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Softa SuperStore

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TechSmith Morae 3


Morae 3 is the premier software for deeply understanding customer experiences… and sharing those insights clearly and powerfully.

We can all argue about whether a website or software product is easy to use. But the only way to know for sure is to actually watch people using it!

With Morae, you can record exactly what customers do and say, discover patterns in the data, key in on significant moments, and build a compelling case for how to improve the customer experience. From usability testing to focus groups and beyond, Morae helps you transform designs and marketing to make things people love.
Morae is for…
Usability Testing
  • Software & websites
  • Paper prototypes
  • Mobile devices
…and more!
Market Research
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Field studies
Top Benefits of Morae for Designers & Developers:
  • Easy setup
  • No fancy equipment needed
  • Test prototypes or final designs
  • Supports quick "guerrilla" testing
  • Stakeholders can see problems
New in Morae Manager:
Faster analysis, easier presentations

See the forest...and the trees
Cross-recording search

Want to see all participants' comments on task four? Or review what all your focus groups said about question six? You can now search across recordings to uncover patterns and trends in the data...right inside Morae. No need to fire up Excel.

Listen faster (really!)
Variable speed playback

You know the math...10 hours of video equals 10-15 hours of logging, right? Not anymore! Variable speed playback drastically reduces your time spent logging, because you can review video in double time (or faster). And unlike "fast forward" you'll hear the audio just fine.

Dynamite presentations made easy
PowerPoint output

Video clips are the raisins in your toast...the chocolate chips in your cookie. They make audiences sit up and take notice...and lend extra credibility to your findings. Now you can export videos (and graphs and title clips) from Morae directly onto PowerPoint slides—with just a few clicks. So you can create tastier presentations...without the hassle.


Drag and drop to build your report
Add-in for Microsoft Word

Re-typing stuff is a terrible waste of time. And the whole copy-and-paste thing gets tedious. With the Word Add-in, simply drag and drop graphs, screenshots, data tables, survey questions, and more...directly into a Word document. Produce a powerful, professional report for stakeholders in a fraction of the time.

We've got your back(up)
Enhanced usability

Work faster and more confidently with the new undo feature, more accurate auto-save, faster response times (especially when working with video), and dramatically reduced video lag when observing.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore