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St. Bernard Software UpdateEXPERT

 St Bernard Software

Tehokas korjaustiedostojen hallinta


UpdateEXPERT säästää aikaa ja rahaa, koska sen avulla voit hallinnoida Microsoftin käyttöjärjestelmiin ja sovelluksiin tarkoitettuja päivityksiä keskitetysti yhdeltä verkon työasemalta.     

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UpdateEXPERTin edut:
  • Keskitetty päivitysten hallinta
    Voit ladata, hallinnoida ja jakaa Microsoftin käyttöjärjestelmien ja sovellusten päivityksiä yhdeltä verkon tietokoneelta keskitetysti. Näin säästät aikaa ja vähennät tunnettujen puutteiden hyväksikäytön riskiä.
  • Tietokoneiden käsitteleminen suojatuissa alueissa
    UpdateEXPERT käyttää turvallista agenttiohjelmatekniikkaa, jonka avulla voit päivittää myös tietokoneita, jotka ovat palomuurin takana.
  • Kaikki päivitykset testataan
    Ennen kuin päivitykset ovat saatavana UpdateEXPERTin tietokannasta, St. Bernardin tekninen henkilökunta testaa ne. Monet asiakkaat ovat tämän vuoksi välttäneet ongelmia, joita tavanomainen päivitys olisi aiheuttanut.
Problems Solved by UpdateEXPERT

Security vulnerability and system stability bugs exist in the OS and mission critical applications. Microsoft releases updates, but managing the process is a challenge.

Problem Solution
Cannot manage security updates for servers and client systems with ease. UpdateEXPERT lets you deploy any combination of updates to any number of disparate machines with just a couple of clicks of the mouse and with confidence.
Too many fixes to track. These hotfixes do not announce themselves. Let UpdateEXPERT do the work for you. Our exclusive database of updates makes it a snap to find what you want. No more clumsy Web-based search engines.
Takes too long to scan and assess needs. Use UpdateEXPERT to find out what updates are missing and present. You can even make sure that the installations are still valid.
Takes too long to deploy by hand. Use UpdateEXPERT to schedule the deployment of fixes to Windows and mission-critical applications.
Writing scripts is time consuming and requires additional testing. Let St. Bernard Software's patch experts do the programming for you. We test our deployments before adding them to our exclusive updates database.
Cannot create system-wide policies to manage all machines at once UpdateEXPERT lets you define for all machines a list of updates that must be installed as a matter of policy. With a couple of clicks of your mouse, all machines can be updated with only those fixes included in your policy.
Cannot generate reports and manage to these results. UpdateEXPERT generates reports matching results of your patch jobs against what is required. That way you can manage by exception.

Fact: Microsoft released dozens of hotfixes for Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP, Terminal Server, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Internet Explorer, Media Player, NetMeeting®, NetShow, Office and Outlook.

  • Security vulnerability
  • System stability

Fact: Networks are vulnerable to intrusion if the latest fixes are not applied. Just ask those 40 companies who lost 1-million credit card numbers.

Fact: Deploying service packs and hotfixes is complex and time-consuming.

Do you know which one to deploy? How do you find out about them? If you do install the hotfix, do you have to run around to every machine? Can you validate your work? Let UpdateEXPERT solve these problems.

Security Fixes
Security holes in the OS and other software packages have a negative impact on your business. With one breach of your systems, a malicious intruder can change your Web site content, dump critical files, destroy and steal customer data, etc. These scary events result in downtime for your company and affect the bottom line. Security hotfixes are designed to solve these problems. And as more vulnerabilities are discovered, new and improved hotfixes will be released. UpdateEXPERT alerts you when these additions arrive.

System Stability Fixes
System stability problems increase the burden on IT professionals to keep systems up and running. They lead to system crashes and hangs. Data corruption or loss can result from these effects, too.
Stability fixes are released to respond to these observed, real-world problems. UpdateEXPERT identifies and categorizes all fixes to make it easy to find the correct update.

Know What You Are Missing & Validate!
Software is not static. New updates are published all the time. With UpdateEXPERT, you will enjoy the industry's most comprehensive patch/updates research, query, distribution and validation solution giving you the power you need for managing the process of updating service packs, hotfixes and other self-installing software updates. Download a free, live trial of UpdateEXPERT today and find out what you are missing.



  • Categorized hotfixes make it easy to find the fix that’s right for you.
  • Research Knowledge base articles direct from the source.
  • Exclusive UpdateEXPERT user website


  • Evaluate your systems to find missing updates.
  • Track results and print reports.


  • Select any combination of machines and updates.
  • Schedule the deployment at your convenience


  • Let UpdateEXPERT validate the installations for you.
  • Validate installations anytime.

The Challenge of Keeping the Software up to Date

  • IT professionals invest their time to assess and research problems as they happen. Once the solution to a problem is discovered, testing and deployment are the final steps. Meanwhile, other installations or “curious employees” nullify updates. So, the IT expert must validate these installations ongoing. UpdateEXPERT provides the best solution in the industry for managing this complex, time-consuming process.
  • UpdateEXPERT meets these challenges head-on by providing a comprehensive, easy-to use application. Here are some of the key benefits.
  • Patch security vulnerabilities on your Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP, Terminal Server, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Internet Explorer, Media Player, Office, Outlook, NetMeeting and Windows Media Services systems.
  • See the latest security hotfixes and deploy them with ease. Improve stability of your systems. Research the correct fix for your problem and deploy it to systems that crash or hang.
  • Make informed decisions about what updates to deploy and their locations. Update-EXPERT will help you decide what to deploy by providing and organizing the latest information about updates for your systems.
  • Validate the installations any time from the UpdateEXPERT console.
  • Designate required updates. By telling UpdateEXPERT what is required, you only need to select machines, then deploy. UpdateEXPERT will do the rest and report the results live.
  • Eliminate sneaker-net. Don't walk to the machines! Do it all from the UpdateEXPERT console at your own workstation.
  • Improve Quality of Service (QoS). Take time saved by using UpdateEXPERT and dedicate resources to other important matters.
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