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Vizioncore esxRanger Professional

Hot Backup Designed for VMware ESX Server

What is esxRanger Professional?

esxRanger Professional represents a significant investment in time and resources building on the core technology of it's sister product esxRanger standard edition. esxRanger Professional continues to raise the bar for clients who standardize on VMware Virtual Center to manage their VMware farm. esxRanger Professional will continue to lead the way in establishing backup, restore and disaster recovery standards for VMware ESX Server users. esxRanger standard edition will continue to provide value at the lowest possible price to those who need a reliable, feature rich, proven and supported alternative solution to complex scripting. While esxRanger standard edition is not Virtual Center aware, it is compatible with ESX Servers managed by Virtual Center and is used buy hundreds of clients who use Virtual Center today.

esxRanger Professional runs on a windows host and can be scheduled to perform online hot backups of guest operating systems on VMware ESX Server. esxRanger Professional is the perfect solution for sending VM's local or across the WAN because it compresses the disks before sending them to the destination server. There are NO Agents needed on the ESX Servers or the guest operating systems.

Virtual Center Awareness
esxRanger Pro is Virtual Center aware! esxRanger Pro will be able to find a VM for backup no matter where the VM is located. esxRanger Professional will talk to Virtual Center for this information. This will also allow the backup of a folder in Virtual Center. Once you're able to setup a folder of VM's for backup, you can schedule a group of VM's to run on their own backup schedule no matter where the VM's are located.

esxRanger Professional has an integrated database back end! esxRanger Professional will record IP addresses of the guest, backup times, compression ratio and what VM's are located on what LUN's (for restoring the appropriate VM's that were lost if a LUN was lost). All this information will have the ability to be queried and report ran from the database.

Advanced Rules Engine
A runtime rules engine has been added to achieve maximum performance during the backup process with maximum limits on the number of simultaneous VM's that will be backed up per Farm, per ESX Server and per VMFS volume. The objective is to schedule the whole ESX Server farm for backup using one command and let esxRanger choose the backup order sequence according to the rules you set in the GUI.

Additional esxRanger Professional Features
esxRanger runs from a Windows host
Virtual Center integration
No scripting
Completely automated
Send backups to Linux or Windows hosts
Central management
GUI interface
High reliability
Point and click administration
Significant compression options
No client needed on ESX Server


Softa SuperStore
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