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Smart-Soft Traffic Inspector

Founded in 2003, Smart-Soft is a privately owned software development company specialising in Internet technology solutions.

Smart-Soft has a range of software products that allow businesses to connect, collaborate and communicate securely and to solve the whole spectrum of problems arising when using the Internet.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide Internet users with high-quality software solutions that guarantee control, economy and protection. We strive to produce useful, simple, yet multipurpose software products and solutions to meet the real business needs of network administrators and network users in companies and organisations of all sizes.

Our Awards
Since 2006 Smart-Soft has the status of Microsoft Certified Partner with Software Products Solutions Competency and the status of Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner. Our software products pass special tests with Microsoft’s experts. Smart-Soft also has the Certificate of Competency Achievement of the Microsoft Partner Program.

Smart-Soft with its core product Traffic Inspector participated in the Microsoft WorldWide Partner Conference Awards 2009 and became the Partner of Year and the finalist in the nomination Software Solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Responsibility
One of our responsibilities to our users is to listen to and consider the requests you have and to provide you with innovative solutions to the programming trends and challenges you face. When you buy our software products, you can expect the best support, ongoing product development and feature enhancements, at the best value the industry can offer.

Our Team
Our team consists of skilled experts in the field of developing client-server and network applications. We perfectly understand the subtleties of modern technologies on data transmission and providing telematic services.

With a great excitement, we would like to announce, that Traffic Inspector is now fully compatible with Windows 8 and its server counterpart Windows Server 2012. The compatibility news comes in a time when we are promoting the solution and coordinating partnership relations from our recently opened European Representative office.

The most important improvements and additions are:e:

  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support;
  • Implemented support for the latest operating system;
  • Improved NDIS6 rev. 194 driver;
  • More stable and optimized revision of the networking driver;
  • Connection Failover logs;
  • Improved logging facility for the connection failover feature.

Traffic Inspector has successfully passed installation, performance and security tests performed at Microsoft. Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 release was a long-awaited event in the IT community. Smart-Soft is committed to follow the trends and wants its partners to benefit from using the latest software technology.

Traffic Inspector

A comprehensive gateway solution for network security, web access control and detailed traffic analysis. Traffic Inspector features a secure firewall to protect against network threats, web access rules for blocking unwanted Internet resources, antivirus for scanning web and email traffic, SMTP gateway for filtering spam, a billing system, bandwidth limiter and traffic prioritization, extensive logging and reporting facilities, multiple ISP support and connection failover, advanced routing feature and more.

Traffic Inspector, network monitoring software, was developed to integrate and complement the diversity of network capabilities of OS Microsoft Windows, so you do not have to make special settings. Everything that worked before will work after you install the program; you only need to set up user authorisations. Traffic Inspector will enable you to accomplish the majority of tasks arising when you are connecting to the Internet:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Network security
  • Internet usage monitoring and reports
  • Internet access control and web filtering
  • Saving bandwidth, time and money
  • Bandwidth limiting and traffic prioritization
  • Advanced routing capabilities
  • Billing system
  • Email gateway
  • Remote Administration

Features and Benefits

Traffic Inspector is a comprehensive and reliable gateway solution for network security and access control that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

Network Security

Traffic Inspector deploys a multi-level network security system.

TI firewall provides protection against external network attacks and the Flood Mitigation system blocks users generating excessive network traffic on your internal networks.

Integrated SMTP Gateway is designed to serve as a front-end to a corporate mail server and filters out spam and unwanted email.

Kaspersky Gate Antivirus plugin inspects web and email traffic and blocks malware from entering your network.

Web Access Control

Traffic Inspector can be used to create effective network access policies for your users and block unwanted sites and web content. Content filtering, regexp-based URL filtering and URL categorization are supported.

Web-access related plugins include WOT plugin and Phishing Blocker. WOT Plugin assists in blocking unsafe web sites by querying Web of Trust reputation service and Phishing Blocker plugin protects against phishing web sites by querying Google Safe Browsing service. 

Advanced Routing

Traffic Inspector provides secure and managed Internet access for your home or office network via single or multiple internet connections (dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi).

Users are able to access the Internet via NAT or integrated HTTP/SOCKS proxy.

The Connection Failover feature prevents downtime and connection loss by ensuring that Traffic Inspector fails over to a backup connection if the primary connection becomes unavailable.

Advanced Routing feature allows traffic routing decisions to be based on various matching criteria rather than just the IP address of the destination host.

User Management

Traffic Inspector is an identity-based gateway solution. Users are forced to authenticate with the gateway before being granted network access.

Various authentication options are available: BASIC / NTLM authentication, IP/MAC/VLAN ID-based authentication and TI agent-based authentication.

Automatic Import allows importing users from Active Directory.

Logon hours, authentication methods, web access policies, bandwidth limits, billing plans, etc. are conveniently configured on a per-user or per-group basis.

Billing System

Users can be billed for provided services and consumed traffic. A shared account can be used for collectively billing a group of users. Traffic-based and time-based billing methods are available.

Bandwidth limiting and traffic prioritization

By using the bandwidth limiter, you can split the available bandwidth between users and groups and prioritize flows of important network traffic (VoIP, video).

Powerful Administration Tools

Traffic Inspector features the MMC-based Administration Console, an intuitive and easy-to-use administrative tool.

Informative user activity dashboard allows you to dig into the deep and understand what is doing on inside your network in real-time.

Wherever you are, customizable email notifications will always keep you informed of the status of your Internet connection and Internet traffic consumption. 

Simple administrator permission management system allows you to delegate administrative control over Traffic Inspector subsystems.

Reports and Logs

Detailed information about Internet usage can be viewed in the form of flexible and easy-to-understand reports. Traffic Inspector features extensive logging facilities to track the correct operation of the program subsystems.

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz;
  • 1024 MB RAM;
  • 400 MB free hard disk space (will need additional space for working with cache files and statistics);
  • Monitor and video adapter with 1024x768 resolution;
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2008 R2 or higher (OS x86 or x64);
  • Internet connection.

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Intel® Core™ 2 CPU 6300 1.86GHz;
  • 2048 MB RAM.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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