite of architectural tools are AutoCAD® Architecture compatible is greatly expanded with TurboCAD Pro Platinum including many more parametric doors, windows, slabs, roofs, stairs, and rails, plus compound walls, schedules, and powerful section and elevation tools. Advanced mechanical design and modification tools offer parametric control over parts, symbols, patterns, and constrained arrays, while smooth surface mesh tools allow for easier, rapid creation of organically shaped 3D models. New UV Mapping makes it possible for TurboCAD Pro Platinum users to create more realistic and varied materials for rendering. Plus, the Advanced Part Tree is much more powerful offering greater control over each design and modification tool.

What’s New

Powerful new tools for UV mapping, smooth surface mesh editing, and creating parametric patterns from a variety of entities have been added to TurboCAD Pro Platinum 20. New 3D PDF exports 3D models to PDF for interactive viewing, and the improved DWG filter maximizes workflow with AutoCAD 2013. Dozens of usability enhancements have been added, like the ability to create entity marks to better track objects and add information. Boost performance with the updated ACIS® R23 modeling engine and get the latest RedSDK® v3 Rendering Engine making several key operations 10 times faster!
System Requirements

Minimum TurboCAD Pro 32-bit System Requirements:

  • Microsoft ® Windows 8*, Windows 7, Windows Vista**, Windows XP** - 1GB RAM.
    *TurboCAD 20 is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. Windows RT technology for use on tablets is not supported.
    ** 32-bit version of TurboCAD 20 Pro will run on XP and Vista platforms; however, these platforms are no longer being officially supported.

Minimum TurboCAD Pro 64-bit System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 8* 64-bit, Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit) - 2 GB RAM.


Your experience with TurboCAD 20 Pro will be greatly enhanced with a newer generation, higher speed CPU, 4+ GB RAM, and larger display resolution and graphics support.

The optional GPU-accelerated Redsdk render modes require a supported graphic processing unit (either a chip on the board, or on a video card). The latest video drivers are typically required. Newer boards with more power and VRAM generally provide greater performance.

Recommended GPU-accelerators:

NVIDIA® Quadro FX 1000 & up • NVIDIA GeForce FX & up • NVIDIA GeForce 6, 7, 8 & up • AMD RadeonHD 2000, 3000, 4000 & up • AMD-ATI Radeon 9500 & up • AMD-ATI Radeon X, HD 2000, 3000, 4000 & up • AMD-ATI FireGL X • AMD-ATI FireGL V 3000 & up • Intel® HD Graphics Family & up • Intel Integrated graphics series: GMA 3000 & GMA X3000.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore