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Adobe FrameMaker 11 Publishing Server

Adobe FrameMaker 11 Publishing Server
Automatically publish high-quality technical content virtually anywhere

Adobe FrameMaker 11 Publishing Server is an enterprise scheduling and publishing engine that extends the power of Adobe FrameMaker 11 software. Easily configure, customize, and automate high-volume, professional-quality publishing. Deliver content to iPad# and other tablets, smartphones, and desktops using output formats such as multiscreen HTML5, PDF, eBook, mobile apps, WebHelp, CHM, and Adobe® AIR® Help. Use leading CMSs such as Microsoft® SharePoint and EMC Documentum, as sources or destinations.
  • Publish to multiple channels, formats, and screens using multiscreen HTML5—Publish multiscreen HTML5 content virtually anywhere. Make publishing highly extensible by simply specifying the screen size and layout. Preview and optimize content display for better readability. Output professional looking XML/DITA and unstructured content authored in Adobe FrameMaker 11.
  • Increase enterprise productivity—Improve overall productivity with pre-scheduled publish commands, automated post-publish renaming or archival, customizable logging, Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit, and shared APIs. Work with a wide range of structured and unstructured input formats and rich media files.
  • Integrate with your Content Management System (CMS)—Smoothly integrate with best-of-breed CMSs like EMC Documentum, Microsoft® SharePoint (via built-in connectors), and many others (using third-party plug-ins). Get a set of APIs that help connect your enterprise authoring and publishing environment with virtually any CMS.
Top reasons to buy Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 11

Multichannel, multiscreen HTML5 publishing—Usher in the future of publishing technical communication by delivering rich, interactive content virtually anywhere. Publish frameless, crossbrowser, cross-platform multiscreen HTML5 output to a wide range of channels (such as mobile, web, desktops, and print) and screens (including tablets and smartphones).

Multiformat publishing—Make your technical content available to users in the format they prefer. Publish to multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, CHM, eBook (EPUB 3, Kindle Format 8), native mobile apps (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian), Adobe® AIR®, PDF, Adobe FlashHelp®, JavaHelp, EclipseHelp, and OracleHelp for Java™.

Device-based screen profiles—Leverage the scalable, extensible multiscreen HTML5 format to make output look its best on a range of devices. Create new profiles, specify a range of dimensions or resolutions for each of them, provide screen frame images for better previewing of output screens, and specify the browser agents to use to access the content.

Customizable screen layouts—Choose from out-of-the-box layouts for desktop, iPhone#, iPad#, Kindle Fire, and more, or define custom layouts and map them to screen profiles. Edit the topic style, content, and search features in each layout. Conveniently change styles using a toolbar. Preview pages to see how the layouts will appear.

EPUB 3.0 and Kindle Format 8 (KF8) support—Deliver content to smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers in EPUB 3, KF8 and Mobi formats. Publish to devices (such as iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK™, Sony Reader™) and reader apps (such as Adobe® Digital Editions^, Calibre, Aldiko, and iBooks).

Automatic screen-based content optimization—Allow users to optimize each screen profile based on the size of the output screen by converting auto-size or text-only pop-ups to hyperlinks, changing absolute image and table sizes to relative sizes. Enable the pinch-to-zoom feature, and replace SWF content with Adobe Captivate® HTML5 files on iOS devices.

Server-based publishing—Schedule your publication tasks to be automatically executed once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Integration with best-of-breed CMSs—Smoothly integrate with best-of-breed CMSs like EMC Documentum and Microsoft® SharePoint (via built-in connectors) and many others (using third-party plug-ins).

APIs for customized connectivity with your CMS—Get a set of APIs that help you connect your enterprise authoring and publishing environments with virtually any CMS. Use server-side and UI features to source files from or publish them to your CMS of choice.

Shareable publishing task configuration—Reuse settings to set up similar publishing tasks. For example, if you have created a task to output PDF, multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, and eBook (EPUB 3, Kindle Format 8), formats from a set of source documents, you can edit this task to create a task for other source types.

Superior support for structured content—Enjoy comprehensive support for structured content. Easily publish XML/DITA content authored in Adobe FrameMaker 11* to professional looking output, including composite docs and flat books with FrameMaker components. Map XML and SGML elements to document elements such as tables. Use a context-sensitive styling language for sophisticated formatting.

Post-publish commands—Automatically run post-publish system commands or batch files. Use post-publish commands to automatically rename, move, or archive output files, especially when running regular builds so that subsequent builds do not overwrite earlier output files. Command-line execution of builds—Invoke tasks and schedules created in FrameMaker Publishing Server from the Windows command line.

Extensive logging—Take advantage of extensive logging for all processes in publication tasks to comprehensively report all tasks executed by FrameMaker Publishing Server. You can customize the level of logging and the parameters to be logged.

Scripting support for automation—Perform custom processing on the input files in prepublication state. Create scripts with Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit to automate publication tasks, including prepublication tasks such as applying conditional text for single-sourced


To install an upgrade version of Adobe® FrameMaker® Publishing Server 11 software, you must have an eligible earlier version.

For information on eligibility, visit:

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore