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Callas Software pdfaPilot 3

About callas software

callas software finds simple ways to handle complex PDF challenges. As a technology innovator, callas software develops and markets PDF technology for publishing, print production, document exchange and document archiving.

callas software helps agencies, publishing companies and printers to meet their challenges, by providing software to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for print production and electronic publishing.

Businesses and government agencies all over the world rely on callas software’s future-proof, fully PDF/A compliant archiving products.

In addition, callas software technology is available as a programming library (SDK) for developers with a need for PDF optimization, validation and correction. Software vendors such as Adobe®, Quark®, Xerox® and many others have understood the quality and flexibility provided by these callas tools and have incorporated them into their solutions.

callas software actively supports international standards and has been participating in ISO, CIP4, the European Color Initiative and the Ghent PDF Workgroup. callas software is a founding member of the PDF/A Competence Center.

Your professional tool to create ISO standard compliant PDF/A files for long-term archiving.

For businesses and government agencies, archives and libraries, that store and long-term maintain documents, callas pdfaPilot 2 is the professional desktop tool to validate and/or create PDF/A-files.

It turns all kinds of PDFs into ISO 19005-1 conform PDF/A documents:
  • PDFs created in Office applications
  • interactive forms
  • invoices
  • construction drawings
  • technical documentation
  • presentations
  • newspapers
  • books

Users can not only save non-compliant PDF files as valid PDF/A documents with the touch of a button but they can also convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents directly to PDF/A.

The most important new callas pdfaPilot 3 features are listed here:

  • PDF/A collections may now contain not just only other PDF/A files but arbitrary file formats like Word- or Excel-files or XML structures. These are new features of the the standard part PDF/A-3 which is going to be published beginning of 2012. pdfaPilot 3 will already support these new features.
  • Distributed processing; allows easy load-balancing between multiple pdfaPilot 3 Server instances in high-volume workflows.
  • Guaranteed PDF/A conversion; this automatically tries different conversion methods to create the best PDF/A file possible.
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Support for running as a Windows service.
  • Improved conversion of form fields and annotations, object level metadata in PDF/A-2 and the possibility to remove incompatible signatures when converting to PDF/A-2.
  • An Enfocus Switch configurator to fit pdfaPilot 3 Server into a Switch workflow.

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