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Softa SuperStore

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VR Toolbox VR Worx 2.6

VR Toolbox Logo - Industrial Strength Tools for QuickTime VR

VR Toolbox announces the next generation…
The VR Worx 2.6.
Faster, more powerful than ever before.

Designed for the latest operating systems and dual processor machines. With a new look and feel, it delivers powerful technology with fresh enhancements to the famous VR Worx feature/function set.
The ultimate in QuickTime VR for the most discriminating user.

New Features & Functions Include:
Click to view Lens Tuner Tutorial

  • New Lens Tuner utility that empowers you to calibrate and create your own camera presets for superior image stitching
  • New improved stitching algorithm
  • Integrated Bridge to external image editors, like Photoshop™, allows you to make panoramic image editing faster and more powerful than ever before
  • Enhanced blending tool creates smoother image transitions
  • Allows you export in QuickTime VR and Java Player formats
  • Streamlined and simplified User Interface for Macintosh & Windows
  • Live Scrolling, Live Window Resizing and Dialog Sheets Integrated On-line Help

  • Intelligent Auto-configuration of Panoramas & Objects
  • Choice of Cylindrical or Linear input acquisition mode for Panoramas
  • Zoom capability for images in Stitch & Blend panels
  • Drag & Nudge capability for positioning images in Stitch panel
  • User defined presets for quick composition of QuickTime movies
  • Specify alternate target sizes with estimated download times
  • Optimize media order for fast-start downloading
  • Auto-generate low res preview track from movie or external image file
  • Embed HTML tags and generate HTML "Starter Page" containing movie
  • Recompose existing Object, Panorama and Linear QuickTime movies
  • AppleScript & Windows Visual Basic Scripting enabled throughout
  • Improved handling of large images for Composition and Import/Export

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore