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Enfocus PowerSwitch 10

PowerSwitch 10

PowerSwitch is the workhorse of the Switch product family. Using its comprehensive scripting and metadata tools you can build a smarter and more advanced workflow that integrates seamlessly with third-party technology.

PowerSwitch 10 key features:

Customization through full scripting support

In any publishing workflow there comes a time when the standard tools fall short and more advanced customization is in order. That is when you call on the scripting capabilities of PowerSwitch.

You can create your own custom tools to control third-party applications that aren't supported out of the box, to integrate with a DAM or MIS system, or to interact with a proprietary solution you have running in your company. Scripted tools have all possibilities of the tools built into PowerSwitch; you can even specify your own custom icons. PowerSwitch supports JavaScript (on both platforms), AppleScript (on Mac OS X) and Visual Basic Scripting (on Windows). Read more...

Intelligent processing enabled by metadata tools

Workflows can often be made more "intelligent" by taking advantage of the metadata that increasingly is stored with documents. PowerSwitch provides tools to read incoming metadata in various formats including XML, Adobe XMP and JDF. The contents of metadata fields can be used in flows to make routing decisions or to set processing parameters for automated tasks.

Embedded metadata such as EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata is directly available. Variables provide read-access to the embedded metadata and scripting can read but also update embedded metadata.

Involving a complete workgroup - SwitchClient

Even in small workgroups it can be a challenge to keep track of jobs and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Switchclient allows anyone in the workgroup from their own workstation to submit jobs, to track progress of these jobs, and to intervene when jobs are being held for inspection.

The workflow administrator can determine who has which access rights and keep an eye on all jobs. PowerSwitch activity logs can be accessed through the workgroup client as well. Read more...

Business continuity with the SwitchProxy module

Users can also count on extra peace of mind through our new SwitchProxy module. This proxy server ensures business continuity: clients can always deliver data to your company's server even while it is being maintained or updated. SwitchProxy is available as an additional module for FullSwitch and PowerSwitch users

Crossroads - Online community about workflow automation

Crossroads is an Enfocus driven community that brings together vendors, integrators and users of Switch.

The community serves as the perfect online meeting point where you can find ideas, products and services, whether you are just starting to use Enfocus Switch or you are an experienced integrator.

PowerSwitch 10

The life of a publishing professional is filled with repetitive tasks that require your undivided attention. Enfocus Switch automates those tasks, standardizing your work and reducing errors.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore