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Softa SuperStore

20.06.2024 • • 05:22

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Steganos Safe 8


Steganos Safe 8 doesn't let anyone near your data.


New and better functions of Safe 8





256 bit, any number of safe drives for the largest data quantities

The new safe now works with 256 bit AES encryption - which means even more security for you. You can now attach as many safes as you want to your computer. If a safe drive is closed all data in it is automatically kept safe.

Decryption: without password entry with USB stick & Co

You don't need to note passwords anymore with Steganos Safe 8. The secure drives can be simply opened by USB stick, memory card, ActiveSync-capable mobile phone or digital camera. Simply attach and your data is automatically decrypted.

Wireless safe, open and close yourself

Do you sometimes leave your desk for a while? Automatically open and close your safe - without a cable and without entering a password, by using your ActiveSync- capable Bluetooth smartphone. This allows you take a coffee break in peace.

A USB stick becomes a removeable mobile safe

Connect the USB stick to your PC. Insert new data. Remove the stick. All information on the USB stick is immediately stored in an encrypted form. Data can also be transferred by USB stick to other PCS and stored in an encrypted form.

256 Bit AES in real time
Uncracked. Unrivalled. The world's most progressive encryption algorithim protects your data. So fast that you don't even notice it.
Any number of safes
Create any number of secure drives – each with up to 64 GB capacity. And change the size as required.
Improved Portable Safe
Simply take encrypted data with you: On CD and DVD or even rewriteable on USB sticks. Usable anywhere without additional software – all you need is a password.
USB stick as key
Open your safe without a password – simply by USB stick, SmartPhone, PDA, memory card or digital camera.
Your mobile opens the safe
You can open the safe with your ActiveSync-capable SmartPhone - with Bluetooth even without a cable. When you move away from your computer the safe closes automatically.
Dynamic safe size
Specify the size of your secure drives yourself - and change these at any time as you require.
Deleted files can often be recreated. Is that what you want? Steganos Shredder provides secure deletion - and more.
>Only the best passwords
The integrated multilingual dictionary recognizes unsafe passwords - and warns you.
Automatic-Crash-Protection (ACP)
Your sensitive data remains encrypted even in the case of a power cut or system failure. Try it out!
Automatic updates
Steganos keeps your software up-to-date - free of charge within a generation.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore