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SmartDraw 2014

Since 1994, SmartDraw's purpose has been to expand the ways in which people communicate so that we can clearly understand each other, make informed decisions, and work together to improve our businesses and the world. We accomplish this by creating software and services that make it possible for people to capture and present information as pictures, while being a pleasure to use.

Today, SmartDraw Software is one of the most sophisticated digital marketing organizations in the world with over 90,000 unique visitors to our website each business day and in excess of 3,000,000 installations of our trial software each year. SmartDraw is used by more than half of the Fortune 500 and by over 250,000 public and private enterprises of all sizes around the world. Privately held SmartDraw Software is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Introducing the Completely Redesigned SmartDraw 2014

Easier, Faster, Smarter Visuals

  • Smarter Visuals
  • New Task Management App
  • Automatic Online File Backup
  • Improved Web and Mobile Viewing
  • New Org Chart Features

Plus an updated design, improved Google map integration, new help and user guides and much more. Check out this quick overview video about SmartDraw 2014.

What are Smarter Visuals?

Smarter visuals are...

  • Fast and easy to draw, formatting automatically and perfectly
  • Presentation-quality, every time
  • Simple to integrate into Microsoft Office® programs with just a click
  • Automatically backed up and viewable on all of your devices
  • Easy to share with others, whether they own SmartDraw or not

What Can Smarter Visuals Do for You?

Smarter visuals can...

  • Help you manage projects
  • Provide an electronic whiteboard for online meetings
  • Be valuable for documenting processes with linked flowcharts
  • Be a visual web center that makes important information easy to find
  • Help you make presentations that impress any audience
  • Save you time and effort every day

Announcing Task Management: A Powerful New Visual App

Managing tasks is a breeze in SmartDraw 2014. Think of it as a visual "to-do" list, but structured like a mind map. Assign tasks, add completion dates, and send automatic notifications to anyone you choose. They don't even have to be a SmartDraw user to view your visual from any device.

Automatic Online File Backup
With SmartDraw 2014, your flowcharts, maps, projects, presentations or any other visuals are automatically backed up online. Only you have access to your secure online SmartDraw account. So now, you can access your SmartDraw files from any machine, any time. Plus, with our version control feature, you have peace of mind knowing you're always working on the most recent copy without losing previous versions, should you need to roll back to one of them.

Improved Web & Mobile Viewing
SmartDraw 2014 gives you more options than ever before for viewing your SmartDraw visuals on the web and on your mobile devices.

  • Bulk upload your SmartDraw (.sdr) files to your online account for anywhere, anytime access.
  • View your files on your mobile device in a browser, or in the SmartDraw viewer app for iOS devices.
  • Easier file sharing throughout your enterprise.
  • More user control for sending and receiving notifications of new activity and updates.

New Org Chart Features

SmartDraw 2014 gives you improved features for quickly creating professional-looking org charts. Now, you can bulk upload your org chart data from tab- or comma-delimited files. Photos can be linked in the imported text document and automatically added to your SmartDraw org chart. And if you have a large organization, SmartDraw lets you hyperlink smaller org chart files for easier viewing.

We're so confident that SmartDraw 2014 is the best version of SmartDraw we've ever created that we offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. And because you're a loyal SmartDraw customer, we're including Platinum Protection—our most comprehensive customer support subscription-free for one year.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to SmartDraw 2014
  1. Faster, easier automation
  2. Professional quality results, every time
  3. One-click insertion into Office® documents
  4. Automatic backup & file access
  5. Publish and share your visuals with anyone—even if they don't own SmartDraw

SmartDraw 2014 combines all of the things you love about your current version with an array of new features and improvements.

Here are five reasons why you should move up to SmartDraw 2014.

1. Smarter visuals save you time and effort.

Our new, smarter visuals are even faster and easier to use, saving you time and effort.

How? With a unique design that makes SmartDraw extremely fast and a pleasure to use. SmartDraw's automatic formatting arranges shapes on the page for you, so creating a visual is quick and easy.

Smarter visuals even allow you to add notes, attach other documents and insert hyperlinks.

Now you can save important information right in your visual, so it's available by simply clicking the link or attachment icon. It's ideal for meetings.

An HR visual can link employees to benefits information, attach product manuals to a network diagram, or link flowcharts together to describe business processes. Possibilities abound.

2. Smarter visuals give you presentation-quality results.

Smarter visuals give you great-looking results, every time.

You don't even need drawing or artistic skill to make visuals that are presentation quality. Your visual is perfectly formatted and ready to share.

3. Smarter visuals can be inserted into your Office documents with one click.

Smarter visuals transfer easily to Office applications like Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel® where they fit perfectly on the page or slide, all with a single click.

To email a visual, SmartDraw opens a new message in Outlook® and attaches your SmartDraw file. It even inserts a preview image right into the body of your message.

4. Automatic backup lets you access your files anywhere.

Have you ever struggled to find a SmartDraw file you saved... somewhere? Or needed to work on a visual that's on another computer? Maybe you have a file or presentation that you'd like to show someone on your phone or tablet device.

SmartDraw 2014 solves all of these problems for you. It automatically backs up your projects, flowcharts, strategic plans, or any other visual you create to your private, secure SmartDraw account. You have peace of mind, knowing that your files are always available to you, no matter where you are. You can even back up all of your old SmartDraw files in bulk.

SmartDraw 2014 also works seamlessly with mobile devices. It stores and organizes your SmartDraw visuals in your SmartDraw account and makes them available to you wherever you are, on any mobile device or computer. You can view them using your device's web browser, or you can install our free SmartDraw viewer app on your iPhone or iPad.

5. Easily publish and share your visuals with anyone.

SmartDraw 2014 makes it easy to share your visuals with anyone. They don't even need to own a copy of SmartDraw to view your visual, exactly as you created it, from their computer or mobile device.

Publishing your SmartDraw visuals is easy, too. You can post them publicly on your blog, or on one of your favorite social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

SmartDraw 2014 also has handy zoom and scroll features for viewing shared visuals. So those "too big to print" files aren't a problem any longer. Instead of printing, just share them.

SmartDraw Editions:

SmartDraw 2014

SmartDraw 2014

SmartDraw 2014

Personal Visuals 40+ including
Floor Plans, Landscape Plans, Forms, Flyers,& more




Business Visuals 70+ including
Flowcharts, Org Charts, Mind Maps, Project Charts,& more



Automated Drawing  



PowerPoint Integration  



Maintenance (1 Yr., a $49.95 value)  



SharePoint Support    


Import and Export MS Project    


Import Visio Files    


Automatic Process Documentation    


Easy Central Administration of Multiple Licenses    


Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore