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RhinoSoft Serv-U


Kuvaa http://www.serv-u.com/images/SU-fsfs.jpg ei voida näyttää, koska se sisältää virheitä.

Tiedostojen jakaminen Internetin välityksellä

Kun sinulle kelpaa vain paras tiedostojen jakamiseen Internetin välityksellä. FTP Serv-U on maailman suosituimpia FTP-palvelimia.

Serv-U:n edut

  • Turvatoiminnot
    Serv-U:n turvatoiminnot luovat vakaan järjestelmän tiedostojen jakamiseen Internetin välityksellä.
  • Nopeat siirrot
    Ohjelmiston oma pakkaus nostaa tiedonsiirtonopeutta, jos FTP-asiakasohjelmisto myös tukee tätä.
  • FTP Voyager integraatio
    Saavutat parhaan mahdollisen toiminnallisuuden käyttämällä FTP Voyageria FTP-asiakkaana.

Serv-U makes a vast array of features available to the user that ensures the administrator has full control over their FTP server. To learn more about how Serv-U achieves this level of functionality, choose one of the options below.

Serv-U is available for evaluation and can be downloaded for free from RhinoSoft.com. New in Serv-U™

Windows User NT-SAM/Active Directory

Serv-U focuses on the needs of our Corporate customers by adding Windows User NT-SAM / Active Directory support. If you're supporting FTP transfers in a corporate environment you can now use Serv-U to support your users with little or no configuration changes. Simply install Serv-U, create a new Windows User domain, and Serv-U is supporting all of your Windows user's FTP needs.

ODBC Database Support

Serv-U now supports integration with ODBC databases. This addition makes it easy to import large user databases in to Serv-U while maintaining the server computer's current infrastructure for maintaining the user database and settings.

XCRC Support

Nothing's worse than successfully completing the download of a file from a server that doesn't work! It forces you to begin the arduous process of figuring out if the download was corrupted or if the source file has a problem. With XCRC command support, you can quickly verify that the file you downloaded/uploaded is identical to the source file.

Asymmetric Bandwidth Throttling

Internet connections are rarely symmetric in terms of speeds so why should a server assume they are? With Serv-U, you can now specify separate bandwidth throttling levels for upload and download speeds.

User Level SSL Control

Not every FTP user is created equal and no software knows that better than Serv-U! With the added ability to require an SSL connection for specific user accounts, you can ensure that "superusers" who connect to your server maintain a high level of security without forcing every other user to adapt as well.

Speed Enhancements

Serv-U contains a variety of performance enhancements that makes Serv-U faster than ever. We've tweaked and improved code that speeds up connections and improves various cached data elements.

More Improvements & Enhancements

  • Individual domains can be placed online/offline.
  • Improved dialog "apply" and "restore" functionality.
  • Improved support for Windows 2003.
  • Added support for CLNT command.
  • More...

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore